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  1. I replaced mine with a set of Airhorns mounted in the void behind the headlamp. Slightly louder than the original horn, & in place less likely to get covered in sh-one-t!
  2. That's main reason for changing it. When I bought the vehicle, the tank had been changed, & they fitted the wrong return pipe. This caused no end of problems over the years. The mount for the sender is cream-crackered because the sender has been removed too many times.
  3. I'm actually grateful for a reply. Thought I might've caught something! Jeff, I know the feeling. Touring Europe on the "half a tank" principle, tended to shred the nerves. Then the Alternator packed in!
  4. A quick question for all the Learned sages on the forum. My 1994 110 Station Wagon is in need of a new Fuel tank. So, where is the best place to source one from? (& No, I don't want a certain brand!)
  5. Just look after it. Regular oil/Filter changes. Start up smoke can be due to not letting the glowplugs warm up enough. As People say, it's a Marmite engine. I didn't have any problems with mine
  6. As has just been said "Get some paint on it" & also consider it wont be too long before you need consider a replacement. T-Shirt, etc This was mine about 2 years after I'd done a similar patch. That's a MIB Heavy Duty one going on.
  7. I can second that! Great Guys, & great product
  8. Does anyone know the part number for the Heated Fuel Filter fitted to the 300tdi Defender?
  9. Just to conclude this thread, it turned out to be the Fuel Injection Pump. Wallet is still smarting It only took new fuel lines, 2 lift pumps, 3 filters to find
  10. I don't! Some Bu**er pinched that one!
  11. I thought I might be right! I did own one Complete with vents
  12. I think 1988 was the last year of the Outer ribbed roof, so 1989 Model year.
  13. I use bungees, ratchet straps, plus a wire cycle lock.
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