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  1. Alternative level plug for Salisbury axle?

    Can't comment if they will fit or not but if you take the old one to any diecent nut and bolt supplier they will be able to tell you the thread size and you can start looking for a new bung from there...
  2. Weight of rolling chassis

    http://www.liveridge4x4.com/Facts/ 1.9t is the weight of a fully dressed station wagon
  3. I'm back.........why is it?

    Welcome back. glad to hear things are working out for you
  4. 3.9 efi into 110 wiring problems

  5. 3.9 efi into 110 wiring problems

    Correct me if I am wrong but 1998 is a D2 which are notoriously difficult to get running in another car. I think I'm right in saying they had a clever fuel pump in the tank that delivered exact fuel pressure which may cause headaches But I may be getting mixed up with the Thor system. Best of luck
  6. Membership Changes - Read Here !

    I'm aware this isn't a democracy but I'm with the masses on this. I think avitars are essential for forum use as it is a lot easier to remember members previous content....for good or bad. that feature could at least be free surely? Although I will add..... £2 a month is only the price of a can of red bull, red bull is bad for you, so now you drink one can less which makes you feel better and you don't die as soon from drinking it.....lr4x4 just extended your life. Your welcome!
  7. D4x4 diff guards and ARB156 lockers

    Carefully tickle the back of the diff pan with a flap disk or re route that copper pipe
  8. Defender 200tdi

    There are several threads on the forum about getting more power from a 200tdi. I did everything apart from a large intercooler and boost pin, very disappointed with it. Don't know if I had a worn out one or if I set my expectations too high. Either way a 25year old agricultural Diesel engine isn't a good choice for a "racer"
  9. 2017 Forum Stickers ....STICKERS....Support your Forum

    If home Life has settled down now Nigel could you please send the ones I ordered in may? 1XLarge and 2xsmall
  10. ****part 5140 Drive Members

    I wouldnt count on it. They weren't interested in making the spacers that go with these so I wouldn't have thought they would make them in 2 colours whats wrong with a bit of bling anyway?!
  11. ****part 5140 Drive Members

    ......a little bit! whats the ride like on it Andy? I assume it's terrafirma
  12. ****part 5140 Drive Members

    They look cool with the extra bolts too
  13. Stage one v8 decals

    Thank you so much for that, I have just found some in the uk! And bought......
  14. ****part 5140 Drive Members

    Well it looks like they come in a blue box so unless your 100% sure of the manufacturer I would just spend and extra little bit and get Ashcroft. If you have THIN flanges maybe look at the KAM units, I am happy with mine but don't bother with them if you have the thick flange as the spacers are NLA
  15. Stage one v8 decals

    Anyone know where to buy the "landrover v8" decals from a stage one from? All the google links ive found are no good tia