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  1. Ouch, Just looked at the Heatshot site.... They must be joking £250...yeh right
  2. Jabber, Sounds just the ticket. Have you done this modification yourself? Have you got any photos etc of work so that I can see what needs to be done. I'm assuming that once the normal twin screen jet is remove the hole can be plugged! You purchase another double screen was jet. These then are fitted via the LHD wiper spindle holes. Then its a case of splitting the fluid supply hose with a 'T' piece. Is this about right?
  3. Dear all, OK, starting to get stuff sorted for the road trip up into the Highland of Scotland and hopefully later in the year possibly next. Ditched the idea of long range tanks, just going with jerry cans, one full on the roof with a couple of spares just in case.. Thanks for the advice everyone. So now its down to doing prepartion work, doing bits n pieces. As we all know the front washers are about as powerful as a mouse peeing on the screen. How do I add heated waser jets and/or washer blades where there is a tube or series of jets attached to the blades? OK I can purchase a pair of b
  4. Hi, WOW, thanks for the advice. About servicing, thats done well before the Land Rover service schedule so it's not down to that. Having been in the motor industry working at dealers etc it got ingrained to have a service done well in time and especially on anything with a turbo. I saw too many vehicles that went without services get ruined. Been down the route of carrying empty and full jerry cans. Like I said earlier, Yes I have a Hannibal roof rack and can easily carry jerry cans aloft but I'll be with 2 children and at the time would be 12 and 8, so I'de need to do the lifting of them a
  5. If I’m lucky about the same as V8 Freak. Average 250 - 300 to a tank. Average fill about 45 - 50lt I've looked at other systems. Some go inside and sit on the wheel tubs, well that would be no good given it’s an XS with inward facing seats... I've also looked at others that are located inside the rear wheel arch. I can't see the sense in that because anything other than bumpy roads and you're stuffed for wheel travel. The Safari-Equip ones fit under the floor between the chassis rails if I'm correct. If I do decide to be a wee bit adventurous they could be plated over for protection or simi
  6. Dear all, Sorry but it's been absolute yonks since I've been on here. I've moved back from the Channel Islands (no they aren’t tax havens and no I aint a millionaire) to Scotland (no it aint cold either). Mileage on my 2004 Defender TD5 90 XS will start to go up. That I'm not bothered about but the fuel consumption is. Not being a recent lottery winner, a member of the Royal family or for that matter a member of any other extremely rich family, I need to watch how much fuel is being used. I've thought about just carrying 3 - 4 20lt jerry cans but insurance companies are now very twitchy abo
  7. Dear Oakmaster, Why have you got it? Did you say yes to having one fitted when to renewed your insurance? If you said yes, then you have to fit it because you most probably received a discount because you agreed to use it. If you did and dont fit it, FRAUD. Nick, Nick etc. If its a Roadhawk camera, these are excellent. From knowledge most Police services nationwide use them in their responce vehicles and have excellent HD quality, hence they use them and are that good they use the digital images captured as evidence in court. If you are using one they are good and bad. It will capture
  8. Dear FridgeFreezer, Read and inwardly digested. Thank you. No additives it is. Cheers landypc
  9. Opps, Sorry for the typo people that should read ADDITIVES. Stumps for fingers sorry.
  10. Dear all, Getting ready for servicing. Some people are recommending the use of oil additives for engine, gearbox, transfer box and axles. In the past (in my boy racer years) I used Slick 50 and it seemed to work well. Surfing as we do these days, I'm reading good and bad for the Td5 engine but nothing with regard to the gearbox, transfer box and axles. Does anyone use Slick 50? What’s the verdict? Good or bad. The reason for asking. No noise from engine, thankfully but getting a noise either from the gearbox, transfer box or axles. I can understand not using it for the engine because of small
  11. Dear all, I have recently posted an idea via the modified section about shortening the steering column in an attempt to obtain a better driving position and gain extra room. However looking at it more practically I have seen an easier route but cant find what I'm looking for anywhere. Vehicle 2004 Defender TD5 90 XS. Owned from new. :D First of all, I have already changed the Route Master sized standard leather steering wheel for a smaller leather one. I have a 36 spline steering column/shaft. All the boss kits for these types of after market steering wheel have a boss that is 2 plu
  12. Dear all, I posted this in the modified section because of the potential engineers looking in. I’m trying to think of a way to de-clutter and make more room for myself and the defender driver as a whole. There appears to be a large amount of space behind the steering wheel. Even if you change your steering wheel for a smaller one you end up with a stupidly deep boss and your hands still up under your chin. It would appear that somewhere between 2 - 4 inches of extra space could be gained and more if it were possible to make a shallower boss. This is what I was thinking of. 1. Is the steering
  13. Dear all, I’m in the process of doing minor repairs/fixes over the winter on my 2004/05 TD XS 90. For some time I’ve been meaning to replaced the outer covers on the sliding window catch on both sides. These were replaced before under warranty some time ago by the local Land Rover dealer. I’ve obtained 2 covers with new gaskets. I cannot for the love of god see how you get to the securing screws. Has anyone ever replaced them? Cheers landypc
  14. Dear gomotomoto, I found this some time ago. http://lrparts.ru/engl/ This can be used for all Land Rovers except series It takes a bit of getting used to especially if you want to look at other areas. Find your model year range on the left, click on it and make your way through the myriad of sections to locate what you want. Make sure you have your chassis number at hand and you should be able to find everything you need. Are the relays you want under the drivers seat or in the dash? landypc
  15. Dear all, Sorted. Just goes to show how much wear occurs over 2,000 miles. Low brake fluid level. next step check pads all round to make sure they are OK. Thank for all your help. This is what this forum is all about. Cheers
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