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  1. Thanks Ralph just wanted to double check. I’ve got it in my head to use same oil as what your joining together. 😎👍
  2. Got the part number off the actual shaft but it may be superceded by now.
  3. Afternoon, I’m in the middle (nearly finished hopefully) of repacking seals, O ring and gaskets on my LT230 transfer box. About ready to put it back in and wondered, do you put grease on the gearbox shaft (FRC5305) into the transfer box or does the EP90 gear oil do the job?
  4. Thanks Ralph, hope yer ok down there 👍
  5. Hi guys, looking to make sure I order the correct seal. I’m taking off the transfer box from the gearbox and I suspect the seal on the LT77 needs replacing. Part number for genuine would be much appreciated. 👍
  6. Thanks for the responses guys. I may try the seal to start with to see the outcome. If it goes again, then I’ll look into a proper refurbished box. It’s bone dry everywhere else and has been good in the years I’ve had the truck. Don't suppose there’s a good write up in the tech archives?
  7. I’ll do a bit more research, it’s only a slight weep right now. Am I correct in thinking it’s an O ring failure?
  8. Hi guys, just returned from my second camp to find the steering box is weeping at the bottom seal. What’s your thoughts? Easy enough to repair the seal or better to go for a good known box Replacement? 👍
  9. Thanks for the info boys, something to look into for sure. Is there a massive difference with the R380 in place?
  10. I did type LT230 Ralph but the blooming auto correct changed it 🙄 Be interested to know costs 🤔
  11. Thanks for the details @reb78 appreciate it. My box has always been smooth and I do change the ATF regularly (probs more than needed). I’m not allowed back to work yet so have another couple of weeks free. I might as well drop the RT230 transfer and have a look. It seems like a mix of EP90 and ATF to be honest. I laughed today when I was sniffing the oil. For me ATF smells like strong B.O. 😂 Would a stubby R380 fit a 2.5na and RT230 tranny? 🤔
  12. Resurrecting this thread....... did you manage to source the trouble of the leak @reb78 ? I seem to have a slight ATF leak very similar to yours
  13. Check also your belt that drives the water pump, if it’s very loose it could cause it to overheat.
  14. New flange went in last year around October I think so it’s pretty new and not a lot of miles done. Seems all good now, sorry Mutley for the hi-jack. I managed to seat the seal just inside the casing so it was “hanging” on sort of speak. Then slipped the flange on, felt washer, heavy duty washer and then nut. Slowly tightened up the nut and it pushed the seal in nicely. All tightened up and seems good. When lock down is over 🙏🏻 The next camping trip should be a good test for it.
  15. Yes I remembered the wee felt washer, also soaked it in oil before fitting. Thinking about this overnight etc, I originally thought it should be pushed right against the bearing but then if I did that, it might be in too far and not seal against the flange properly? Allowing the oil to flow over the bearing and escape. Hmmmmm 🤔
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