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  1. Snowbird

    V8 into series 3

    Hi peachy, sorry got your message but my computer refused to open it. I would be very interest in buying it if it's for sale . I live in Fredericton NB 506 472 9895
  2. Snowbird

    V8 into series 3

    Thanks smallfry for your help, as you said engine mount can be fabricated. I did once join a v8 to a Bettie transaxle using Ali plate and spacers but it was a real pain to get lined up.If you do find one I would be happy to buy it ! Kelvin
  3. Snowbird

    V8 into series 3

    Thanks guys, will just keep watch on E bay UK in the hope of a second hand unit.
  4. Snowbird

    V8 into series 3

    I found on the net a fitting kit to put a V8 in a series 3 that included a bell housing adapter, engine mounts to fit it without cutting and welding the new galv, chassis ,spigot bush etc. I contacted the company M D Engineering but unfortunately they no longer make that kit. Anyone know another supplier please?
  5. I use blue sheet wherever steel touches aluminium. It's a bitumen layer with a blue pvc outer skin. Used it under the bump stops, door frames, bonnet frames,works a treat.
  6. Snowbird

    Engine numbers

    Thanks Steve b, looks like I will go with the newer one. Will sort out some pics and post them up.
  7. Snowbird

    Engine numbers

    I have two 1974 series3s ,one is good for restoration and the other is possibly too bad. One has an engine no.25603577B and the other is no.151004734 which I have trouble finding on any list of numbers. The first is a correct no. for a 1974 but what the heck is the second one from? Anyone know?
  8. Snowbird

    Series steering relay ??

    Great info as usual from this forum but can anyone tell me should I pack grease or anti seize around the outside of the relay before installing it into a new galvanized chassis?
  9. Snowbird

    Limited slip diffs

    Thanks for the info guys. Was going to use the worst one for spares but have found out that they are consecutive numbers even thought they came from 100 miles apart. So am going to restore them both!
  10. Snowbird

    Limited slip diffs

    Thanks Snagger, will do.
  11. Snowbird

    Limited slip diffs

    Have just bought 2 1974 land rovers SWB and one of them is fitted with a rear LSD. Perhaps fitted due to Canadian climate. Are they rover units or who made them?

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