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  1. BFG M/T's or Cooper STT's? Any experiences with either, good or bad. Had old type BFG'S before but not the new ones & know nothing about the Coopers. Any help appreciated! 👍
  2. Thanks for the replies. Is there a best one to go for? Are Terrafifma ones OK? Cheers!
  3. Hi all! What's everyone's opinion on fitting wheel spacers. Should I, shouldn't I? Safe or not? Cheers!
  4. Hi all! I was wondering if somebody can give me advise on my suspension. I have a td5 Defender that is sitting higher at the front. When I got it it had a brand new front bumper. My thinking is it had a winch before so possibly has heavy duty front springs, making the front higher now. My options are a new set of standard or 2" lift. How important is it to go cranked radius Arms with a 2" lift, can I get away without them? Thanks for any advise!
  5. Hi scatt, did it cost much to get the system turned off?
  6. Hi tiagoc no affraid not,tried that 1st & still approx 1/2" of play. Have now taken off the front rails from the bases & glued & screwed new wider & deeper rails that fit the mounts.Thanks,Terry.
  7. Hi all, Sorry, but i'm after some of your knowledge again. I recently posted (http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=68057) about fitting the seats into my Series 3 that i aquired in bits with approx 10% of them bits missing. I have since fitted the seat backs but the bases are still a problem. I have enclosed a pic of what i have put together by looking at the parts manual,but am not sure if i have the little L shaped brackets at the front,the right way around, or if i have any bits missing. The bases have a wooden rail running across them, but by the time it hits the L brackets the base is too far forward. Any help would be much appreciated as it's only this & seatbelts stopping it going for it's 1st MOT since 1993 (garaged). Cheers, Terry.
  8. whilst it's taking up the slack in the drive train!!!
  9. I wanted to do this to mine but I think 3 point belts are required after 1967 i beleive. Terry.
  10. Thanks Gazzar, Just checked & the hole in the seat back is threaded for a 10mm bolt, so i guess with a couple of washers thats the back sorted but the base seems to sit on top of the rails & not in between, although there are small L brackets at the front of the inner rails. Any ideas? Cheers, Terry. Forgot to say,they are not the standard seats but what i think are refered to as Deluxe.
  11. Thanks Mr Bean, at least i know i am missing something. Cheers, Terry.
  12. tbeagley

    Series 3

    Nice, looks just like mine. Cheers, Terry.
  13. tbeagley

    Series 3

    Where have all the pics gone? Cheers, Terry.
  14. Hi all! Having aquired a series 3, 2.25 petrol in full stripped down kit form that has been garaged since 1994, i now know i am a few bits missing. I have it mostly rebuilt & running, but on coming to fitting the seats i think i am missing some bits/brackets. I have the long brackets that bolt to the seat box(see pic) but i think there should be something between it & the seat. Also i have nothing to secure the seat bases, any ideas? Can anybody help with whats missing & would anybody have any going spare? Its only the seats & seatbelts stopping me from taking it for an MOT & would love to get it back on the road, so i can take the old guy (78) who gave it to me, for a run. Any help would be much apreciated, Cheers, Terry.
  15. Thanks Les, siezed clutch slave it was, Cheers, Terry.
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