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Freelander Snorkel DIY with pix


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Hi People

I'm new to this forum so I thought I'd share some pics as an ice breaker!

Its been very wet here in the lake district and have drowned my freelander 2 times already. Pain in the rear end having to vax out all the turbo hoses and cylinders. Tends to destroy the MAF.

So, I thought it was time to hack a snorkel together.

Works a treat!

I've had it up to the wing mirrors (I'm a crazy fool!) and she floats like a boat!! :lol:

Total cost= 20 quid

I'm interested in your opinion, does it look stupid?




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Be interested to see the under-bonnet routing of it etc. as the only chap I know who fitted a "proper" one grumbled it was a right faff. Tempted to B&Q it on mine if the need arises.

BTW I hope you've raised the various breathers (esp. turbo actuator / EGR / vacuum pump) or it could get messy going deep!

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Thank you for your kind replies

More pictures below

Yes very important to add a breather for the turbo waste gate. Without this the car will overboost and sounds like a kettle or slipping belt.

Still going in all these floods! Added extra waterproofing to the ECU housing as that is my main worry.








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Hi looks great but how did you fix it to the side piller I'm doing mine at present and I'm stumped on fixing it to side piller without self taping them though jubilee clips into piller did not really want to drill hole in piller also worry about the top of snorkel getting ripped off by low branches so do you face the snorkel top front forwards or backĀ 

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