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help, where are the damn glow plugs hiding?


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hi, want to change my glow plugs, light does come on in mornings, but takes two or three turns of key to heat them up, otherwise starts fine. only usualy on in mornings as engine temp ok during day.

have bought glow plugs and tried to change them thinking easy enough job, but not sure where they are.

these are either injectors, glow plugs or both lol, are the glow plugs hiding under these brown and black plugs?


did remove the two nuts, lost one DOH!, easy to put another one in its place tomorrow, but didn't take the cover with the four tubey bits off, have noticed in pic found online that another pipe goes into it hidden under the plastic shroud.


i assume as when nuts were removed the part wouldn't move is because of the pipe i hadn't removed, is this the correct hiding place for the glow plugs?

when the nuts are removed on the black and brown thing that electrical connector was plugged into, and that bendy pipe removed will the part come out and are the glow plugs in there?


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You need to take the manifold off and they are underneath.


Pull off the four rubber caps and you'll see the hex head of the plugs. Go careful when undoing them, they can be seized in place depending on how long they've been in there and you don't want to snap one off!

Use some copper grease when you put the new ones in.

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dude thats awesome. thanks, have seen a you tube video where he suggests thread lock if one does snap, and a washer so you can turn and prise off in event of trying to extract?? thoughts

great pic though. will be doing it properly in morning and digging a nut out of shed for injector replacement lol

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nice one paul, thankyou. will try to get good pics and video and post up tomorrow. proper guide for others like me, never had to do a thing to any of my trucks luckily except pajero had gearbox change by garage, and alternator, and one of the mavericks had starter and alternator by me, but alternator was dead simple and nice and high at front of engine bay easily exposed lol. but as far as serious engine issues, never had to change a glow plug, until now.

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