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  1. Naw, “bottle” maybe.... as when I was grinding that “thing” off, I was bottling it. 😂👍
  2. Nearside bushes were in a howler of a state. Bodge now gone, tricky to get in at it.
  3. One side off and no sign of any main reason for the weldy weld thingymajig. 😂
  4. As long as I don’t get the blame 😂👌 This was suggested again to be a twin damper mount....... I guess we’ll never know.
  5. Another suggestion from someone…… the hole that the radius bolt goes through has ovalised so instead of fixing that, they bodged it like this? 🤔
  6. It’s Ex MoD so I was thinking might be something to do with that. Yes it’s getting erased from existence for sure. Very weird though 😎
  7. Hi guys, fresh MOT on the Landy today. Had an advisory for the radius arms bushes. So parts are coming. Getting down to put the penetrating lube on the bolts and nuts I noticed this on my axle and it seems to be welded to the bolt of the radius arm on both sides of the axle in the same place (one at either end) 🤔 Has anyone ever seen this? I’m thinking to grind it off to get the impact on the nut. Just weird ……
  8. No not included with the truck, nothing showed on the Merlin site. Hence why I couldn’t search the asset numbers. Thanks again 👍
  9. @hurbie thanks, being a bit thick there. I got all the service and repairs reports done to the truck over it’s life time... 👌😏
  10. It doesn’t. Hoping someone can see the unit titles and break them down. (In the picture above)
  11. I was hoping to find the “unit title” details? I didn’t get this from the Merlin site.....
  12. Aye knew it was in Somalia. Still digging off the sandy cement from every corner of it 😂
  13. Sorry if it’s in the wrong section, feel free to move it. (You don’t get many answers in the other room) i gained the info from the MoD but not sure what it all means.....
  14. Having just replaced my 110 tank and sender unit I now have a fully functioning fuel gauge. previously mine would get to 3/4 full ad then Bob about like a SWR meter on a CB radio. Could be earth or a faulty sender. Good luck
  15. I’m looking to treat the 2.5na diesel to a new starter motor after a few issues. What one would you guys recommend? 😎👍
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