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  1. Not sure if anyone is using the same Clarke cabinet, but Ifound the problems could be fixed with a new lid, two mini halogen floods, replacable woodburning stove laminated glass window, massive filter panel and increaced internal volume. 10 years later still going strong. I use a henry hoover with mine. https://www.mig-welding.co.uk/forum/threads/small-clarke-blast-cabinet-improvement.20261/
  2. In’t It just the 300tdi pump that can unscrew to access the gauze? Nonetheless, After changing the filter and draining out about 20 litres of amber coloured diesel & refilling with fresh it seems to have done the trick! Hopefully can keep a more social idle RPM next. Thanks for the suggestions.
  3. Lovely - thanks for the advice. I’ll look into those and see how it goes before ditching the fuel. Didnkt know the delphi pump had another level of filtering so I’ll have a look there too.
  4. Thanks for that Steve. I didn’t know fuel could degrade that quickly. from the RAC website ‘As for diesel, it can remain usable for between six and 12 months before becoming ‘gummy’ which, if used, can clog up filters and cause you issues with your engine.’ Anyone know what can done with half a tank of diesel? I presume the local tip doesn’t want it?! And if I do drain it on the driveway, how many litres of jerrycan fuel is needed to get running again - I’m guessing a good 20litres...? Filters first i guess.... lift pump, timing, hoses all to look at.
  5. Hi. My 90 (with 200tdi disco conversion) has developed a stalling issue having run well for years. It still starts on first turn, runs well, boosts well and even idles nicely - generally seems happy in all respects. Drives well but when allowed to drop from driving rpm to an idle it stalls. It does very few miles each year at the moment (last year managed a grand total of 35miles). Filters haven't been changed for a few years and no doubt fuel is years old too but due to low mileage it hasn't been a priority. Full filter set now on their way. I've adjusted the idle screw
  6. nothing to see here! sorry.
  7. As my 90 approaches the end of its restoration I'm now finishing off a few bits I've been wanting for a while such as NAS style 3rd brake light and dashboard console. I know there are a lot of options already out there and I did a lot of research on here before starting on this project but I'm finally done with it. Not to everyone's taste but as a soft top I wanted to hear the radio and didn't have a whole lot of options for speaker placement. This one has two 6x9s mounted on the top - sound bouncing back off the windscreen! space for far too many switches and replaceable fascia panels fo
  8. Have fun.... it was x16 spots when I did mine. lots of photos on my site but this one just about shows typical locations. Bulkhead foot spot welds Bulkhead rebuild if I remember correctly, once the spotwelds are all removed it just fell away... but I did have footwell out at the time..
  9. ' this was a promotional code for a limited time that ran from December 2018 - January 20, 2019. It is no longer valid. ' That is a shame..... https://forum.solidworks.com/thread/228354
  10. I have a Nedermann retractable reel. Not hugely long but have x2 hoses to link up when the need arises. theyre expensive but truly a top bit of kit. No leaks in the x12 years I’ve had it fitted. Bought mine new surplus stock on eBay for a very reasonable price. Internal bore is 10mm throughout which is a bonus.
  11. I have the wixey 365 and the Moore and wright 9" level. both do a sound job. M&W feels a bit cheap & plasticcy and only gets used in preferance the the wixey when I need a longer edge.
  12. Another vote for dronco slitting discs. Garryson are my preferred choice for flap discs.
  13. Ive got the blue / black one. Very happy with it.
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