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  1. rubber gaskets

    https://simplybearings.co.uk/shop/All+Oil+Seals/c4747_5571/index.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1qiPiY7v2QIVxJEbCh0oaww2EAAYASAAEgKTd_D_BwE lots of seals made from rubber 🤓
  2. 110 brake calipers - rebuild or buy

    Holy moly you’re quick !!
  3. 110 brake calipers - rebuild or buy

    Colin I did my front calipers in August (I think). Replaced rather than refurbished. So far all is good. I went for bearmach. After a harsh scottish winter, they are still performing well. Still got the old genuine LR ones for when I get my workshop built and can pass some time with a beer and refurbish. I’m hoping the BM last many years. 🙏🏻
  4. Rear Corner Protection

    Could you not put the spare wheel on the rear door? 🤔 or is the weight the problem? Hence the swing away carrier.... tidy looking truck Scotts90. Has that ever seen the tarmac? 😂👍
  5. No pictures = did it really happen? 😂😂👍 well done, bet they were glad to see you!!
  6. A wee run out this morning......
  7. Wow hope all concerned are ok !! I’ve got a kayak 🤔🤔😂
  8. Oft !! I’m only building a 10ft x 10ft workshed. I was thinking a wee stove and chimney out the side. 😳🔥
  9. LRFE yes they generate their own power from the heat. (As you probs know) I would highly recommend them. The one on the right looking at the pic is from eBay £55 and the one on left is from Aldi £25. No difference in performance. Im building a workshop this year and am very tempted to fit a small stove in there to keep me toasty when the hail is giving it Laldy fae the heavens.
  10. Another reason why I love this forum, there’s a nice vibe about the place, I’m sure you will get some soon. Even better when the Landy’s are in them 😊👍❄️ Stay safe all.......
  11. The wind is now biting cold taking the temp down to about -5 or lower. Quite refreshing really 😂😂❄️
  12. Never made it out in the Landy but the back decking has disappeared 😂❄️
  13. Ok so over the last couple of days the UK has received some snow, where’s all the pictures? We got 5-6 inches last night (oooo eeerrrr) so I’m heading out later for some safe fun. Lets be having them......😁❄️
  14. And brackets of course 😊👍
  15. Good day refurbishing the aerial columns in the sunshine.......