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  1. Hi Steve, yep the oil in the swivel was again almost non existent.... now has a full compliment of one shot in it. The hub seal also was coated in lovely new grease. 😬
  2. Not off-roading this truck at all unless I'm forced to, to find a good camp site when we're away in the glens. I'd rather do it properly though, 😊👍
  3. Lesson learned..... was knackered after working all day on it...... tiredness mostly and not thinking it through.
  4. Another job to do then..... 🙄
  5. I think I've been sooooo lucky TSD, one of the bearings was slightly deformed and the "grease" was very....... well let's just say I'm not sure it was actually grease 😳😳 The "list" now includes all the other corners pronto...... was very wary of the brake pipe but it was minimal movement so all was good 😊👍
  6. Ok I've bitten the bullet and asking for advice, after watching a tutorial on the fitting of the wheel bearings, I noticed something about the way the hub oil seals should be fitted. FRC8222 and FTC4785. I'm not sure 100% mine are on the same way. How crucial is this?? Will I need to take everything back off again to make sure? 😔😔😔
  7. Oft !! I'm glad I got in when I did, no trips planned for a bit yet, so next weekend the other side gets done....... er...... er...... then the back ones by the look of these
  8. Just thought I'd share my LONG day with you all and feeling quite chuffed..... i think i got in here just in time....
  9. Anything more on this?
  10. Hope you have many happy drives and make more and more memories !! Happy retirement 👍😊
  11. I'm not familiar with the red seal? I could only find the ones mentioned on this thread. Comparing the "turners" seal to one off ebag, there did appear to be a quality difference. So far so good, I'm just back from a 1000km trip and no oil is leaking from the bellhousing so it's did a good job.
  12. Thanks Paddy I did see that thread a while ago and commented on it. Suppose it wasn't as bad as some have it. 👍
  13. All cleaned out with fresh diesel in it, running nicely..... 👍
  14. Wow !!! Just wow, the crud that's in this!! No element just a cone type metal plate that sits on top, I'll get a picture up asap 😳😳😳