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  1. Some landy po*n

    It's an Arb touring awning Reb78, very pleased with it. Used it about 6-7 times now. Better to get up with two people, but I was away myself last week for a night with "Maxi the Landy Dug" and managed to put it up and away on my own. ??
  2. Some landy po*n

    After the Scottish winter, we'll see if they stay shiny ??
  3. Some landy po*n

    Thanks Ralph ?
  4. Some landy po*n

    Haven't posted in a while but just thought I'd pop in without having a problem for once ?? New calipers, discs,pads,bearings, awning fitted properly this time. Tried to post pictures but Photobucket isn't playing ball ..... Have a good Sunday folks.....
  5. Thanks guys, been going "doo lally" all day..... the annoying thing is, I could have finished it all today.
  6. 1986, 110 front axle.... i don't think a front seal is needed. Is this correct?
  7. Ok guys, I'm finally losing it here ? Should I be fitting inner and outer hub seals? I've just scrolled through the forum and many other pages on tinternet. Some say inner and outer, some say inner only and spacer with locking nuts on outer....... The mate has just sent me this.....
  8. Oil leak/drips

    I've been working my way through oil leaks and finally managed to stop them, all but one from the transfer box. Could be working it's way down as tychoS said. Give it a clean as best you can, let it run and lay under it. See if you can spot the source, it might be working it's way round the bellhousing down to the area in your picture. Good luck !!
  9. Hub oil seal, which way?

    God I must have been tired alright, not only did I put the inner seal on wrong, but the outer too ?? thankfully I managed to go back in today. All is well ?
  10. Hub oil seal, which way?

    Hi Steve, yep the oil in the swivel was again almost non existent.... now has a full compliment of one shot in it. The hub seal also was coated in lovely new grease. ?
  11. Hub oil seal, which way?

    Not off-roading this truck at all unless I'm forced to, to find a good camp site when we're away in the glens. I'd rather do it properly though, ??
  12. Hub oil seal, which way?

    Lesson learned..... was knackered after working all day on it...... tiredness mostly and not thinking it through.
  13. Hub oil seal, which way?

    Another job to do then..... ?