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Disco 1 Clutch tricks


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My amazing Disco 1 TDi surprised me with a new one last weekend whilst launching the jet ski on the beach in the surf... Suddenly Clutch down to the floor board. 

Needed to pick it up by hand and then there is clutch again for the first few seconds and then flat on the floor again. ????? checked no fluid lost or bypass...

Got launches in by pumping and using the clutch at the minimum....Got back home and start the reverse bleeding using my Right side brake caliper's bleeding nipple and a piece of tight fit piping on both  clutch slave and brake and after allowing all the fluid to drain from the clutch reservoir pumped fluid back through the system with the brake pedal until clutch reservoir full again.......

Without any success... still the same symptoms....

Could it be master and slave gone at once ??? images (16).jpg

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1 hour ago, SPendrey said:

Wouldn't that symptom be valid for either the master or slave cylinder seals failing, not necessarily both?  The fluid is not delivering pressure for long and leaking past failed seals??

SPendrey, Yes thank you, totally agreed... I really do not know if there is double seals on the plungers but there is no fluid lost by either of the cylinders, meaning that it leaks on the compression seal but into the suction chambers which seems to be whats happening... It does looses pressure...!! but no fluid !!!

I have quoted new Master and slave and just to be sure new connection pipe as well.... Will see if the budget allow...to get new ones although I have read some scary stories on replacement Master and Slave cylinders ????

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Thanks Spendrey.. yes the Job might not be difficult but my direct translation was wrong and I actually meant aftermarket, not genuine, parts.

Seen so many Guys battling with aftermarket and not genuine Landy parts... I am in that awkward position that to get genuine Landrover parts I must deal with a terrifying exchange rate and import duties up to almost 100% of the value.

Brittpart is fairly available...although will also take two to 3 days for delivery if lucky... 

Genuine parts is minimum 6 weeks...!!! 

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On 10/21/2016 at 0:07 PM, honitonhobbit said:

I would also check that the clutch damper hasn't failed. It's a pointless disc shaped thing by the slave cylinder

Honitonhobbit , Yes thank you, chucked that away the first time I changed the gearbox.

As said, it is amazing, I got hold of a Master and slave Clutch kit (Rubbers) ($ 3.50 US) and walla old faithful is running again.

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