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  1. DC_

    Sump Gasket removal

    Go easy with a chisel, I used a small razor blade and kept soaking the gasket that’s coming off in old oil to soften it. WD etc could be used as well I guess. Careful you don’t chip the metal 😊👍
  2. DC_

    2a sump plug

    Any luck? What are you using to get it off?
  3. DC_

    Best horn replacement

    Thanks guys, no relays please just a simple swap if it can be improved,... Ralph have you a link for the twin tone?
  4. DC_

    Best horn replacement

    Hi guys and gals, thankfully I’ve not had to post in a while 😊 just wondering if you guys have fitted a simple horn that’s better than the original as it’s become tired. I seen @Jocklandjohn mentioned a substitute a while back. Would like it a bit louder if possible but simple replacement. 😊👍
  5. DC_

    RRC Rear Prop Fitting

    As far as I can remember it’s ok to run it as two wheeled vehicle. Not 100% about the viscous though.
  6. DC_

    New heater in the 110

    The timer is ok but you have to set it day by day. The FB page is a real good source of info and they are getting more and more popular. Some are finding it hard to get a true 2kw as most are seemingly 5kw. You can tweak the setting if you get an LCD controller to adjust fuel and fan speed. Mines also has a remote control. So when I want the truck cosy I lean out the window and switch it on to heat up 😊👍
  7. DC_

    New heater in the 110

    @pete3000 hi bud, having the air intake inside for me personally makes for condensation. The parts for this heater are decently priced. Ebay is the best way it seems.there are loads of sellers but a few seem unreliable. I used blue005_de on there and didn’t have a problem. There’s a few claim to be registered in uk but probs are not. Just research what you feel is the best supplier. Avoid million.billion
  8. DC_

    New heater in the 110

  9. DC_

    New heater in the 110

    Alright lads, so I’ve been away for a couple of months from here after getting surgery on my back. Slowly getting back to fitness 🙏🏻 I’ve been researching the eberspacher/webasto copy heater made in China and decided to go for one. After many debates on the Facebook page for them, I decided on where to install it and how to safely. I can say that so far after trials of about 15 hours running, ITS AMAZING. I will be toasty during my winter camps that’s for sure. CO detector has also been installed. 👍 3E7C9F4B-BF63-4C13-8586-6C3305754285.MOV
  10. DC_

    footwell repair to do after MOT pick up

    Fantastic Ralph, all set for the winter hopefully. 😊👍
  11. DC_

    Winters coming

    Looking good platoon, have you noticed a difference in the heat in the cab? Did you source the kit from the eblag? And would you say it adds to sound proofing? 😎
  12. DC_

    84 Landrover 110 - Revamping

    Welcome to “thee” forum Dan. 👍 first of all, sounds like a tidy truck, pics would be great. Is there a reason apart from the look, that you want to add the bumper and winch? Reason I ask it’ll only add unwanted weight for that sweet 2.5na to carry. Depending on if you want new or used, eBay is a good place to start. I’m not sure you’re allowed to post in the “wanted” section as yet, I think you need to have a certain amount of posts first. CB I use thunderpole, they have always gave me a good service. Im sure there will be a few popping in to offer some sound advice.
  13. DC_

    footwell repair to do after MOT pick up

    I don’t know if it’s because I’m “up Norf” ..... but I’d slap a good few coats extra on it all..... with the amount of knowledge you have @western this is only a good thing for sure learning about the welds etc..... good job
  14. DC_

    footwell repair to do after MOT pick up

    It’ll be a proud moment when you’re back on the road Ralph 😊👍 I’ve only practiced welding once this year and it’s defo a confidence thing. The guidance from members here is great. Wonder if there’s a welding for beginners section here? 🤔
  15. Thanks guys for the input, seems like the culprit could well be the missing/poor clamps. I’ll get a set ordered along with decent pipes.

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