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  1. UKTamo

    LT230 Rebuild issues

    Going to do that at the weekend when I can get a hold of a spring balance scale or something akin to that to check. I suspect I'll need thicker washers in order to push the gears closer together (I think they're too far away from the smaller gears)
  2. UKTamo

    LT230 Rebuild issues

    Hi All, Currently rebuilding a disco td5 LT230T with an Ashcrofts Master Rebuild Kit. I'm at the stage of putting things back together following the manual. I've constructed the centre diff (all the same parts apart from the copper dome washers and the fibre thrust washers. As soon as I start to tighten the bolts up to clamp the housing together, I'm no longer able to freely turn the gears inside using the front output shaft. It requires a bit of force. The manual suggests that if it's too loose I need to use thicker washers. It doesn't suggest what to do if it's too stiff. Having measured the thrust washers the old ones were 1.35mm where as the new ones at 1.05mm. If i pop the old ones back in everything turns smooth. Should I get replacement washers at 1.35mm or should 1.05mm be right? Thanks Thomas
  3. UKTamo

    TD5 Speedo Mileage run up circuit

    That'd be very much appreciated. Did you attempt it with a bus pirate at all?
  4. UKTamo

    TD5 Speedo Mileage run up circuit

    Understood, really appreciate all the work you've done on this. Going to try and do it without soldering, any ideas if I can get some form of press on connector for reprogramming? I looked at the datasheet but unsure what package the eeprom is.
  5. UKTamo

    TD5 Speedo Mileage run up circuit

    Hi CwazyWabbit, et al Firstly, just spent my morning reading up. Well done on all the work! I was just wondering if we ever worked out what the 3 pins accessible from the outside are from? Ideally I'd like to not have to rip my speedo open to reprogram it! Did we document this anywhere? Ie where to set Pulses per mile, etc. I'm currently designing a sender unit for series gearboxes, so it'd be great to know what PPM to set! Thanks Thomas

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