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    Not yet but i'm going to. There is a few vids on youtube on how to do it if that helps any
  2. Is it this one your thinking of ? If so it's my motor, I used an old interior light cut it up a bit & used some filler to regain the shape in places & screwed the radio bracket to it & then refitted the light frame. How do people find gutter mount cope with low trees etc, just that i've been wondering if I should fit one for my aerial
  3. Hi guy's was wondering if there is a fix for my heater motor. It has always vibrated on setting 3 & 4 but it has now started on setting 1 & 2 which are the ones I use the most & it's bugging the life out of me. Is there any way I can get at the fan motor & blades so I can try & check the motor & clean any muck of the fan blades
  4. Can't remember where I saw it but one of the big 4x4 companies was doing a an adapter plate so another battery can be fitted behind the standard battery where the jack go's looked very neat
  5. I've been using JBL speakers for years infact my JBL 6x9 speakers are 13 years old & still sound good I think the factory size speakers in the D1 are 4" (I got a D2 so not to sure)anyway I was going to get a D1 & worked out that my 6" 2way JBL speakers would prob fit in the factory spot if I made a spacer ring mounted on the door trim which would be shaped to match the fabric insert on the door card & slightly angled for a better sound. Can give you links on how to make up door builds if you need them
  6. I had a nice vibration when putting power through the transmition which turned out to be shot UJ's in the front prop & i'm glad I caught them in timemight be worth checking them just incase
  7. You could probably cut the wires from the amp to the speakers & run new cables to the speaker wires or the other option would be to run a full new set of speaker cables from the headunit to each speaker. I have fitted my own sound system into my D2 with a 800w amp, 12" sub 6x9" & 6" speakers & it sounds far better than when it left the factory but I left the rear door speakers connected up & the voice coils in the LR speakers are totally shot from the extra power from just the Sony HU
  8. The linkage from A tdi will fit on a TD5 you have to slightly reshape part of it will have a look to see if I can find the link about it
  9. Yes thats what I was on about Well have left the bearing for the min but cleaned it out & packed it with new grease but will prob replace it at a later date. Fitted the new spiders & will get the prop fitted tomorrow as it's to dark & cold now
  10. Thanks will do just need to find where to get them oh does the centre bearing have to be changed at the same time
  11. Hi guy's need some help One of the double UJ's on my front prop has had it so am going to replace both of them but was wondering how you remove them. Is it a case of removing the circlip & then tapping out the bearings with a punch & hammer ? Also wheres the cheapest & best place to get new UJ's from as i've never had to do this before & am a bit unsure
  12. I'm in Northumberland & bought the D2 from a car dealer in Sunderland
  13. Sorry to bug you guy's but this is puzzling me. I had no misfire when the gaskets were leaking & before the lifters were replaced, also the tappet noise is now louder after this work has been done but all go's quiet after the engine is up to temp & after a good run. From what i've read the liner prob only knocks away when the engine is warm & not cold
  14. Contacted the warranty company again about the head gaskets & got told wear & tear also includes degeneration which is what they are saying about the gaskets I also contacted the garage I bought it from & explained what has went on with it since I got it & got told well it's a 9 year old car not a new one so you will have wear & basically don't want to know, so it looks like i'm now stuck with a motor that I can't afford to fix as blown all my savings on getting a so called specialist to fix it & the warranty states it don't cover cracked or porous bores & can't raise another 1.4K plus Thanks guy's you've been a great help
  15. It has 74K on the clock & from the full service history there hasn't been any thing reported in the book. I bought the D2 from a garage & tried to get the repairs done under warranty but the warranty company has said it's all wear & tear The leak was from the head gasket & it's not using any water from what I can tell but am keeping a close eye on it just incase. The garage did say keep an eye on the coolant lever as there next point of call would be a cracked block but I would have thought they would have been able to notice this or a slipped liner when they removed the heads Oh forgot to say no the oil light never flickers. To day after being out in the D2 on a 20 mile round trip a couple of hours I had to pop out & it started up fine nice & quiet then started tapping as normal & the developed this misfire for about a minute then it cleared not sure if that helps any but the tapping noise went on for about a mile before it eased off & the engine was nice & warn. The only oil flush I seem to be able to get around here is the Wynn's oil flush is this any good ?
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