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  1. Rear chassis cross member replacement - from where?

    I have a Dixon fab one. really good price, little tricky to fit but 6mm construction and everything is properly lasercut and bent. The only thing is the lead time.... unless he has them in stock there will be a bit of a wait. I waited 2 months for mine when he was busy
  2. Chang of engine on v5

    No, they would have to be human for that! Lol thanks for the reply’s. Going through google and various forums suggests it’s a pick of the draw. Hopefully someone who really DGAF opens the letter and just prosesses it as I have included everything I can do if they want more I’m in trouble.
  3. Chang of engine on v5

    Sending the v5 off and am not sure what to include. The website is very clear on what they want but I have very little of what they want. evedence from a garage who carried out the work isn’t possible neither is a letter from the manufacturer. i know of people who have just sent off the v5 with new details and that was it and I know people who have sent off cover letters, photos and receipts. But doing that may lead to them asking questions and wanting more so is it best to keep it vague or photos and a letter aswell as a receipt Can people share their experiences? Anyone ever had their v5 sent back asking for more info?
  4. V8 defender 3 inch snorkel

    The snorkel is already 2.5” so if your going to choke a 3” down to that and a 2.5” flows enough then why bother change it.
  5. V8 defender 3 inch snorkel

    Totally defeats the point of having A 3” snorkel then. Intake/exhaust is only as good as it’s worst flowing part
  6. V8 defender 3 inch snorkel

    Do you mean reducing the diameter of the snorkel?
  7. Goblin Works Garage

    The most hipster thing ever said on this forum
  8. Goblin Works Garage

    I’ve watched a few of these now. Serious lack of anything actually being done. The upside down portal axle on the series is just a court case waiting to happen. the last one I saw was a Capri they put a 5.0 mustang engine in.....looked like a failed abortion
  9. Having just bought a yank truck i can say that 300bhp will be massive torque but not much in the way of rpm. mine is TBI and squirts about the same only in a SLIGHTLY more controlled manor
  10. Søren, a book I have mentioned before is “tuning the a series engine” it has a pretty detailed guide on how to port SU carbs to flow a lot more CFM, probably not 4 barrel CFM but it may be a decent compromise. but ultimately if you know SUs and are continuing this conversation while rueling out EFI then I think you/he’s pretty set on the 4 barrel
  11. V8 defender 3 inch snorkel

    They diddnt run the heater intake and the snorkel just came from the plenum straight out the side of the bonnet.
  12. Lift kits - which make?

    You get what you pay for. I avoid britpart where ever I can. have you already decided on a kit? I have a full D44 ome kit for sale soon
  13. V8 defender 3 inch snorkel

    Can’t find the exact model that showed it. Admittedly this one is a bit more MS paint but you get the idea..... the intake port surface thing is known and long standing as it prevents fuel suspension in port injected engines or carburettor applications. i accept that we are now talking about a different part of the inlet system and were now slightly OT but I think it’s worth a thought....
  14. V8 defender 3 inch snorkel

    In what way Daan? I always thought Corrugated pipe actually flows better as the turbulence is concentrated on the outer walls leaving a larger CSA in the centre for the air to flow through rather than smooth where the air has no direction and it does what ever it wants throughout the pipe. A lot of cylinder heads are being ported using a course gritt sand roll or having divvets cut into the port wall to mimic this effect(like a golf ball). I have no idea if this makes any difference with an inlet tract though, it was just something I was always left to believe and I have no idea on what velocity it would really make a difference.....
  15. V8 defender 3 inch snorkel

    Good to know! Found a pic of the roll(sink) in question