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Cleaning roof lining

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Clean, damp (not dripping wet) chamois leather works fine. Don't use Armor All until the lining is clean as it only really gives a nice sheen, if you like the glossy look.

If the lining is very dirty, you may need a slight bit of help by adding a bit of car shampoo to the water. Nothing foamy, just a bit to help remove grease.

If you want a nice smell, use Autoglym spray deodoriser (green writing on spray bottle). This smells pretty good any will mask any unwanted odours.

If your lining is a soft fabric felt type, still use a damp but not wet chamois. A nail brush works well if there are any really stubborn stains.

Don't use bleach (stinks!!) or any abrasives. Always use soft cloths first and elbow grease. White spirit used sparingly is good too for 'orrible marks.

Spray glass cleaner works well too.

If there's any other parts of your LR you need help with cleaning, just ask. I've been through most of mine.

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I took it out and jet washed it on the drive! Seriously, it worked very well and it looks excellent now.


When I refitted my sun visiors I got then seriosly grotty along with the roof linnig. All I did was chuck them in the sink and scrub them with the pan wash brush and supermarket pot washing gunk. Result cleen bits with nice pong. Also worked on roof linning, good result at a sensable price. :D

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