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  1. OK been procrastinating on this for 6 months haven't been able to resolve it yet. fully tested MAF sensor. looks to be working. ohms from the accelerator pot nice and smooth. appears to be OK too. used an electric pump to supply the injector pump from a bottle so can safely say its not the fuel lines. father reckons its not the tappets. any other ideas to try. leaning towards something electrical. if I cant fix it soon I'll probably have to sadly scrap it or sell it for parts.
  2. alright i pulled the intercooler out today and cleaned it up along with all the pipework. it had alittle oil but wasnt blocked and no major buildups. hoses were in good condition. the inlet manifold had alittle bit of crud inside it too, but not too much. didnt resolve the issue. any other ideas?
  3. pretty sure it's not the Bosch injector, had an issue with that in the past because the plug was filthy, always got check engine lights, stalling and lots of banging because the timing was out.
  4. it's got fresh fuel, first thing I suspected was water in it so I ran it empty and put new stuff in. checked the air filter and the sensor next to it, looked good. do all my own work was previously my father vehicle who also did his own work. I will check the intercooler hoses.
  5. My '95 land rover discovery auto diesel with the 300tdi engine was sitting for afew months and when i got it going again its got this weird issue with the engine. when you push down the accelerator the revs will go up like normal but will soon drop down to just below 1500rpm and stay there, no matter how far you push the peddle in it wont go any higher it is possible to get it working steady but only if the peddle is pumped up over 3000rpm Heres a video showing it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdaEkRXyZWM I have fresh fuel, cleaned the sedimenter, new fuel filter, new lift pump, checked injectors were working correctly, usual exhaust emissions. would love to get out driving again as its my kayak wagon, any help greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi working on a couple of electrical issues 1. The clock works but the backlight does not turn on, the bulb is fine was wondering which fuse this uses 2. Auto gear shifter lights which are on the sides of the stick also don't light bulbs replaced 3. Central locking dead and both front door locks reluctant to fully rise leading to bad situation of keys locked in car after popping back into house to grab stuff 4. Rear electric windows don't work but had one working for a short period of time perhaps a bad ground?? Any help on these issues would be great
  7. edc injector cable plug may have been not fully connected. wiggled the cable in the dark the other night and everything running good except for check engine light, drove down the road 500 meters then the check engine light started flickering and the knocking started really badly, limped home after that. today gave it a go with some contact cleaner and a firm pressing. no more check engine light and working good, seems like more power but might be the new fuel filter and the sedimenter which hadnt been cleaned out in 20 years.
  8. Hi, recently my 95' discovery has been missfiring after starting at first it will do it at idle but as the engine warms up the number of rpm required to get a miss will rise until they go away and the temperature gauge is midway. It takes about 5 hours in 15c weather for it to cool down and recreate the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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