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Disco 2 V8 CR by Engine Number


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I have searched RV8 engine number lists online for Disco 2 4.0 engine numbers and associated compression ratios but have drawn a blank as the engine number lists for the 4.0 have them for the RR but not the Disco 2.

Is there a way of determining the original compression ratio of a 4.0 RV8 out of a Disco 2 from the engine number. The block had been previously skimmed and the "dot matrix" engine number and compression ratio removed and just the engine number stamped back on.

The engine number is 55D03758A and was in a Disco 2 - as I said there are lists for the RR 4.0 but I cannot find any for the D2 and certainly none of the 4.0s listed start with 55D .



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Thanks but I know there are some 4.0s that have low comp - certainly many of the 4.0 RRs have low comp.  Also our 3.9s were all low comp.

I was hoping someone might have a list of all the 4.0s and associated comp ratios by engine numbers.






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Copied from RAVE, there may be more info there if you search, all I had time for in my search is how engines are identified on the VIN plate. UK disco's don't have low comp engines.

VIN Number example SALLTGM87WA600172

SAL Manufacturer's identifier (Land Rover UK)
LT Marque/Model
LT = Discovery
G Class
A = Japan
G = 100 inch
M Body Style
B = 5 door models
8 Engine
1 = 4.0 V8 LC Cat
2 = 4.0 V8 HC Cat
3 = 4.0 LC Non Cat
8 = TD5 engine EGR/Cat
9 = TD5 engine EGR/ Non Cat
7 Transmission and Steering
3 = RHD automatic gearbox
4 = LHD automatic gearbox
7 = RHD manual gearbox
8 = LHD manual gearbox
W Model Year
W = 1998 Model year
X = 1999 Model year
Y = 2000 Model year
1 = 2001 Model year
2 = 2002 Model year
3 = 2003 Model year
A Assembly plant
A = Solihull
F = KD build
6 figures= Serial number

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Thanks for your help but the engine and vehicle went there different ways many many years ago so i do not have the VIN information.  Hence I was hoping for a link via the engine number but I cannot find any listing for engines starting with 55D anywhere.


I appreciate your efforts - thanks



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I now know what your after, I started looking for similar info for my engine and I found it in the pages at the beginning of my LR D1 parts catalogue, so along with the VIN identification there's serial number identification for all the engines, gearboxes and axles fitted to the D1.

If you or someone has access to a genuine D2 parts catalogue with luck you may find similar info in the front of it, which may help U.

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Thanks for your efforts - I appreciate it.

However I have continued searching and came across a forum where there is a post on the very issue I have raised - Disco 2 4.0 engines starting with 55D are low comp.

So question solved but none of the RV8 engine number lists have listings for Disco 2 4.0s - RR 4.0s yes but not the Disco 2.




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