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  1. The measure of a good company is not always how cheap they are, island 4x4 demonstrate that perfectly.
  2. I don't think you should cut them but you can see how much spare spline you have if you were to cut them. Like you say, keep it cold and keep it square as for them twisting.....you have plenty of life left in it, these are mine and are still not broken
  3. good choice on laptop. I bought one recently and have been storming around in the 110 tuning today. I can officially confirm its defender proof
  4. Something that is designed to protect your eyes isn't worth economising on. I used to have a sealey one which was pretty good on the price/performance scale and now have a speedglas which is superior in every way! Only thing I can say is but something with a known reputable name on it
  5. That sucks! I think people may have underestimated what you ment by a wine. You get home ok?
  6. In the same boat as soren, looks like it says ep90
  7. Holy thread revival batman!
  8. There are a few things to keep in mind if your doing your own heads. The main one being if you open the ports and runners out too much you can lose air velocity into the chamber making it worse. The power increase In properly ported heads (although it's better across the board)is often at the top of the rpm range which is no good for heavy brick shaped things. Best thing to do is to match the ports on the head to the inlet manifold with a gasket, remove all the casting flash in the ports and decoke the valve seat. I let ports want to have a coarse finish while exhaust wants to be smooth. If you stick to modest porting like that then the chances of going throwing waterway etc are slim. Hope that helps
  9. Right just been to a hobby weld distributor and the bottle deposit of the size I want is nearly £200 plus £60 for the gas and with it being a lower pressure it doesn't work out that much less.
  10. SPA Are a bit far for me nige. That is a good deal though! I diddnt even think of the bottle pressure so this is another thing to think of. I don't weld every day so I'm not sure it will effect me too much
  11. Thanks for the reply, it is definatly cheaper than BOC, I can get 2 bottles of argon from hobby weld for the price of one from BOC!
  12. Anyone on here using hobbyweld gas? Both my BOC bottles are empty and I don't really want to keep paying the BOC prices that Comes with them So I'm looking at going elsewhere. it says on the hobbyweld website bottles are £60. I assume this is just a deposit and the gas isn't in that price. so can anyone tell me how much it costs for the gas in that bottle?
  13. Use 2 45° hoses instead of a 90, everything will flow a bit better and stop the pump tripping
  14. ^^^^^^^^^ what he said too much BHP and a 3 link front is asking for trouble anyway
  15. I have a very limited knowledge on it bud. It's a complex subject effected by many things that I do not pretend to understand but It will still have an effect as you can potentially be sending a positive wave up a runner to the valve and effectively chocking that valve. I would have thought the pressure is all relative so Doing this will aide breathing and allow it to rev higher (dont interpret that as moving power up the rev range). People have got around this by making manifolds with big runners to lose the wave in but that big runner needs more pressure to spin the turbo and you're back to square one. Do you need a new manifold for compound turbos? I thought the outlet and inlets were linked on the turbos And Keeping a stainless manifold from warping might be another challenge if your running compound setup