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2002 Td5 starting issue


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Common problem on the TD5 is the contacts on the starter motor solenoid get worn and don't contact properly, there is a starter motor solenoid re-build kit which is quite easy to do.


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Not huge if I remember rightly, its fiddly but do able with some patience, I've only done it on a defender so its probably a little different. - If I remember rightly there is a bolt just below where the loom comes past the fuel regulator and its a bit of a pita to get in to it.

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As Maverik says, removal is fiddly, but not too bad. Don't forget to disconnect the battery first. 2 x 13mm head bolts that are easy to get to, but the top is (if I remember correctly), 15mm nut on a stud. 3/8" socket and 6" bar to get at it. There's part of the wiring loom between the starter body and engine block which you will have to get out in order to get the socket on.


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