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  1. I can’t work out who they are. That first pile was at the overnight stop in the first pic. On the otherside of the road is a big burn and it was between the road and water. That was an amazing place with no light and as there was no moon I got a stiff neck gazing up. Virtually no traffic either after dark. On Kintyre, people had made fires on small areas of turf instead of a few steps away in the pebble beach. They don’t remove the turf and replace after as a good Boy Scout would do.
  2. The Edit button is now selected by clicking the three dots at the top right of your posts. I don't know the time limit on it now but it used to be an hour and then the function is removed. Edit: Like this
  3. If I might be allowed a little thread hijack, I have a second-hand Safari snorkel on the shelf waiting to be fitted. I was a little hasty buying it (I thought it was a bargain) and I didn't realise that some are like this as Arjan says. I too have this type that bolts against the wing but I want mine to be watertight (rather than just a raised intake). I don't know how I would do that without the spigot that was fitted to the earlier versions. I'm wondering if I can add some sort of DIY spigot so that I can continue with sealed pipes to the filter housing. If anyone has used one of
  4. We have just returned from ten nights in our 110. It's been a little road trip through Argyll & Bute and what a lovely area it is. There are no shots of green lanes, so look away now if that's your bag. The Eberspacher D2 that I installed last year (with some trouble), has really worked well. Not because it was cold, although it is nice to warm a living space from 8C to 20C in 10 minutes but it helped get us dry towards the end of the trip, when the heavens opened. We even managed a visit to look at a well documented and very nice, new-build workshop. It looks even better in
  5. It's reviewed here too but it might be behind a paywall. Apologies if it is. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/cars/land-rover/land-rover-defender-90-review-worth-wait/
  6. Gerry Mulligan shipped his 110 CSW with Alucab roof to/from South America, returning just before lockdown. There’s plenty of detail about container shipping in his blog. The packup for the return is here. https://www.celtic-rover.com/shipping-home/
  7. Thank you @monkiefor providing further detailed explanations. It's very helpful to read this in the light of so much chatter elsewhere about testing and helps me understand the challenges around providing mass testing.
  8. What a heck of a story. Well done for hanging in there.
  9. I adapted a new TD5 bulkhead to a Series as the original was toast. I salvaged just a single panel. It was cheap to do it then (2007) as the new bulkhead was <£200 I think. The spot welds needed to be cut out, then I used Series footwells and some custom made panels at the side of the tunnel. Fitted it to the vehicle and spot welded back together. the wiper motor panel and a few other bits had to be removed but it pretty much turned into a Series bulkhead. I knew nothing at all about Land Rovers or repairing them so my starting point was zero. Edit: The idea came from the guy at G
  10. I had a similar problem with my DA sander and ordered new brushes when a cleanup of the commutator failed. I was a bit suspicious as the old ones still had some length in them but it seemed to work better. Not long after it stopped again. It was one of the two support bearings which had gone tight. A very few £ later and it's perfect again.
  11. I towed caravans for years, behind cars. I'm pretty sure that the guideline was max towing weight no more than 75% of the towing vehicle's weight. Also it is noseweight / noseweight, noseweight! I submitted a test report to the caravan club for an Avondale caravan that I was towing behind a big Audi. Instead of commenting on the 75% achieved, I was laughed at in their magazine article for having such a 'mismatched' combo.
  12. During my replacement I also removed the steering column. That was because the top of the footwell was thin and I had to repair the panel above it. I didn't realise that I would need to do this until I started the job. I would certainly remove the pedal boxes, they mount on the upper part of the footwell anyway. Perhaps it's just the lower part that you are repairing. I've added pics to show the extent of the well and the size of the job in my case.
  13. The indicator lamp on the dash is the one used for hazard as well as normal. You can’t just swap it for an led. It needs a couple of diodes in the circuit too that isolate one side from the other. These are ‘built in’ to the legs of the rdx one. As I said it’s an way swap but it does cost £25-30 IIRC.
  14. What has been said above, plus have you done anything with the dash indicator warning lamp? If not then it won’t work correctly with led bulbs in the indicators because of the way in which it is wired to be common to both sides. With the filament bulbs this didn’t matter but it does with leds. The easiest way to fix it is to buy the rdx kit which replaces that dash warning lamp with an led one that overcomes the issue. You can find it on eBay.
  15. At launch, some makers’ cars are often only available with black trims and rub strips. This allows the manufacturer time to get the colour match exact as they are often bought-in.
  16. White smoke can be steam or unburnt diesel. If steam, it disappears quickly in the air whereas if it’s diesel the smell lingers.
  17. I give up. Provoking an argument is last thing I want to do.
  18. This is spoiling my trip. I have never ever said that I disagree with your views of the direction JLR have taken. Ever. i have reacted because you @Snagger referred to senior management as imbeciles. I think that collective description is offensive. Yes I do know people there and one or two are very very senior. They are not imbeciles. @Mo Murphy accuses me of throwing a teddy and you are lecturing me about all the reasons why you despise JLR now. So go back and read my posts and you will see. @elbekko is correct that you are spoiling threads such as this with your cons
  19. I know how to live in the big world @Mo Murphy I am bored with the constant bleating about JLR. Hell we can’t even have a discussion in this thread about the price of the Grenadier without the same old snipes and gripes about JLR. So sad.
  20. Maybe the moderators could open a ‘slag off Tata/JLR’ thread. Then elsewhere we could have sensible debate all the time and anyone who wants to moan, groan, gripe or slag them off can do so in the corner. They could even have as many likes available as they want. I know several ex colleagues and friends who are working their butts off at JLR to improve manufacturing and quality. They have been successful elsewhere and have a huge task now at JLR. They don’t do design, so can’t be blamed for the product. Even in the most senior positions it isn’t possible to steer the ship or change co
  21. I like to read your posts as most are very informative. However you are not always correct and tarring all the JLR board with the same brush is insulting.
  22. Yes but that’s only if you want to preserve a low current path isn’t it?
  23. Yes, all those prices are NET and the 20% will be additional at the bottom.
  24. Yes I certainly could do with a trip down to SIV and a chat about old times. Arjan already has a route planned for his 'raid' and I believe that as the roof will be close-ish to the M1, that will fit in. Otherwise, yes I could put it on my roof rack. Edit: he beat me to it!
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