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  1. Forgive me for saying this, and don't quote me, but it maybe worth doing some research on drying and curing of different types of cement screeds, conditions and location. I am no expert but have had a little experience, in a small domestic way, with screed floors and waiting for the damn things to dry in order to cover. You have an advantage in that it is not a thick fresh lay but... I thought it was (on average) (from laying) 1mm per day for 1st 40mm and then 2mm per day for the rest!! That would be a bit more than a Month in your case. I only say to avoid a peeling issue
  2. Spare parts are really easy for Henry's too... We go here linky
  3. Got 2 red Henry's and a 'Baby' Karcher - maybe they're jut too small...? Henry's are good with bags but the Karcher isn't IMO. Used without you're forever cleaning out the filter before much is in the can. Decades ago 😮 I used to have a DIY store special to clean out the dust debris, bits of tiles and calamity in the loft over lath & plaster of a 200 year old house. The sort you might get in Aldi today only with a more powerful motor and a much bigger hose and attachments. (2.5"?) Worked really really well too. Burnt one out but got another it was so deep and filthy up ther
  4. Yeah but which one has a large enough diameter tube with connectors that don't reduce/restrict the pipe even further? Eevryone I tries fails to cope with shavings, chips of timber or whatever as they get stuck in the tube, joints or entry to tub...?? Turn the brush part upside and have a look at how small the opening is! Done to increase the airflow but stuff gets stuck... 🤔
  5. Really nice looking truck! Nice catch! Sweet engine..... 😎
  6. Plenty of pictures and detail please Mr @doezel 😊😊
  7. I've too have heard that the double ABS version of servo is an upgrade for the 90 to give more easier breaking effect. I have the earlier master cylinder as well a thin servo so would look to change both as an upgrade. Likewise interested in this topic.....I believe it means a small amount of cutting to the wing top to use the fatter longer servo. Perhaps a grown up will pop in..... 😁😁
  8. These are very good people and quality work! 🙂 AWT
  9. We got rid but kept hook and used furniture upholstery webbing. The photo attached shows our first go but we had to re-seam much tighter to get it really firm and works well and supports. Also put in a sheet of 1mm thick plastic sheet to help spread the load! I think it takes your weight as well as holding stuff in tho..... 😊
  10. Defo DIY! Did my own with 'closed cell foam' and "Sticks like..." adhesive (The one that will tolerate 300 degrees 😀). Worth mentioning that perhaps a fire retardant material might be better with petrol power but as for my 300tdi diesel... 😁😁 Not pretty but definitely makes a difference imo - the bonnet sounds nice and solid when tapping or shutting and the engine is a bit more quieter I'll be going egg carton shaped sound absorption material in and around bulkhead/engine bay wun day! 🤥 or I'll change back to a nice quiet petrol!! 😱 (where it's louder at the back!!!)
  11. Besides welding skills that whole picture is a work of art in itself! 😎
  12. .....or @Deranged could knock out a few sets for all of us! Group buy! 😉
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