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  1. I've just bought a Drill Doctor and out of about 150 bits i only had 1 that wouldn't cut ( point ended up blunt ) but i had a few of the same bits so just bined it and not all bits were blunt but went through all the bits so all sharp now, it will also do SDS drill bits so had ago at doing a couple that i had and see how they are when my SDS drill arrives 🙂
  2. Its ready for fitting but drill not turned up yet should have been here today will probably turn up tomorrow when i'm back in work ☚ī¸
  3. Hi guys I'm asking this for my son as the front seats are a bit worn out, we liked the RX8 seats in our Def 90 we used to have but not sure if they would fit, can anyone help please 🙂
  4. Hi guys I know i'm no joiner but tomorrow i'm going to have a go at making a battery charging station for mine and son's battery tools, mine are Milwaukee and son's are Dewalt, son doesn't use his much as thanks to covid he is no longer in the building game anymore so get used in the garage with mine 😀
  5. Hi guys Can anyone recomend a decent drill bit sharpener please 🙂
  6. Yeah i still think they are over priced for what they are but i just couldn't bring myself to buying a worn out Fairy for the best part of a grand and still have to rebuild or fix it, with my last S2a i dropped lucky as i bought a brand new old stock Fairy for ÂŖ350 the guy bought it for a left hand lightweight but didn't like where the lever was so he removed it all and put it on a shelf and forgot about it 20 something years later i bought it and it was great so with this one and over doing it with the HRTC plus 3.54 diffs then removing the HRTC i decided to fit a Romerdrive.
  7. Not sure what the airfilter is as son got it off ebay but think its a universal one
  8. But we added the reg plate securing screws to hold it straight
  9. It comes in the kit from Southdown snorkels its a Def 200tdi / 300tdi snorkel off ebay ÂŖ135
  10. If you mean in pic 2 its holding the airfilter in place 🙂
  11. Hi guys I've finally got round to fitting a snorkel, not something i wanted to do as i don't use the landy for off roading but as the air intake was under the bonnet sucking on warm / hot air i decided to fit one 😀
  12. Yes sorry i gave it a 15 mile run on Monday and it was great went in and out of o/d in all gears, used it as a splitter gear as well as leaving it in and running all the gears although i would use it mainly as a splitter gear and final gear on the Mway and yes its really smooth i'm really pleased with it 😀
  13. Yep i gave them both a go this morning in the garage just to get grease through on the grease gun and to test the ratchet worked as i bought them both as bodies only and used the batteries i had but landy is due a grease up soon so can't wait to and no dowt i will have something to undo / tighten up so can't wat to do that either 🙂
  14. But mite get away with an adaptor that does away with the nut and just screws in with some thread tape on the threads. I've just had the landy on the flat and the level is about 1/8" showing on dipstick 🙂
  15. Now they look nice 👍 Anyone know what the tread size is please for fitting one of these to the transfer box
  16. Hopeing to use the grease gun tomorrow and a new M12mir38 milwaukee ratchet i ordered in the week too 🙂
  17. And one for the gearbox as well as its the same plug 🙂
  18. Yeah i did that and dip stick was reading at the end so once straight it should be level so will get it on level ground probably weekend now and see 🙂
  19. Its probably because the landy was on a very slight slope as i did everything the instructions said but didn't think it would have made that much of a difference but obviously it does
  20. Hi guys I've just fitted a new Roamerdrive to my S2a however even though the roamerdrive uses the oil from the transfer box and comes with a dipstick and tube there is no mark on the dipstick but can see oil at bottom of dipstick is this the right level or should it be higher as it doesn't seem right to keep to transfer box oil level.
  21. First short test run with the roof tent on and its great was expecting it to be holding me back but doesn't but need to try it on a Mway but need fuel to do that and noone has any
  22. Yeah no fuel but did manage to try the Roamerdrive and its geat really nice and smooth just wish i had more fuel to try it properly but yeah i'm really pleased with it
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