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Pindale BOAT claim, in progress Dec 2015

David Sparkes

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BOAT claim for Pindale Road, in the Parishes of Castleton and Bradwell, Derbyshire.
We need statements of use between November 1985 and November 2005.

As a result of a claim made in November 2005, Derbyshire County Council started their primary consultation process on 9th Dec 2015. This process is ‘internal’, and now it’s started, is much quicker than the Public Inquiry process.

There is a strong opportunity for us to get in early with our User Evidence, in an attempt to gain BOAT status through continual use over a specific 20 year period, but we have to be brisk, your initial brief response to us needs to be with us before Christmas.
GLASS has set up a unique email account pindale@glass-uk.org

Your initial response should be to say that you can sign a statement of motorised use between 1985 and 2005. One year, 5 years, all 20 years, we need it all, from as many different people as possible.
In response, we will get back to you with the details of submitting your actual statement to us.

Perhaps you are too young?
Your task now is to seek out those of an elder generation who used the route from 1985 onwards.
Use in individual years up to and including 2005 is required.
Statements of use for all years, by as many different people as possible, are required. If we, as individuals, don’t have relations who used it then, our role is to encourage other ‘youngsters’ to ask their relations.

We only have a few weeks to collect these statements, and any pictorial evidence, so please start now.
Seek out anyone who has recollections and/or pictures of driving Pindale Road in 1985 onwards, or who has a relative who may have done so. A motor car, motor cycle, or any combination of the two will do. Please forward their contact details to pindale@glass-uk.org . If you ride or drive the lane in the near future, ask any other motorists you see on the lane if they drove it before 2005. Did their father / grandfather / stepfather/ mother drive it?

Running between SK 1554 8208 and SK 1608 8243, the Trailwise UID is SK1582-01
Highlighted in green on the accompanying map.

All related queries and / or answers to pindale@glass-uk.org please! The GLASS “Pindale Team”.

If preferred, the above is available in PDF here.


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