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  1. Hi I am putting a Gwyn Lewis challenge kit on my Puma truck cab in the near future. Whilst looking at the Fuel filter relocation parts I found the bolts that hold the fuel filter head to the chassis are well and truly stuck. I can see them getting damaged on removal and wonder if anyone knows the bolt size so I can buy two to have on standby when I attempt to remove the filter head.
  2. Thanks Western that’s what I was thinking or rather hoping cheers
  3. I’m planning to mount my winch solenoid behind the offside headlight and airbox on my 2.4tdci 90. The cables would have to pass close to the intercooler pipe. Is this likely to be too hot a route as having looked I can’t see much space for the cables anywhere else?
  4. Just done this, changed the standard windscreen for heated. I sourced the glass through VGS and bought a wiring harness from Dan Padmore. With two people it was relatively easy to remove the screen with out breaking it. We installed the wiring while the screen was out as this made access to the Puma dash fixings easier. we used a length of paracord to reinstall the screen with plenty of washing up liquid on the original windscreen rubber that was in good condition. We managed to keep both pieces of glass in good useable condition.
  5. Hi, has any one fitted extended flares to their Puma ? I am in two minds as to removing the old standard flares completely or just cutting off the outer arch. If removed completely the part that forms part of the inner arch will no longer exist. Is it better to reform this with new material or just utilise the old flares which on mine are not in the best condition so cutting them won’t be an issue.
  6. That is great thank you, my partner was saying she used to have Knot book that she loved but lost it this will make her day.
  7. Had my old 90 converted to a gem V8 by a friend/business but took ages. One thing to consider is if fitting Auto box contact Ashcroft for there controller as is very simple to set up and allows for gearbox modes to be adjusted simply.
  8. Hello is it still possible to get hold of the puma 2.4 workshop manual I've traded in my much modded 1988 90 for a 2011 puma truck cab and would love to be able to keep doing my own servicing.
  9. Oh yes your so right it is a puma my bad as my other one was a ninety everything newer was a Defender in my mind. To get the puma I had to trade my Ninety so it was a day of sadness and Happiness!!
  10. I also drilled a hole as the others have said makes it easier. Never got round to sort the back door lock out that's on my todo list along with sort out low range, get a new battery etc and I thought I'd finished working on it ha ha never!
  11. Thanks, the defender I'm looking at buying is not a Puma though as you mentioned above. It is my understanding the roofs are interchangeable .
  12. Ok I am thinking of buying a 2011 defender 90 truck cab. As I want to make this my daily driver could I swap the 1988 CSW roof onto the 2011 defender and put the Truck cab from the 2011 defender onto my 1988 Ninety? The paint won't match but apart from that are there any other potential issues I may come up against ? Thanks as always.
  13. I currently have a CSW roof (with windows) and have been offered van sides by the guy who is going to build my cage. I originally wanted a truck cab roof but locating one in NE Scotland seams impossible after months of trying. I like the CSW roof for visibility but guess the glass could be at risk. Should I go for the van sides, keep searching for a truck cab or just use what I have all advise appreciated. Also changing roof probably changes road tax class if so what would be the cheapest option as the more money I save on tax the more I can put back into my landy!
  14. On doing the drivers side that was supposed to be straightforward I had an issue as the piece the barrel locates into was plastic unlike the passenger side which was metal and as I went to undo the screw it fell apart. Has anyone an idea whee to get the piece the barrel locates and locks into. As always with my 90 the simplest of jobs becomes a mission.
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