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  1. Really nice looking truck! Nice catch! Sweet engine..... 😎
  2. Plenty of pictures and detail please Mr @doezel 😊😊
  3. I've too have heard that the double ABS version of servo is an upgrade for the 90 to give more easier breaking effect. I have the earlier master cylinder as well a thin servo so would look to change both as an upgrade. Likewise interested in this topic.....I believe it means a small amount of cutting to the wing top to use the fatter longer servo. Perhaps a grown up will pop in..... 😁😁
  4. These are very good people and quality work! 🙂 AWT
  5. We got rid but kept hook and used furniture upholstery webbing. The photo attached shows our first go but we had to re-seam much tighter to get it really firm and works well and supports. Also put in a sheet of 1mm thick plastic sheet to help spread the load! I think it takes your weight as well as holding stuff in tho..... 😊
  6. Defo DIY! Did my own with 'closed cell foam' and "Sticks like..." adhesive (The one that will tolerate 300 degrees 😀). Worth mentioning that perhaps a fire retardant material might be better with petrol power but as for my 300tdi diesel... 😁😁 Not pretty but definitely makes a difference imo - the bonnet sounds nice and solid when tapping or shutting and the engine is a bit more quieter I'll be going egg carton shaped sound absorption material in and around bulkhead/engine bay wun day! 🤥 or I'll change back to a nice quiet petrol!! 😱 (where it's louder at the back!!!) Worth sorting any rust or painting on the underside of bonnet b4 fixing tho! 😎
  7. Besides welding skills that whole picture is a work of art in itself! 😎
  8. .....or @Deranged could knock out a few sets for all of us! Group buy! 😉
  9. Nice! Really cool! Like the info screen to the lower right of console too..... 😎
  10. Like the idea - watching with interest pete..... 😎 Rover 800's in mine but rather a pair of them with no too much hassle! 😊
  11. Here's mine (discovery airbox) and also a shot into the open bonnet of Mr Bowyer's (Goodwinch) at a show. A ruck that I was very impressed with. ('course mine's a Discovery 300 so probably doesn't qualify! 😀 )
  12. So you really need one without a line and large capacity but can't see any that aren't already populated with hose? 🧐
  13. Sure I've seen one with bit selection somewhere as an offer - dunno now! Free delivery here - another place to look at: https://www.axminster.co.uk/power-tools/multitools-precision-modelling/rotary-multitools
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