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  1. @steve b thanks ! Can relax (a bit) when on trips now. 😎
  2. https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-PRC2734P1 This did the job Mo and 30 amp relays were really just to renew the old ones.
  3. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner !! New ignition switch arrived, fitted it this afternoon. Everything all cleaned up. Boom result! Actually a good bit of difference in the starting up. Does seem a lot stronger now. A nice end to the problem. 3 new relays and an ignition “Lucas” switch = £38 Used the same barrel in the new switch so same key and all is good. 😎
  4. It states it for the Aussie Perentie but also the series models. Hmmmm. Might just try it.
  5. Hmmmm would this fit the switch I ordered from RB ? 🤔 https://www.lrparts.net/536913-land-rover-series-3-ignition-barrel-and-key-for-diesel-1968-1971.html
  6. Found this which puts me at ease more although I’ve not got the nice barrel with wings....
  7. Ok here’s hoping. Or maybe mine has the barrel (like in the doors) and it will slot into the new switch. 🙏🏻
  8. This is ALL I have..... Notice the key is in here. So the one I ordered is like this. I don’t have anything else. This attaches to a bracket that’s on the steering shaft.
  9. Thanks Ralph, good time there 😎 I’ve just thought of something else guys. I only have that ignition switch that in my pictures and my key goes directly into it to start it. I don’t have a locking barrel. I’ve ordered this from rimmerbros https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-PRC2734P1 Would this come with a key too? 🤔
  10. @steve200TDi yes I’ll make sure all are well cleaned and re crimp 😊👍
  11. @FridgeFreezer thanks for that info! Great help. I’ll leave the white wire off as you say, it might be just for something that’s not on mine 😎👍
  12. I think it’s the ignition barrel for sure. Took the glow plug wire off and did the push pull test on the actual terminal, it did exactly the same thing. Going to order a new barrel......... @western Ok Ralph the clock is ticking for a part number 😂😂 lol.
  13. Cleaned up the live feed wire. So this is what’s happening, hopefully you can hear the relay clicking on and off. When I push in ignition lights on and it would start ok. Let go or pull out slightly I lose everything. ignition switch ? The connections do seem tight enough. IMG_4395.MOV
  14. Another thing found, this white connection wire was off and there’s a space for it. Should it be connected? What is it for? I dislike electrics a lot !!
  15. Ok it’s actually brown and red if that makes a difference? Here’s all the connections on the back. They look ok?
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