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quite simply if you leave them unconnected the ABS amber light will stay on all the time ignition is on/engine running. 


This is a workaround for non-ABS vehicles and stops the light being on all the time. from here http://www.retroanaconda.com/landrover/2009/10/installing-defender-td5-gauges-into-a-200tdi300tdi/

I use the ABS light on my Td5 dash to tell me when hand brake is on , ABS = 'and brake stupid' 

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For a bulb not to illuminate, you either need no volts at all across the two terminals or the same voltage across so that no current flows through it. LEDs are slightly more complex but that's roughly correct for them too. I don't know the circuit but I suspect that it already has 12 volts applied to one side and the linking is adding 12 volts to the terminal on the other side.

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