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  1. thanks guys. the plan is to block up the 6mm barb on the RHS just past the TB, and apply some more rtv on the PWM boss (problem is that boss is flat and carbon plenum has a slight curve to it) as these are the two which can definately see/feel. Do another vacumn check and see what it looks like and go from there. wont be bothering with o2/mot etc until this is done and we have done some further tuning. no point tuning it until we have air leaks sorted, but it is progress all the same.
  2. You mean the ones from rocker covers? dont have a good pic but i think LHS one goes to inlet manifold and RHS one goes to throttle body I think. Id have to check. where should they go?
  3. Just an update. went over today. Changed the plugs, applied the new tune, put the T piece in so the FPR gets vacumn, and blocked up the PWM completely. Its definately 'better'.... still detectably running rich but not as much as it was before - sounds cleaner. starts cleanly, revs but it does stumble off idle when applying throttle sharply especially when its less than 70c, which is probably my bodge tune. Id say the plugs and tune have made the biggest discernable difference today. Oh, and im now double sure its not missing. It sounded like it was firing on all, and I used my new to
  4. 😂😂 I’m going over tomorrow. Everything is crossed!
  5. thanks nige. ill do juat that. would be tidy too as they are near each other. bit of education for me, if FPR uses the vacumn I assume its there to increase fuel pressure as vacumn is applied? (i.e. MAP KPA goes down?) if its showing 35-40 odd psi at atmospheric, then surely the pressure will go up at idle where KPA is low, adding more fuel again? 🤕
  6. before i take it apart is there something i can spray around the hoses to see which is likely to be the problem?
  7. Ill double check the hole but i believe so. its the plate sealing to the plenum i want to check as i cant remember. Do we have a winner on the regulator? I didnt realise it needed one but there isnt one fitted. Should I T off the brake vacumn? The pressure gauge says its 35-45psi which I thought was normal. It doesnt really fluctuate with revs either.
  8. Brake vacumn LHS 3mm MAP barb is next to PWM boss on rear of plenum (its this boss i think ill check first) PWM inlet goes under TB and fits on MAT boss next to air filter IAC stepper inlet on TB is blocked up
  9. yep. 3mm barb on back of plenum. need to check the other hoses and the PWM boss.
  10. I made a flying visit to see the landie today. Only change was to set to 15 on req fuel and reset spark trim to 0 so he could shunt it around the garage, as at 6 it wouldn’t do anything beyond idle/rev. I could see the KPA was up in the 80s whilst idling which might be a red herring to the richness, but wanted to understand where the leak was from. Couple of observations…. We took the pipe off the PWM at the air filter boss end (see last pic). Getting lot of suck from this pipe even though engine was 70c+. The PWM idle control is closed loop mode so that means its always doing somet
  11. its what youd expect. starts ambient and climbs when started. looks like its working. I had a problem where it showed -60 iirc but it was fixed.
  12. Hi Nige! Was just playing with the setting to see if it made much difference to how it audible/visibly (smoke) was running. Didnt make a huge difference to the rich/black smoke. See my whatsapp? assume i need a IAC stepper blanking plate from you? I see the webshop is down till weds but if I can get one soon as next week that would be good.
  13. Thanks for all the replies guys, much appreciated. On the ignition side, i've checked a bunch of stuff and running out of ideas. checked timing as per niges instructions (no1 TDC, tooth +5) but cant confirm as 4.6 has no timing marks for strobe. All new ford coils and leads. Wiring checked on these as I did have a coil down, but now sorted. leads all confirmed as being to the right cylinders. Plugs were new (the whole engine is new) but obviously have suffered with all the richness and misfires when testing. Ive had to wire brush them a few times. Ok, two sets of plugs on order lol.
  14. Thanks for coming back. Feel like chasing my tail and out of my depth lol my assumption is Any misfires and general unhappiness is caused by the over fuelling. So it’s chicken and egg right? I need to fix the fuelling to fix the misfire? thanks for all the help!
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