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  1. 3.5 v8 8.13:1 compression test

    Steer clear of RPI (rip off pisstaking idiots) very good salesman but known for selling stuff you do not need at an inflated price, that said, the website is a pretty good source of info. hadnt even thought of vacuum leaks, spray a little wd40 around the inlet/carbs/manifold while the engine is running. You’ll soon find the leak if there is one
  2. 3.5 v8 8.13:1 compression test

    You are quite right, a comp gasket will lower the CR a little but is worth it IMO. As for the spluttering and cutting out, have you set the mixture and timing properly? I’ve had Rough idle when cold because of a blocked vacuum pipe from the dizzy before. Does it run for longer with the choke out?
  3. LED headlights

    Really like mine. Not done many road miles tbh but the novelty of being able to see at night does not wear off. Also, the bowls do not fill up with crud when off roaring which was a massive plus for me.
  4. exhaust flanges

    Diddnt have any issues with misalignment
  5. exhaust flanges

    V bands. I have them on mine and love them.
  6. Sailbury diff ring and pinion swap 110/SIII ?????

    They are 4.7 ratio on the leaf sprung and the carriers are different I will have some 3.54 r&p for sale soon if your that worried
  7. I can’t get over the the speed you work at! Top job sir, Looks good.
  8. Salisbury atb advice

    a detroit locker would be even easier and less problematic to fit aslong as your existing bearings are in good condition. I don’t even notice mine
  9. Salisbury atb advice

    bearings for the Salisbury are a short google/eBay search away. I recently bought a few bearing kits for £70 each, all 4 bearings, crush tube, new seals, gasket and pinion nut. If your fitting an Atb you’ll need a press and pullers to do the job as you’ll need to get the shims from the old carrier. There are a few guys here that are more knowledgable than I about it, I’m sure they’ll be along soon...
  10. Why build? P38 front axle upside down on the rear. Done. once apon a time we were going to build a trailer with rear steer this way and have a hydro ram on each axle plumbed together, the front ram reacting off of the steering box and acting like a pump to push the rear ram. Not a full 1:1 ratio and we were working on a way to lock it out but it seemed doable for not big dolla just think, the chassis would have been thicker 20years ago lol
  11. Yes sorry, winch.
  12. Where did the inch go?
  13. Driver member upgrade to heavy-duty?

    There is a seal on the stub axle that seals the hub from the axle tube.....get rid of it. as far as I know there are only 2 types of flange, thick and thin so aslong as you get the matching one you’ll be ok
  14. Driver member upgrade to heavy-duty?

    The hd flanges also have the screw on caps which is a big plus if you do a lot of offroading