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Clarkson’s got a new motor, Allegedly


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Whilst trying to track down an old friend, I heard from an acquaintance (second-hand then) that my friend had recently provided some LR based work for Jezza possibly for the production team in some way.

My friend has a long history of LR and J**P products starting at the time when fitting a V8 into a Series 1 required the fabrication of a one off adaptor prior to Philips conversions.

Apparently the latest request is to update an LR for Jezza's wife to tow her horses around. It seems that in a true petrolhead style the smelly chip fat engine has to be thrown away and a nice V8 burble is to be installed in its place. :D

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Why do all thes epeople in here keep saying how good those oil burners are when quite clearly they are all doing it wrong...

If Jezza says V8 Petrol, it must be the right engine to have.....

Its quite possible that on his annual salary, I wouldn't be too botherd about the cost of running a V8 either....... ;)

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