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New LED lighting in my load bay

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I converted my Landy to a truck cab with a tonneau cover over the load space.

It was frustrating though groping about under the cover in the pitch black or when there isn't a street light handy - like when you're camping.

So with some spare time yesterday and some bits I found in the shed I fitted this strip of LED lights inside the tub.
They are linked to my side lights and activated by a micro toggle switch underneath the door lock which you can just make out in the photo.

They aren't going to blind you with their brilliance but its still a huge improvement.

Load space LEDs

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Nice job!

Also nice to see that you have managed to source 'warm white' in an LED too. Only personal but I don't think old classic and LED mix at all well but LED is soooo much more efficient - as you have shown is best of both.

Are they acceptably water proof?

Like it and the drawer rubber topped drawer box too. :)

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Thanks Paul.

I had them kicking around from a previous experiment. They are the waterproof version because that experiment was in a kitchen

I don't particularly think LED and old classic work well together either. I've kept my bulbs everywhere else and these can't be seen unless they are switched on.

The drawer top is a load space protector cut to be wheel box covers and flat floor section which was then cut further to fit my draw and chest combination and siliconed to the tops. Luckily the drawer/chest aren't a really tight fit to the well.

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Very neat. I got fed up of trying to find bits in the dark in the back of my 130. A quick look on eBay and a 5 meter flexible led strip light was on its way for £4.90 plus postage. I have stuck it around the inside of my ifor top, it creates enough light to happily work at the back of the motor.

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It would have been something like this


Without the 12v adapter because you obviously don't need this in a 12v vehicle.

You can cut it at intervals so I think I ordered something like 3m and cut it to size.

Solder a skinny cable on - the most pathetic twin cable you can find is still enough - heat shrink over the joint and splice it at the other end into your vehicle wiring. Bobs your dads brother.

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Item number 191039857035 is what I've just bought.

A 5 metre strip of warm white silicon encapsulated LEDs.

I'm planning to run these off a battery in the tent when we're away in a couple of weeks.

A test in the dark garage last night was most illuminating.

The whole strip draws approx 1.1A, so hopefully around 5 hours on a 7.2Ah UPS battery, if I've worked it out right. I may well cut the strip down as 5m is probably overkill in the tent ?

I can see a few more of these finding their way into the 110.

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