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What bits from a disco


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I have a LR 110 with 200tdi conversion (disco)

I have the opportunity to get a running 200tdi disco with 150k on clock for £500.

Is this a decent buy? If so what parts should I keep for defender?

-engine and aux

- gearbox and transfer box

- axles

Anything else?

I will then sell and weigh in rest

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IMHO I wouldn't bother, only thing of any real use is the engine as a spare... If you break an engine your better of rebuilding it IMHO.

Gearbox is not much use unless you want to do lots ilof chopping and changing.

Transfer box has the wrong gearing IMHO.

Front axle will fit but is no improvement in what you have and you would need the 110s calipers and maybe discs.

Rear axle is not weight rated for the back of the 110... But you might be able to use certain bits for a disc conversion.

Front Prop shaft will swap over.... But there less than 500 quid new.

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I always have discovery transfer boxes for sale for £50.

Axles are £120 a pair off a 300tdi (24 spline)

The only bit i see as worth keeping is the head off the 200tdi.

but then if your engine did blow up id source a cheap 300tdi (~£250) and a defender R380 box.

£500 is steep for a scrap discovery too, i pick them up regularly from £0 to £350

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Hmmm don't think I'll bother then as will be a lot of hassle stripping it.

I will prob keep my eyes open for just an engine as mainly I want an engine as a spare and to practice a rebuild on as I have never done full engine only head.

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