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Newbie needs some help! Noisy driving...


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Hi boys and girls. After trying to upload a profile pic on my iPad for 20 minutes I have given up! (Maybe my iPad doesn't work too well with the layout?)

I'm Hazza and fallen into the world of Land Rovers, it's a new hobby for me and got my first Landy this year, a disco 300tdi. It came with a few mods, 2" lift on the springs and front shocks but standard shocks on the back. So she had quite a bouncy ride! Bigger wheels, straight throught exhaust blah blah blah......

Anyway.... She still had the donut on the rear prop, after going through 3 of them this year I did some poking around and found out about wide angle props, so I bought the four bolt flange (I also bought a wheel cylinder as at the time I thought it was a leaky wheel cyclinder in the brake drum on the transmission as it was dripping oil, later to find out when I removed the drum there was no wheel cylinder and the seal on the back of the transfer box was leaking! Silly me didn't check first.) sooo bought a new seal for the back of the transfer box. Fitted the four bolt flange, bolted the prop on, lovely! My prop now doesn't look like it's trying to pull the innards of my diff out. Drove the truck out the workshop and made a horrific noise when rolling off the power, looked underneath as saw the flange and prop had an excessive amount of movement back and forth. More poking around on the interweb and found there was a spacer missing from my four bolt flange kit that's built in on the three bolt flange, (I'm sorry you guys probably already know all this kinda stuff but just trying to give you full details of how I've got to where I am) so got the spacer, fitted it. Torqued the nut to 130nm, fitted the seal on the back of the transfer box, while I'm there, drained it and filled it back up. Adjust the brakes and bolted everything on lovely jubly again. Now I have this low whirring noise coming from somewhere on the drive, I loosened the brakes off on the transmission brake as I thought I had maybe adjusted them too much but it made the noise a little louder. Now checked it all again visually, nothing rubbing, nothing loose, I'm trying my hardest to make my discos life on stilts a little easier and it has just seemed to make it worse!! It's starting to get me down, (I am female so allowed to be over emotional :P ) I didn't pull the prop apart so the uj's should be in their correct phase alignment? It's not a overpowering noise, when on the power it quieter but rolling off on putting my foot down on the clutch to free wheel it get noiser, is there some sort of adjustment I have missed for setting up this prop shaft onto my diff or have I disturbed the transfer box by replacing the seal? Help help help!!

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There is a chance that there is nothing wrong... The rubber donut is actually to reduce some noise transmission into the cab, so you could hearing that.

I don't think you have messed anything up with the seal replacement, I can't remember if you have to take off the housing to do the job, but even so there isn't much that gets changed.

You may have not highlighted an unhappy bearing in the rear output, if the previous seal failed it may have been play in the bearing that caused it, I suspect you'd need to take one end of the prop off to see if you have any wiggle in the transfer box end.

If it's the bearing then it's a pretty straight forward job to replace.

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Thanks for the advice, I took the rear prop off yesterday to see if the noise went, make it a little quieter but still there. There is no excessive movement on the output of the diff but truck clocks read 160k so I think maybe the diff has gone, I have a feeling that when I read up about doing the four bolt conversation it said 130nm? Which to me seemed a lot! Did it best it would go but now have a feeling the colapsable spacer has been crushed up a bit more and unsettled the bearings? Drained the diff and put thicker gear oil in to see if it would shut it up a bit more, but didn't really work. Checked the bearing that you can see in the diff and didn't look too bad but there was some marks that looked like the spacer from the flange kit has been spinning against it? I think I'll admit defeat and find another diff... Unless I'm wrong?

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If the noise is still there with the rear prop off it's not likely to be the diff - you can confirm this by pulling the rear halfshafts as well as the rear prop and going for a short roadtest . Is there any free-play in the t/box output bearings?

welcome to the forum too



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