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underpowered car and sidelights fail


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Hi Everybody

Im an owner of ´90 rrc 2.5 turboD which comes with 110hp vm engine

This thing seems totally under powered or does fail somewhere and i want to fix it once for all

Im total inexperienced in diesel cars and have no idea if there is problem at all, my other car is 220hp petrol and having double power is not useful as reference

This thing have new gas filter, new lift pump, new injector pintles, new head gaskets and i can listen turbo spinning,

It barely makes the 15% hill on the third gear while empty, load some 100kg luggage and i have to drop to 2nd gear, i would say that 100km/hr is his absolute maximum speed at straight road .

Is it normal, or is it broken? Could be my worry unjustified and diesel cars are that slow?

Second question:

All left side indicator lights failed, right side flashes well, dash light flashes and i can listen relay working i assume it is not flasher relay, not fuse and not the bulbs, any usual suspect to check first, where should i start?

Thanks a lot

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I think the range rover classic with the VM engine still holds a bunch of performance and endurance records. They averaged over 100 mph for 24 hours in one of them, so it should do 60, even when it's this old.

Turbos are usually the first place to look at when a diesel is severely lacking in power.

For the lights, you could start by checking you earth connections.

cheers, Steve

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As above check, the earths, behind the headlamp and chassis body battery connections . Dirt accumulates in the front wing and damp gets into the side repeater which will cause problems.

Are you sure you have a 2.5 td and not 2.4td? The performance difference is significant..

Is the inlet manifold connected to the boost diaphragm on the injection pump ( 6-8mm black hose) ?

Has the diaphragm failed in the pump or perhaps seized? ...No extra fuel means no extra performance.

The turbo on my 2.4 is silent so I think there must a leak somewhere making some noise.

Has the injection pump been moved so the timing is out? a few degrees out will kill performance.

My 2.4 has nearly 400,000km and will still cruise at 85-90kph on the motorway with 2 tons behind .

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