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Towing dash light

Windy Pig

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My trailer dash light has never lit, I've had the freelander a short while, it has a genuine L/R tow bar fitted, although I have only connected the 7 pin socket to the plug behind the trim in the back as I'll only use it for trailers or horsebox and not a caravan.

I've been told it ought to light up when indicators are used and flash once even without trailer connected and then flash along with the indicators if a trailer had hooked on. Well it's never lit and all the trailer lights work fine. I guess it's not really an issue as it's all working, but it would be nice to know if a problem was to occur mid drive as I'm sure someone smashing in to the back of the horsebox because the brake lights have failed would upset my wife no end, and the horse I imagine.

Might be wrong about the lights, but there we go.



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Hmm.... These trailer lights on the dash work on a totally perfect electrical system and correct relay.

We have repeater lights on the trailers as we do not trust the thing in anything Land Rover.

You can try to find the source of the problem but it could turn out to be a long hunt...

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