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  1. chadler

    Is This Genuine? 300tdi oil filter housing

    What if it is both genuine AND made by Britpart?
  2. chadler

    2.5 na fuel pipes keep bursting !!

    Had exactly this with a brand new 2.5NA years ago- it was missing the rubber pipe clamps and the pipes kept fracturing.
  3. chadler

    Just a quick chassis repair 90 defender

    Do not fill it with waste oil! It'll drip on the road, creating danger for motorcyclists- it makes it horrible to work/weld in future and if you go off roading/wading you'll pollute watercourses.
  4. chadler

    Rapier missile trailer

    The trailers are long gone. Everything GKN/Sankey-based was replaced by penman trailers. Rapier as a missile system is due out of service in a couple of years as western has posted but the Rapier trailers were for the original towed launchers (Field Standard B) that went out of service over 15 years ago (replaced by the FS C model)
  5. chadler

    Headliner Fixings

    Thanks, my roof is an early externally ridged roof, no inner ribs so might need a bit of DIY I've got the defender parts manual here but can't see what the rear grab handles are anchored to?
  6. chadler

    Headliner Fixings

    Hi, I just bought a genuine defender headliner, front and rear, to install in my D reg 90. This vehicle originally only had a front headliner (I believe there was never an option for a rear headlining for van-bodied vehicles without alpine windows?). I'll be installing it without any of the other rear trim pieces window surrounds etc. Anyhow, my question relates to what fixings or brackets are needed to secure the headlining? The front section uses the rear view mirror and sun-visors but what about the rear? Above the rear door, newer defenders have twin grab handles that fix through the headlining, what are these attached to? Nut plates? Can these be bought as a separate part The two interior lights - do the backing plates with studs fix to the metal roof and have a role in retaining the headlining? Any advice, pictures and part numbers would be appreciated.
  7. chadler

    Heated screen and rust!

    That repair kit is for rear screen heaters with exposed elements, no use at all in fixing heated front screens with their integral elements unfortunately
  8. chadler

    Defender 50th anniversary Air Con Question

    The odd thing is that I have another defender to compare to, and all of the fixing screws on the wiper cover on the 50th are accessible, I've removed them all but it still won't come off. I think that the air con unit must have a screw that goes through into the wiper cover: can't see any though! (null)
  9. Hello, I have a 50th anniversary edition V8 90 and need to access the windscreen wiper motor in the dash to fix it, however the normal removal process often dash end trim is complicated by the air con fitment. Does anyone have experience or a diagram if how I can remove the wiper trim cover with this in place? Thanks (null)
  10. chadler

    How to distinguish rear hubs (drum brake type)

    Do you mean you've snapped one of the wheel studs? If so then why not just remove the hub, bash out the snapped stud and fit a new one or one from your replacement hub.
  11. chadler

    Steering column removal

    Yup, centre punch and drill them. You'll probably find that they come loose quickly once you start to drill and you can unscrew them by hand.
  12. chadler

    Heated front screen

    Where are people buying their screens from please?
  13. chadler

    Bulkhead Hole ID

    Front and rear washer tubes methinks
  14. chadler

    Chassis wows - need some help/advice

    I would look at it from the point of view of a post-incident perspective. If your vehicle should ever be involved in a serious accident and an inspection is carried out to assess contributing factors; then I think an IVA/SVA certificate to prove that it wasn't your radical alteration of the suspension that caused the accident would be a good thing.
  15. chadler

    Diesel Dipping - Testing VOSA

    For the sake of accuracy it is worth noting that it is not within VOSA's mandate to test for or to apply penalties for red diesel. That is the responsibility of HM Revenue & Customs. These two agencies will often operate joint check points, but they are looking for different things.

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