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  1. Quick Q -electrical connectors/crimps

    It really wouldn’t surprise me if they all came from the same factory in China. Those are exactly the same as my CK crimpers which cost a lot more there is a smaller set for doing ferruls which would be handy for wiring loom stuff. They did a good job on my injector loom
  2. Aftermarket door hinges

    It seems that Brit car are referring to newer aftermarket parts now. Bit the bullet and just bought some alloy ones.....atleast I know these ones are made in England. Thanks for the help
  3. Aftermarket door hinges

    Were they a lot? All the listings I’ve seen for genuine look suspicious and vendors are becoming more and more slippery
  4. Aftermarket door hinges

    Anyone had any luck with them? I have 2 sets, bearmach and Britpart. They are the same hinge, only one goes through a silver plating prosess the other, gold. both are poop so I’m looking for another set of hinges before I resort to spending £££ on aluminium ones. Genuine are fine but I can’t find anywhere selling a genuine hinge. closest I can find are these, but as they’re listed as “aftermarket” on the manufacturer listing on eBay I would suspect they come in a blue box, I wish to avoid that. Anyone have any advice? Good or bad reviews? ta
  5. CV joint failure

    After speaking to a few well known vendors about raptor4x4, they have all said pretty much the same thing: Raptor4x4 price **** like gold. the guy is very vocal on Facebook but doesn’t give any technical info other than what is in the brochure given to him by the Chinese he bought that carp from.
  6. Rear diff

    If that is the case are you sure the ujs are ok?
  7. Mog 404 axles

    Your going to struggle with the long diffs/pinion conversion with that short wheel base but I’ve seen it done. There used to be a lightweight on Volvo axles floating about which was probibly one of the best looking challenge trucks I’ve ever seen. Best of luck, I envy you as for the front axle, remove the front diff and flip the crown wheel over to reverse the drive. Then run the front axle upside down to revert the drive the correct way, this negates cutting and shutting an axle casing and having a custom shaft made. 100% tried and tested and probably the best and most cost effective way of doing it. The rest is pretty straight forward. When removing the diffs you need to engage the difflock,pull the shafts, rotate the diff(I forget which way) and wiggle it out, it won’t come out straight. Some people have made really nice difflock actuators using air but the most simple I’ve seen was using a series 2 master cylinder to push a slave. He said it cost him about £45 per axle. i have 2 unimog 404 diffs with the lockers aswell as wheels, tyres and drum brake parts for sale if your interested in spares. Its going to be a nice project, keep us updated
  8. Bang some ODI long neck grips on those bars søren, your co driver will love you for it and they're dirt cheap
  9. Wago connectors

    Ive used wago 222 in my MS build. Only where they will stay dry but they work well
  10. Chang of engine on v5

    Yeah they are useless at times. But touch wood, they have never really messed me about that bad. This was my biggest problem
  11. Chang of engine on v5

    Update although I hadn’t received word from the dvla yet I decided to do a vehicle check on their site.... looks like its all gone ahead ok! I enclosed a receipt for engine purchase, photos of corisponding engine number, photos of the engine in the truck and a cover letter explaining what had been done which included terms like “new genuine parts” and “factory defender parts” happy days!
  12. TRX4 RC Anyone got one

    Go through the manual and see about reprogramming the controller. I think my mates did that a few times. Also if he presses the button the esc for the wrong amount of time it will enter some sort of program mode which stops things like servos from receiving
  13. Defender V8 conversion

    I used a disco r380 gearbox with my lt77 floor....it’s tight but fits start to finish build thread 200tdi to 3.9v8
  14. TRX4 RC Anyone got one

    My mate bought one, it’s teally good if your into that sort of thing but IMO it’s not worth the price. We bought some ftx outlaws together which were £130 each and they are faster and keep up with the trx4 offroad when we locked the rear diff up(free mod). they are technically impressive though, hi-lo selectable from the remote as are the difflocks and the portal axles are a nice touch.....it even handles like a landrover when you get it going lol
  15. Rear chassis cross member replacement - from where?

    I have a Dixon fab one. really good price, little tricky to fit but 6mm construction and everything is properly lasercut and bent. The only thing is the lead time.... unless he has them in stock there will be a bit of a wait. I waited 2 months for mine when he was busy