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  1. Done in six minutes or maybe you'd already figured it out 🤣. Can't confirm the torque but google confirms this, from the LandRover Workshop site - which I would trust. https://www.lrworkshop.com/torque-specifications-settings/land-rover-defender-1996 Edit: don't know why the page isn't being previewed in that link
  2. With a press you will need a something that is exactly the OD of the bush so that the outer sleeve is pushed out with the rest of the bush, as one piece. It is quite thin and even hard to see. I haven't access to a press so reverted to a common method to hacksaw from the middle, through the tube, then the rubber and finally the outer sleeve.
  3. Is the Coleman dual fuel stove a pressure stove? I presume it is, running on petrol and ??? Do you advocates use it inside the vehicle or only outside? The only pressure stove I’ve used is the old paraffin ones that use meths to preheat and used to flare-up. How do you do that on the Coleman? Is it a faff first thing when you want a quick cuppa or do you use a jetboil instead?
  4. That’s interesting. Mine is a CFX35W which is a little smaller but I presume the same family and a chest type. Although it will freeze, I have not thought to experiment like that. I’d still want mainly a cold space but maybe a sneaky freezer space would be good. Can you show or describe more about where the coldest space is? Is it all across the bottom?
  5. I have them on my rear axle 110 300TDI together with boost alloys and they fit fine. I only have the flanges though.
  6. I pay too. I wonder if the article you copy/pasted is a free one, or one that I paid to read.
  7. Hi Ralph, I don't understand that bit. It's a 'long way' from the stem seal seat, up to the top of the valve stem. Some of my seals were happy to migrate up the stem, inside the spring and I doubt they served any purpose up there. Do you mean the 'lash caps'? How would they push the seal back?
  8. That look very Waeco/Dometic-ish. Welcome to ice-cold trips!
  9. It's good to know that you are going to provide an update when you get the job done. It's an interesting thread and to complete the story and diagnosis will be good. I have just found that in a heatwave, camping above a beach is highly recommended. 😀
  10. For some reason I read that sentence very slowly. I didn't intend to but it just happened. As I did, I thought that 1990 was the year you had been born, a few words later I thought a child with a spud gun but then when I got to the blowing things up and getting drunk bit, I realised you must have been a little older!
  11. @maverick I hope that they stay on! Mine felt lovely and tight too, going on with a nice click. Why they insisted on popping back off I don't know. As you will have read, the Bondloc did the trick.
  12. It was Bondloc 638 I think. Referenced here as an insert in the original tech archive thread here
  13. That might have been me. I have a thread in the Techical Archive describing how I changed them with the head on. The retention of the stem seals on the stem was the sting in the tail of a very straightforward job as they kept popping off - they were ‘Genuine’ brand. Eventually I used a blob of Bondloc as advised by someone on here.
  14. Jacksons Leisure Supplies offered the best price when I bought our fridge. They have an online shop.
  15. We have that. In fact I’m sitting drinking a beer from it right now, on the Llyn peninsula. its great. In it at the moment is: 2x 4 pints milk 2x 500ml cans beer 2x big yogurt pots bbq meats for four more days sweetcorn, cheese, mayo, courgettes, butter … You get the idea - it’s big and much smaller than some ppl will say is needed. it sits behind the driver’s seat, sideways against the 2nd row door and across almost half of the cubby. Fed from 2nd battery with solar panel etc.
  16. I really don’t know what the differences are between SuperPro and Genuine. However I have SuperPro on my 110 and have driven all over Europe and many twisty, narrow roads, some unsurfaced. As far as I can feel the ride is great and so far I’m about 30K miles with them. Maybe more challenging terrain with the consequent longer and ‘twistier’ suspension movement would test them more but I’m happy. I used a vice to fit but some were a four handed job as they are very slippery with the silicone grease used to lubricate.
  17. Well, played Widow Twanky or maybe an ugly sister at S-I-V for a start! Left the place where you now work Learned a bit about making cars and engines in Japan It was quite a year around 90/91
  18. 111,111 mile trip? Must be a decimal point wrong somewhere!
  19. I bought a 1996 110 for a bit too much money as it was supposed to have been overhauled by the guy running a business that did that sort of thing, then selling on. I should have known better but I was crazy busy working and living away. I didn’t have time or enough knowledge to ‘go through it’, even though I had restored an 88”. That vehicle was a total basket case so my £250 (in 2003) was money spent ok. This is a list of the essentials that I did in the first year: New shocks as it bounced all over Front discs. They were worn below the minimum thickness. New calipers and pads because the pistons were stuck and it was easy to do Front hockystick bushes were loose but this took some time to find. Ended up replacing all bushes. The internal lights and alarm didn’t work properly. That took some sorting Tub cappings looked ok until I drilled for a swing away carrier (spare wheel) then I found they were rusty under the paint Chassis was ok for a few years but I did replace Eventually I had to do the footwells and repairs higher up on driver’s side bulkhead The engine was in good nick but even so I bought it without a full history What’s my message? Look at the vehicle as much as you can but be prepared for repairs (costs) that you can’t see at purchase and try to factor that in to the price if you are at all unsure of maintenance history. If the seller can show you invoices for maintenance then that would be brilliant I can do so for my vehicle now and if I ever sell it will be useful I feel
  20. 1991. That brings back memories 😄
  21. Many happy returns Cornish. The years seem to speed-up as you approach / turn 60.
  22. Have I imagined it or was there an instance of a non- flat one exploding when being carried like that and causing a horrible injury?
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