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  1. Is there such a part I can buy?

    Ok so all parts ordered. Steve B I think with the state of our roads the vibration has snapped it loose. Do you think a couple of rubber washers added to the set up would have helped?
  2. Is there such a part I can buy?

    The weld on bracket would work I think.... but I’ve no welder (need to speak nice to the mate) 🍺🍺 I’ve ordered nice shiny new brackets and bushes etc for the clamp. I’ll get the YRM bracket ordered too 👍
  3. Is there such a part I can buy?

    That looks a different set up to mine. My bracket looks like this with a U clamp round the exhaust so no rubber mount and my exhaust doesn’t have the bar welded to it 🤔
  4. Afternoon gents, ok after hearing a vibration when reversing up the drive yesterday, on inspection my rear crossmember exhaust bracket has snapped. Now looking online I can’t find a bracket the same so I’m wondering if this has been made up by previous owner? Is there such a part can buy and bolt back on?
  5. depressed top surfaces of Defender wings.

    I like the look of the smooth finished protectors too. Not sure about the cost of shipping but bearmach have these. https://bearmach.com/3mm-black-wing-top-protector-ba-113b-3p
  6. Heater Blower

    How did you get on? You’ll get it sorted with patience Platoon..... There’s a lot to learn about the Green Oval. No one knows it all, but this is the place to be for help. Before you changed the lamps on your dash, was it working ok?
  7. rubber gaskets

    https://simplybearings.co.uk/shop/All+Oil+Seals/c4747_5571/index.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1qiPiY7v2QIVxJEbCh0oaww2EAAYASAAEgKTd_D_BwE lots of seals made from rubber 🤓
  8. 110 brake calipers - rebuild or buy

    Holy moly you’re quick !!
  9. 110 brake calipers - rebuild or buy

    Colin I did my front calipers in August (I think). Replaced rather than refurbished. So far all is good. I went for bearmach. After a harsh scottish winter, they are still performing well. Still got the old genuine LR ones for when I get my workshop built and can pass some time with a beer and refurbish. I’m hoping the BM last many years. 🙏🏻
  10. Rear Corner Protection

    Could you not put the spare wheel on the rear door? 🤔 or is the weight the problem? Hence the swing away carrier.... tidy looking truck Scotts90. Has that ever seen the tarmac? 😂👍
  11. No pictures = did it really happen? 😂😂👍 well done, bet they were glad to see you!!
  12. A wee run out this morning......
  13. Wow hope all concerned are ok !! I’ve got a kayak 🤔🤔😂
  14. Oft !! I’m only building a 10ft x 10ft workshed. I was thinking a wee stove and chimney out the side. 😳🔥
  15. LRFE yes they generate their own power from the heat. (As you probs know) I would highly recommend them. The one on the right looking at the pic is from eBay £55 and the one on left is from Aldi £25. No difference in performance. Im building a workshop this year and am very tempted to fit a small stove in there to keep me toasty when the hail is giving it Laldy fae the heavens.