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  1. Thanks Paddy I did see that thread a while ago and commented on it. Suppose it wasn't as bad as some have it. 👍
  2. All cleaned out with fresh diesel in it, running nicely..... 👍
  3. Wow !!! Just wow, the crud that's in this!! No element just a cone type metal plate that sits on top, I'll get a picture up asap 😳😳😳
  4. So there's no element in the sedimentor then? My book is showing no too. Just wanted to check
  5. Ok I'm getting round to doing the sedimentor today, the new one has no filter inside (like the fuel filter) is this correct? It's basically just an empty shell?
  6. New one waiting to go on 😊👍
  7. Ain't it the truth !! My plan today was to get my solar panel controller hooked up, that didn't take too long. Then I'll move onto my new shiny lift pump which arrived today already !! Then I spotted the wet patch..... by the end of all the effort put in trying to solve the problem, the day was gone. So jobs before my next adventure, brake cylinder replacement, like pump replacement, and sedimentor replacement..... 3 hours tops....... right?? 😂😂
  8. Very true Snagger, I'm glad I got this 110 (better not say defender) when I did !! I think I'm saving a truck that over time, will be serving me well for many years to come....... everything is crossed right now you understand 😂😄
  9. I'm smiling away as I'm typing this and thought I'd cheer you all up seeing this pop into the forum 😂😂 Went out to the Landy today as I had a few appointments cancel on me..... so I pulled forward down the drive, to discover...........a wet patch, where? You may wonder..... rear offside wheel. 🙄 So after further investigation, it's the bleed nipple drip dripping.... so, ah ha ! I thought, I have bleed nipples already ordered and in the shed. So I proceed to find them, get ready for the swap over of old for new...... took the old one out, (a bit wobbly) watched as the dot4 seaping out. Put the new one in, and low and behold, it wouldn't go in and the fookin thing is threaded in the cylinder. 😂😂 (it was threaded before I tried to put the new one in) who ever did the nipple before, must have cross threaded it and hoped for the best. So I ordered a new cylinder Delphi style. 👍😊 Landy's........
  10. John Richards surplus supplies phoned, confirms its the one I'm after with fuel lines going into the sides. It's on it way at £22.35
  11. I use 15w40 mineral oil.......
  12. I'll ring them tomorrow to see if it's actually that one I'll be getting.
  13. That's the one alright.... same here https://www.johnrichardssurplus.co.uk/diesel-fuel-lift-pump-563146.html