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2.5 TD DSE purchase advice


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Hi all,

New member here and soon hoping to be a little more involved!

So, I've set my sights upon a nice Range Rover that is now getting on 20 years old with 158,000 miles on the clock. I've been doing the usual research on these cars and what to look for when buying them second hand but haven't seen too many recent posts from people still using them... This is hopefully where you chaps come in!!

I'm currently pootling about in a 56 plate Golf 1.4.... (Lovely car but don't get me started ;) ) so the jump between the two cars is rather extreme. The problem I'm facing is the cost of everything, enough money to buy the car and perhaps insure it for a while but I'm quite concerned about running costs and various demons that will inevitably surface!! I do know my way around a car (builiding a Series 1 at present and putting off selling a Series 3!) In truth, the MPG of my Golf is god damn awful mainly because I'm doing 150 miles each day just commuting but that is ending end of Sept when I go back to University. Which leads to its own set of problems but should be fine! Therefore I'm not too concerned about spending on a bit of beverage for both car and, well, me....

Because I'm only a mere 20 years old (only started driving at 19 (I'm a Farmer so tractors and such prior to a Full UK)) the other problem I face is that I don't know much about buying/selling cars. This one is from a dealer (still need to go look at it in person) and willing to p/x - would I get a good deal from them or would I be better selling the Golf privately? Further to this, I would be 'better-off' keeping hold of the Golf for milage reasons until end of Sept, so would a garage hold this car for me assuming I put a deposit on it?

I do hope this isn't too vague and random, but if anyone can offer up some all round advise of what to look out for when buying this type of car or any recommendations in doing so, any help would be much appreciated!

Best to you all and many thanks,


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At that age and mileage things could get expensive quickly. Have a scour of the posts on here for the usual faults. i.e auto gearbox and tranferbox tend to need work around this mileage unless the have been cared for, next up is the eas (electronic airsuspension) which is a lovely thing when it's working. airbags can perish and valve blocks or pump may need rebuilding.

Various electric issues such as three revisions of remote rf fob receiver with all but the last one being responsible for flat batteries.

If you can do the work yourself (and your uni course is mech/electronics) it is a good learning experience.

The P38 is lovely to drive, and probably quite difficult to steal (even if you have the keys on some days).

Parts sources are mostly pattern parts or aftermarket , as new genuine can be eye watering. i.e abs booster pump.

At 20 years old with that sort of mileage it should be around a grand or less.

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Thanks for your reply! All very helpful comments and advice!!

I went to look at it the other day on a bit of a whim, blimey. It was nice, yes, but it was definitely not worth the £1900 price tag. The interior was appalling, everything so worn, burnt from cigarettes, pieces of trim missing... the list goes on. It definitely photographed better than it was irl.... Worst thing was that you couldn't even open the bonnet! It has obviously crashed into something at some point (not mentioned on the listing at all) with all the broken body work etc it damaged the latch on one side.

It ran like a £900 car, not amazing but good.

I will give you guys a link to it so you can have a look if you want, the dealer there was what actually what put me off the most to be honest. He had absolutely no interest in selling it to me, he just sat in his office. He acted like he knew a lot about them but it was definitely just salesmen bs. Would NOT shift on the price either... and when I made a bit of a proposal he was just like "Well its not for you then!"..... moving on.

Went at looked at a private sale today and very impressed, said yes to getting it in fact. Very clean car, well looked after and all of the issues you've mentioned above had been fixed! A lot less miles too, 106,000!

Now just to sort out Insurance!!!

Link to the car mentioned above

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