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Anyone in the south/east of England who one might reasonably call a Td5 'guru'? Mine has a smokey problem soon after coming on boost (even on a gentle throttle) which then clears at higher revs (even on full throttle!). All checks out OK when plugged into the Faultmate but it ain't right so I assume something is reading in a non-linear manner and I need someone who can check for me. MAF and MAP have both been swapped out.

Any suggestions who In might ask?


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If you want to head up you can swap known working parts off mine to see if it has any effect if you wish?

Only so far we can go like that but MAF, MAP, Air Temp sensor, blank off EGR if not done already, check hoses etc. I think I have an old set of hoses and spare standard intercooler in case yours is leaking etc....


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