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  1. I have the standard cast manifolds, some sort of tubular down pipe/de cat pipe. Rrc Y-section and the rest is 2" stainless with a 12" resonator box at the back. I should point out that 2 manifold studs had snapped in this video so it sounds a bit poo but it's loud. If it's a daily drive I wouldn't recommend ditching the middle box https://youtu.be/4aMwjfLh0OU
  2. You basically have what I have. It is loud but bareable but I think it would be too much with out some sort of silencer somewhere.
  3. If you are going to undertake something like that it's not a bad idea to get a welder and learn. MIGs are inexpensive these days and the ammount of tutorial videos on YouTube will get you going in no time. The money spent paying someone to do it will easily out weigh the cost of learning and doing it your self.Aside from that Landrovers are a massive mechano kit so you'll learn quickly. Enjoy
  4. Yeah ian is pretty good, I have his sliders and just fitted one of his cross members. Also uk made
  5. Making something fit that was never meant to be there will always cost you. I've not driven a gems top end v8 in anger so can't really compare the two but mine happily keeps up with tuned td5s for a fraction of the cost so I'm happy with that.
  6. Terrafirma bought the rights to a lot of southdowns stuff. Try looking in that direction. Aside from that I have some dixonfab stuff on mine which is ok and priced very well
  7. What's the PayPal address? I have also sent a pm to no avail
  8. yeah I haunt the lakenheath/ mildenhall area so we're not to far from each other. I'm striving to get mine done for the EAOR event next month, if your going your welcome to come have a look
  9. The engine was a standard 3.9 serp yes. Everything more or less just bolts on. There is a full build thread on the members vehicle forum of mine. any questions feel free to ask EDIT: ive just seen you are in Norfolk, where abouts? I haunt the land from time to time so may be able to help
  10. I'm not sure it's the prettiest thing ever but when the bonnets open I'm rarely in the mood to admire it or say nice things.
  11. Just putting mine back together now. I can't compare against gems but I can say there is enough torque at the bottom to spin 33" 12.50 bfgs tyres and my rear Salisbury short shaft is beginning to twist a little. I'm fitting a crower 229 cam which allegedly puts 20bhp across the rev range and increases low end torque considerably Nige sells a thermostat housing for thor you need the Thor rocker covers as well to do it properly as it used a different set of breathers The throttle body being where it is has made it difficult to mount an air box in a sensible place but you can get around that thor throttle cable will fit but you need to mod the throttle pedal or buy a small cable clevis buy a TD5 washer bottle Make sure you get the hose fitting to the fuel rail when you buy the manifold its a fairly simple conversion if your using MS to install it.
  12. I wish they had that a few years ago, I bought mine a 50cc quad to get her into 4 wheels, it worked but now she's really into it i my scares the carp out of me every time she goes on it
  13. My fat angry fingers got the better of me lol