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  1. Bulkhead Cable Entry - Which Sealant?

    As per Peaklander Dum Dum if you can find it but now I use Soudal 'Car Bond' for this purpose as well: Link
  2. My ex MOD Defender

    That's really nice! - Something about a Military one! Welcome by the way and I expect some experts will be along shortly. btw - Can I have yer doors and windows!!
  3. Driver member upgrade to heavy-duty?

    Nice! I think Western has already answered this but - if you only upgrade to HD drive members does that mean one ought to upgrade to HD shafts as well because now the wear will be on the shafts more than the members? .....or have you now just matched the hardness?
  4. Didco 1 temp gauge reading

    Just what I was going to say. Gen LR (VDO?) gauges never wonder far from vertical unless there is an overheat situation at which point it is almost too late! They show rising warm up (or not - failed stats) warm up and "ok!!" They don't lie - they're just economical with the truth! You and I will have to fit a good after market gradated gauge to watch for the subtleties of temperature changes as the stat begins to open and close and engine characteristics when is working hard or not or the ambients are variable....
  5. 300tdi auto conversion

    Update both as mine still has the original 1988 ones from when it had a 21/4 engine and whilst it all works could do with a little more assistace and less effort on my part....more of a modern car effort where you dont take heel off the floor! So I am looking to check /overhaul the system and then replace pedal box and master cyl and servo with a 300 tdi one or mebee try the later abs version. My plan anyway - just need time - but as I say good quality standard brake components work very well.....
  6. 300tdi auto conversion

    Ours is a 300tdi 90 on with solid discs all round and an auto - stops well. Can lock up in the wet and greasy! Only thing needed is rather more servo assistance than the original servo and master - one of my upgrades to do. You'll use the auto box down to 3 and 2 for extra braking when needed anyway. Save your money for fully operable calipers and quality discs and pads - more than good enough! IMO.
  7. Treated the Landy to soundproofing

    Cool! DC was it pre-cut or did you have to do it? Fits well so is it pretty heavy in weight that material. Interested.....
  8. My Defender 90 Build

    Forgive me but stunned that you're not satisfied as it is - looks superb! Leather stitched, full compliment switches, a/c, sat, clean, good condition! It's a 100 times better than mine!
  9. My Defender 90 Build

    Now I like that A LOT! and welcome to the Forum btw - I'm sure you'll get some Expert help soon.....
  10. raptor bedliner top coats

    That is a nice interesting finish!
  11. Can't start Defender

    Sounds like solenoid is live but either not throwing gear (sticky) or battery not man enough (now flattened) In those temperatures everything is stiffer and slower and so harder on any good battery..... How old is battery - 10years? Consider size amp hours and CCAs.....
  12. Damaged chassis

    That's terrible and indefensible damage. As said above don't touch - insist on replacement from seller by presenting these photos as evidence! Will be worth the wait in the end.
  13. Ashcroft centre ATB

    Going by the write up on Ashcroft's site they are a must (if you can afford it) especially on snow or greasy mud field. I am interested in the grown up replies that you get so will be watching with interest - I'd love to get one into the TB as a higher priority b4 lockers imo. As to the other 'issue' written into your post I'd be interested in what size tyres you are running. I am saving to do the exact opposite with my TB. I have the Disco TB 1.22 in my 300tdi auto 90 and want to go 22D 4.10 because of a lack of lock up until 54mph (auto) and running out of puff on long inclines (like you) on 85 profiles - both of which are bit naff on a long journey. Advised on here that your type TB would be better suited..... I'm not advising - simply adding to the mix of considerations before expensive decisions are made!