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hi back in my old 90 after 10 years

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Hello ive managed to buy back my old 90 i sold in 2004 ill try and get some pix up but been modifiying it and security , but i went to malvern 3 county landrover show ,and i hadnt noticed till recently as ive had alot going on ,between landy work my ill missus, but after checking my survelance camera i went to the show with wind deflectors on it but they ripped them off at the show and broke all the plastic trim around window , tbh im dubious about going to peterbourgh show as ive booked for the whole weekend its quite sad since ive fitted x end pedal lock gearbox lock steering lock it has 2 immobilizers alarm nowt more i can do , where can i get anti theft bolts ? thx allan d



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Peterborough is probably the least problematic show.

Other things worth considering, security wise:

* Weld the door hinge pins in place and fit security bolts to hinges.

Entry is sometimes gained by pulling the top of the window frame away from the body, snapping off the top of the door.

* Drill a hole through the gutter and put a padlock through the hole.

* Sleeve the bonnet release cable with metal pipe where it is exposed through the grille.

A neat solution I saw was to drill holes in the gutters as above and use one of the cables used to secure PC's (plastic covered steel cable with a ball on one end). Weld / attach cable lock to the side bars then pass the cable through the hole at the top and in to the lock at the bottom. Stops the door being opened or the window being snapped off - it even makes gaining access through a broken window a lot more difficult (unless you are VERY thin).

This also works on the back door.

Another option - (but I know I would forget about it and end up damaging the vehicle ;) ) - is to drill two diametrically opposite holes in a brake disk (or X-Brake) and put a padlock through one hole.

Pedal & Gear locks are good. Barrel protector seems to have defeated more thefts than I would have expected.


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On my 90 i have a cobra immobiliser, a steer wheel lock, a FAKE flashing led. FAKE tracking stickers that look realistic also a wheel clamp. TBH i only put everything on when parked in places where i'm not sure of its safety.


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