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  1. Brilliant thanks Ralph 👍😎
  2. Hi guys, after discovering one of my UJ’s need replaced on the rear prop shaft, I was looking for the talk through on it. But it’s gone? It takes you to a manual download page for scribo or something? Any idea where it is? Thanks
  3. Morning gang, the mate has discovered the usual oil leak and thought it was the crank seal, getting it all stripped down etc he’s noticed the cam seal is also in need of replacement. Is there a tech archive thread on how to do the cam seal and get the sprocket off etc? He’s said the manual mentions something about using two bolts but as usual the “book of lies” isn’t too clear. Thanks in advance 😊👍
  4. Resurrecting this thread as I reckon it’s a job I’ll need to do soon. Unfortunately I can’t see the OP pictures which would have made my head understand it that bit more. Does anyone have the original pictures or similar? I’ve got a fair idea of what’s involved bar one thing.... how to get the Transfer box separated from the gear box to allow access to the intermediate shaft? Or am I missing something?
  5. I’ll have a look through that Bowie thanks. I need the two Nonimouse, one with the threaded end for the chain. And the blank one. I’d be happy to pay postage.
  6. Thanks Ralph, good to know 😊👍
  7. Didn’t have the part number David so many thanks for that.... the search will resume after work tonight 😊👍
  8. I know my truck was Army fire service but not sure what other services. Can anyone shed some light on it from the list or are they all fire services? Good info that....
  9. Getting one for £50 delivered would be a tough ask I reckon. I’ll give them a call and see.... Richards surplus too have been good in the past..... fingers crossed or @vulcan bomber might be the savior 👍
  10. Good point Tanuki.... an hour of searching and still no joy. Had enough. I’ll ring them again tomorrow and see if they supply the pins 👍
  11. Just a thought..... does it need to be the pins or can you use heavy duty bolts? Mind you, one of the pins is threaded at the end to hold the locking chain.... hmmmm 🤔
  12. I’ll have a better search later, no answer when I rang the above number and I didn’t have time to wait about. thanks for the kind offer, I might take you up on it if I don’t find any tonight 😎👍
  13. I’d imagine there is reburb kits out there surely? Finally got round to seeing to the hitch. Was locked solid. Needless to say those pins took a beating to get out.
  14. Ok guys I’ve searched with no joy, can anyone shed some light on where to get new claw pins and circlips (or similar) numbers 10 and 12 on this diagram and clips are 9 and 13
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