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  1. Easy option steam clean/jet wash. I didn’t have that option (well not really) but I went down the wire brush route. Yes it takes ages...... but I’d say it gives you better surface to paint. What are doing about the inside of the chassis?
  2. defender heater controls

    Mines does 3, not sure if that’s standard. 1st click is like it’s ready to go, 2nd click, low setting. 3rd click full. Just wondering if there’s something preventing it from the 3rd click?
  3. defender heater controls

    How many clicks?
  4. defender heater controls

    I’d also second westerns comment about the cable. Mines kept clicking off for no reason. Turned out the cable through the dash was too tight and needed pulled through a bit and resecured to the heater box
  5. The kit was from NK noiseproofing. Cut to size almost. I took my time (not like me) and made sure it was ok. I don’t think they are ever going to be exact but pretty close. Aye BogMonster it tried to bite me, but escaped just in time 😂👍
  6. Well I kinda treated myself and her indoors 😂 Took me all day and have a few corners to put adhesive on to secure it, but I noticed a difference. I might even be able to talk to a passenger without shouting !! 😂 Going to get mats too for another layer and hopefully that'll help more.
  7. LED light bars

    This is the mates.....
  8. LED light bars

    I've just removed my roofbar led bar lights. Was also thinking of a replacement. My mate has two smaller led lights on his bumper and cut a section of his grill out to sink them. Looks nice but I'm not sure I'd cut into the grill. Hmmmm decisions decisions.......
  9. Looks pretty tidy that thar !! 👍😊
  10. Would you say it will lift the wheel too? I've got RRC tailgait struts handy. Not sure if Nige uses them? 🤔
  11. This seems to be the main concern from what I've read elsewhere. People mentioning the possibility of bending the wing etc..... looking at those brackets though, they seem tougher than what I've seen so far.
  12. I've literally just watched that video before heading back out to work then seen your comment. 👍 It states on Xcess4x4 that it's not good for bonnet with spare tyre on it...... which mines has. Hmmmmm wonder if it would actually be ok?
  13. Inigo do you have a link or pics? That might be something I'd be interested in. Crwoody, having done some research on it, there is concerns about the bonnet latch fouling as it closes due to the struts pushing it more forwards, but this seems to be rectified by pointing the struts inwards so the bonnet is essentially getting pushed towards the hinges 😊
  14. Morning guys, been researching fitting a gas strut (or two) to help with the lifting of the bonnet. It's getting heavier I swear 🤔 So which brackets do you use or recommend if you've got them fitted? 😊👍
  15. MOT advisory, WATCH OUT !

    Ella I'm just glad I measured from ball to ball before taking them off....... note to anyone else doing this job 👍😊