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oil temp electric sender

big ives

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What 'V8' engine is it?

There's a hell of a difference between the workings of clockwork-era SU/Stromberg-carbed 3.5-litre RV8 and subsequent 3.9/4.0/4.6-litre electronically managed lumps (or the Ford/Jaguar-derived supercharged V8s).

What display-head do you have?

The sender needs to be matched to the appropriate gauge and/or or to the ECU where the display on the dial is entirely controlled by the ECU in response to various signals only one of which is from the sump temp-sender.

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Being in the military forum, I'm going to punt for a 3.5 on carbs, maybe an FFR vehicle.

I think it is the same as the water sender, you could put a request up in the part numbers forum, and western will be able to confirm. :)

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I posted in the military section as the landy is ex military it has a 3.9EFI engine and has a sump oil temp sensor fitted, however the clock on the dash appears not to be working, I suspected the sensor but still trouble shooting

I have moved the post to the parts request section..........................cheers

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With a 3.9, I think that will be a non-standard engine, not aware of any V8s with EFI, apart from RRC's that went in the military.

It's likely the sump from the old 3.5 that was in there was swapped over to the 3.9 when it was converted.

Physically check the sender, it may be that it looks identical to the coolant sender, in which case jumper a wire from the oil temp wire to the coolant temp wire and see if it works.

If you ground the sender wire, the gauge should go full deflection.

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