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  1. I have a second fusebox in my battery box, feeding stuff in my Mud console. I ran the cables through a conduit from the battery box (new hole and grommet), underneath the footwell / along the gearbox and then up the engine side of the bulkhead and in through that big grommet on the left of your fuses. Then up behind the lower dash.
  2. Agree with Western about the relays - but for my other switches, I have fitted Carling and I really like them and would recommend. Working out exactly which you need, especially when going multi pole and momentary is a bit tricky. The illumination and tell-tale facility is nice.
  3. We live high up above the main road through the Hope Valley and over the years it's become a busy road as it provides a route west through to the Snake Pass and also directly over the hills to the dark side. I'd say since about Thursday it has gone very quiet. Yesterday and today there are a few cars but no motorbikes. During last week there were plenty of work related vehicles, builders, farmers, quarry tankers and trucks. I'd expect that to continue until / unless there are tighter directives. The snow showers and 5C with a breeze is also a factor today.
  4. Imagine if you bolted it up with bolts that are way too small, say 6mm. Although you nip them up tight, the swivel could have been fixed in one of a variety of rotational positions as the bolts are not a snug fit in the holes and so it can turn slightly with respect to the axle. That means that the castor angle will not be precisely set. Put in a dowel bolt, a precision machined part, where the bit between the head and the top of the thread is exactly the correct diameter to be a tight fit in the bolt hole. Now you don't have any looseness and the swivel has to be in a single position and so takes on just one caster angle. Apparently this is more precise than using standard bolts all way round which are not as snug a fit. Just how much variation this creates in the castor is beyond my pay grade but I believe Red90 quoted this somewhere above.
  5. Send him a private message. Click on the envelope at the top of this page, just left of your name and picture. Type his forum name (PaulMc) in the To: box and make sure you click it to confirm when it's offered as a match.
  6. It probably is the park switch. It provides a continuation of the volts to the motor after you have flicked the stalk to OFF. The wipers complete that cycle and then, at the park position, it shuts the supply off. Edit: sorry I have now read properly - are you saying that they don't move at all?
  7. I presume it’s the one on the right. I’ve been reading this with interest, trying to remember if I mixed up mine. Probably not as I tend to hold things either side of the vehicle when removing. Thinking about how it actually fixes the castor in the correct position, I’m assuming that it determines the exact rotational position of the swivel, whereas a slightly looser bolt would allow a little variability in that position as it is tightened.
  8. Don’t be so quick to judge. I shared photos that were on my village fb group. Yes someone took one from a footpath and someone else took one from over a wall. The photo takers are local residents not going out. The subjects have come from far and wide. I can see some of the incorrect behaviours from my house. There’s nothing wrong if you go for a walk with correct spacing. There’s a lot wrong about wandering around in groups, standing drinking takeaway beer in groups and queuing as per normal at an ice cream van.
  9. Could I respectfully point out that the house sounds a tad on the big side or that you at least need to look around it a bit more? 😀
  10. I am totally confused about people. There's a sensible group who follow or do their very best to follow the CV advice. Then there's another group who really don't give a damn. Here in the Peak District it has been as busy as any weekend in the summer. People are all over and there's no way that they are 'social distancing'. The pubs and cafes that have reverted to takeaways now have groups of people standing outside in close proximity not giving a tinker's cuss about 2m separation. Yes the bikers are out too, doing their normal sunny weather quick burns on the straight bits. They are on their own of course but only until the next arranged stop. One "footpath closed keep away, COVid19 suspected" sign has appeared on a popular footpath and I imagine a few might resort to barricades soon. This is a pic of the cafe at Grindleford station cafe, after the rush apparently
  11. I do like an 'overhang' at the eaves. It makes a building look so much better IMHO. Lovely work.
  12. Good luck with the checks and final bits of re-assembly Ralph. Hope you get it lifted back up and on without too much of a struggle. Guess you will be upside down underneath reaching up?
  13. Why do that? I like to see opinions from people on here that I feel I know and trust.
  14. I believe that the main symptoms to look for are fever (high temp) and a persistent dry cough. Not a runny nose and not a sore throat. That's what I think I read and is what we are watching out for. I heard today that the 111 website (don't know the url) has a little 'expert system' into which you can input symptoms and it will tell you the likelihood of it being CV or normal stuff. The self isolation is really hard for those who should be doing it now (such as my mate who has just come out of hospital after a month of battling with a severe lung infection). His wife is popping out and about still and no doubt increasing chances of bringing it back home.
  15. Yesterday we discovered that my Father-in-law was about to go to his village meeting about how to collectively support the vulnerable in the community. The only thing is, he's 93 and should really be practising social distancing. We suggested that he didn't go. Today he's going to use Facetime, having used Skype years ago but now his IT dexterity is waning.
  16. ^^^^^ this. I didn't forget because I put a great big label on the air filter bracket after I was warned about this. Also I had left the thermostat housing on the head 'til it was on the bench and that's where I re-fitted it.
  17. Llangoedmor. Immediately east of Cardigan. There was a huge tree growing up through two rooms and the roof. Is that where you mean?!
  18. I've read this thread with interest. Thanks for the useful pics. The YRM link for the early door seals is now at this web address
  19. Wow, what a great place and project. I have a friend who's renovated one of those mansions. He's just outside Cardigan - not sure how far that is from you but it's worth a look...
  20. Extra items to consider are: Oil separator (rocker cyclone thing) O-ring Rocker cover gasket Cylinder head dowels in case the existing ones are no good Maybe also: Glowplugs (if the existing ones are tested and nbg Injector service (if you can get them somewhere to do this) Cylinder head check - pressure test, valves guides etc. (if you ...ditto above) Also a new set of head bolts - but the spec says can be re-used five times; others say renew anyway.
  21. Yes I have looked at their website and spoke to them. They seem to be a very good outfit and deliver in a couple of days. To compare, I gave a local steel supplier a chance to quote. I had to wait three days for a reply and when I saw the price I thought they were taking the proverbial. They even followed up with a “where do we stand” kind of question a few days later. So I told them to look at prices on wwe.themetalstore.co.uk and let me know what they could do. No reply. The pressure is off now as the trip is postponed. I still haven’t got the new floor in anyway due to jobs-that-need-doing creep. This morning I changed the rear spring seats for example. I may even refit the wood version and modify that to check the proposed changes. Steel will probably be the way but I am also looking at the flightcase extrusions too. They are also expensive.
  22. 😀 saw that recently, on here maybe. It’s very funny and spot on.
  23. Oh dear. Is it showing that it is clearly parked on your drive (surface type, pebbles, colour, marks) or is the resolution so bad that you couldn't show that it is? If it is shown to be on the drive, then they are unable to prove that it has been used. If the pic doesn't have the necessary resolution then I'd be asking why not, as their camera must be good enough to provide it.
  24. What did you do to solve the problem? Did you fit another?
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