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  1. lincsoldbird

    bio diesel

    Has anybody run a 2008 freelander 2 on bio?
  2. lincsoldbird

    P38 diesel needle sensor

    Hi does anyone know the difference between the early one and the later one apart from the plug? Thanks Paul
  3. lincsoldbird

    P38D loss of power

    Still can.t solve the problem now it starts but will not run. It is showing no engine faults on a Lynx fault reader. Got to get it fixed its to good to scrap. On the up side anyone with a P38 in the Boston area of Lincs who needs faults reading PM me.
  4. lincsoldbird

    P38D loss of power

    As any one had number 4 injector senser go down? and what was the effect?
  5. lincsoldbird

    P38D loss of power

    It pulls away in first and goes thru second and into third very slowly. It will not rev to 3250 in drive. Does the turbo have any effect below 2000 rpm?
  6. lincsoldbird

    P38D loss of power

    It will not go fast enough to get up into 4 gear and no it will not rev over 3250 at all. Code reader arrived but will not talk to the car so thats going back. Why do cars need electronics?, my tractor stands all winter and always starts in spring.
  7. lincsoldbird

    P38D loss of power

    I have tried all above with no results, seems to have gone in to limp mode, so have sent for a code reader. Will let you know the outcome when it arrives.
  8. lincsoldbird

    P38D loss of power

    diesel and auto
  9. lincsoldbird

    P38D loss of power

    Does any body know why my 2000 P38 has loss power and will not rev over 3250? I have changed the fuel filter. No lights on the dash. Starts and ticks over fine.
  10. lincsoldbird

    removing disco 1 body

    Put a range rover body on a disco chassie in a weekend using a fork truck and a gantry not a bad job.Just go for it and take care when lifting.
  11. lincsoldbird

    P38 turbo

    Was looking for a new one or a good reconed one.
  12. lincsoldbird

    P38 turbo

    only one as a turbo, the BMW 2.5 Diesel
  13. lincsoldbird

    P38 turbo

    Hi anyone know where I can get a good turbo from?. Paul
  14. lincsoldbird

    gutless disco 300tdi on hills

    When mine did this it was fuel starvation and needed a new fuel pump.
  15. lincsoldbird

    Grease seeping from both swivels on my 94 RRC

    Stops the axles rusting

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