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  1. Think I’ve found it....... FTC2805
  2. Evening gang, ok the mate is now looking for rear brake discs for his Wolf 110. LRO18026 Say it’s for 2009 onwards..... What would be the part number he’s after? 😊👍
  3. DC_

    Wolf half shafts

    He did and they still sent him the wrong part 🙄 so hence why I’m on here asking the elite 😎
  4. DC_

    Wolf half shafts

    Aye Ralph page 288 on the pdf file gives the numbers of the parts too, great bit of info on there cheers Laddie.
  5. DC_

    Wolf half shafts

    The thing is, when he ordered it last week they sent that part number but they were too short. Used RRC ones for the time being and they fitted ok with sealed drive flanges... I think he’s ordered the £300 one !! 😱😱
  6. DC_

    Wolf half shafts

    They are defo not Salisbury. FTC4996 is the one he’s after, he got one on eBay..... said there was only one left..... thanks guys.
  7. DC_

    Wolf half shafts

    Ok Ralph, i will pass those on. He can’t find dimensions anywhere to make sure they are the proper ones. Says his are 683mm
  8. Morning gang, so my mate has bought an ex UN wolf 1997. He’s looking at replacing the halfshafts as they re clunking. Upon receiving the parts he discovered that they are too short. Could someone shed some light on part numbers for the shafts please? He came across the all in one shaft and drive flange but only wants the shafts. Thanks guys
  9. Mines is mounted on the bonnet, the only disadvantage is lifting the bonnet, it’s heavy, I’m currently getting things together to put gas struts on the bonnet to make it easier. The vision IMHO isn’t affected. ...... oh, and it looks mean 😎👍
  10. DC_

    Door Hinges

    I put them straight on out the wrapper... didn’t have to do a thing to them 😎
  11. Wow Stephen that’s very kind indeed.
  12. I seen these too....
  13. https://www.sentinel-laboratories.com/products/67-625-shieldskin-orange-nitrile-300-gloves-single-box?variant=12263194460261 or these ?
  14. Evening Gang.... So my nitrile gloves are running out, I’ve been using these. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F201617478179 Anyone got a better one? I used Edd China grease junkie ones before which were good. But expensive....
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