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200tdi to a td5 binacle upgrade

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Hi all, I am just installing a td5 binnacle clocks and warning panel into my project 200 tdi 1993 csw and I have a few questions so here goes. On the warning panel pin 14 on the 16 pin plug is for the low brake fluid /hand brake warning, it says attach the black/white wire. But I have read that on 200tdi this is a white/yellow wire, ok but I have both a black/white wire and a whit/yellow wire do I attach both to pin 14 ? or is the white/yellow for something else as in the write up there's no mention of a white/yellow wire.

Also I have a third white wire which I believe from the small female spade connector on it that it was connected to the old binnacle on one of the warning lights as I had tapped it to the slate/red trans oil temp wires on my old loom I presume it went on too the other terminal on that light can this be left unattached ?

And now on to the clocks loom, I've modified my td5 loom and added the new plug and I've found the main loom plug (I think :unsure: ) that I need to change, its got the following wires in it left to right

top row - green/black , green/blue , green , white/grey bottom row - 2xpurple , white, 2x black , brown , red and red/white

and now to the questions ,the ignition-switched feed fused at 10a can that be any white wire ?

Secondly the 2 permanent 12v feeds fused at 5a would these be the purple wires from the plug ?

Thirdly I'm guessing that as I don't have a red/orange for the gauge lighting feed that the red/white wire from the above plug is the one I want but do I also attach the red wire as well ?

And lastly the low fuel light is listed as white/orange but I believe its white/grey on a 200tdi is that correct ? If so can I connect the white/grey wire from the above plug to pin 12 on the td5 loom and it will work ?

Few sorry if I've confused everybody wiring is not my strong point but I'm learning slowly but surely

cheers for any help Ian

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Cheers western have been using retroanacondas write to do the upgrade have got the 16pin and 20 pin plugs wired and the clock loom modified but got confused on some of the wires as above. Whats the white/yellow wire is for and which permanent 12v feed is fused to 5 amps purple or green ? will have a read of the wibbly wobbly speedo tomorrow.

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white/yellow = hand brake park 'on' switch it should light the red ! in a circle, same as used for low brake fluid level, as hand brake is off when driving so light is dual purpose, not many UK vehicles have the hand brake switch fitted, it lives under the gaiter around hand brake lever in the cab, if not fitted, don't bother with it.

plain green is ignition switched via fuse box

plain purple is permanent 12v + ve feed

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