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  1. Does anyone have the size of the output shaft, I measured it at 37.26mm with it still on the vehicle and not easy to get the callipers in. Thanks Richard
  2. I had looked at baseless for the gearbox removal as you say, but although I have a good size shed it doesn’t have enough height. I’ve worked out it should be possible to remove a gearbox with the base plate not causing too much trouble, if I’ve got my measurements correct.
  3. So after starting this thread over two years ago I have finally bit the bullet and ordered a two post lift, even though I originally said I would prefer a four post. Two days on my knees doing ball joints on Discovery td5 persuaded me I was too near pension age to repeat that scenario with the other side. The knees are perhaps worse than the ball joints were, I’ve gone with a 5.5 tonne one from Garage Equipment Online after researching nearly every manufacturer available. The problem now is where to put it so as not to loose too much shed space.
  4. Thanks for that I will see if any of the suppliers could do one converted allready as where I live could be a problem getting a suitable electrician to come out at a reasonable cost.
  5. Unless I can find a single phase I will have to researh a phase converter.
  6. Just found one on ebay D and H equipment £1600, only problem for me is a lot are three phase.
  7. I have decided to go for a four post once my Discovery gets a new gearbox so I can collect. If you look on ebay a few buisnesses advertise lifts with new cables one even had a test certificate. I am intending to go for a Bradbury four ton with wheel free bars and a jack.
  8. Never thought about securing body to roof of building, Woul it be safe to lift a body with something through windows, I am thinking 110,Discovery 2, P38?, or would door tops crush.
  9. Thanks for all the input, last night I was all set on a two post, after reading todays posts I am just not sure. I am lucky to have a loadall that I could lift a body off with, if it would work. It does concern me about the vehicle being up in the air mounted on a central point, then is my concrete up to it, I laid it and know its 6 inch thick but the 2 post does not have a big footprint on the floor. They both have their own advantages, I will just have to make my mind up.
  10. Any recomendations as to manufacturer of two post, been trawling net and you can go from £1100 to £5000, I will avoid the cheaper ones I think, but most seem to conform to CE regs. Makes such as Peak Dama and Werther seem to be ok, I supose its a case of speaking to a few suppliers to question them. I like the Peak A255 but suppose they are all very similar, are symetrical arms better than others.
  11. Well everything certanly points to a two post being easier to use for access etc, I put the floor down myself so I know its 6 inch thick , but I will go for one with the supports for extra safety. I might wait to replace gearbox once I have the lift, not even ordered gearbox yet so no rush.
  12. I am in the process of changing a P38 diesel tank on the floor and that is no fun at all, I also have a gearbox to swap in a Discovery TD5, two jobs that would go a lot easier with the vehicle in the air. The two post does give better access, the only problem being the P38 does not like its axles hanging down, a strap to keep them from droping would work. I think a two post is the way to go and will have a search for one.
  13. High, I am thinking to get a lift as scrabling about on the floor becomes harder with age, I like the fact that a two post can be used to remove a body complete but wonder if a four post is safer with the land rover six feet in the air, am I being silly?, as they will be designed to be safe. Both types have good and bad points.
  14. No reply from North Off Road, and decided in the end to by an 88 inch tomcat to AlRC spec, a lot cheaper than starting to build or modify my 90, and V8 instead of TD5. Going to get 90 through test and sell, now to join ALRC club in scotland and ut looking forwards to it.bget some competition experiance, I live in Orkney so got a long way to travel. Thanks for replies.
  15. Contacted NOR by facebook no reply as yet but allready decided to get 90 sorted for mot, not been tested for 5 years and sell to fund something allready built. Thanks for replies, Richard.
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