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  1. 1 hour ago, deep said:

    Exactly.  The Defender won the test.  It was also quieter and more comfortable getting there, could carry and tow far more (despite the Jeep having a hemi V8 under the bonnet) and was cheaper.  I guess the viewer could be objective about that because they did, at least, report those facts.

    I meant to say, I wasn't going to watch it as I am a bit 'over' their stilted back-and-forth delivery style ("I think the new Defender is good but unreliable, what do you think Tommy" "I think it's unreliable but good, Dad" "valuable insight, Tommy") so I wasn't being rhetorical when I asked which one scraped, but having watched it now, initially I assumed it must have been the Defender because of how they were talking. They cannot say that the Defender will do 80% of what the Wrangler will do, then show it doing 100% of what the Wrangler does but also better than the Wrangler did it.

    The most annoying part is that I don't doubt they're right, but the quality of their testing does not demonstrate this as fact and renders the statement pointless. If they need to design a better test, they should have done that.

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  2. If it's a choice between a safari/protected reservation or a zoo when trying to conserve species in something even vaguely like their wild habitat, I'll take this any time.

    If visitors are required to fund the reservation, then that's the cost. It might have an impact on the animals' behavior but if it wasn't for some of these places, there wouldn't be some species - modified behavior or not.

  3. 2 hours ago, deep said:

    I thought their conclusion was a bit strange, considering both vehicles passed their one test but only one of them scraped its belly - three times!  It's not just the difference in technology that separates them.  Check out the tyre difference.  Good on them for braving their expensive car on a genuine test, for us viewers.

    I have grown grow weary of Skipper and Champ's wholesome All-American review style. Which one scraped its belly?

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  4. I'm going to have all the same problems with door cars, I have Bearmach ones and they look good but I also noticed the snapac stud things don't grip too well into the female inserts. I'm going to put some sound deadening into the cards if I get the drumming you've had, but fully expecting to have to go genuine after looking at this.

    Where you did buy your water shedders? Everywhere was out of stock when I looked, and there are some smaller internal ones that are pure unobtainium now. Cut-up heavy duty waste sacks it might have to be.

    Last question - when you built your doors up, did you have to screw in the plastic spacers and the window channels? SP-4x4 said they didn't need it when I enquired, but I can't see how that is the case when Genuine and Bearmach do.

  5. I would run away. That chassis looks like it has been blown over very recently and the bodywork is a respray (look at the hinges and bolts - all covered) and they've even covered the rear chassis tabs in body colour where they couldn't be bothered to mask them separately.

    You cannot asses that vehicle's true condition, but the fact there appears to be mud under the chassis paint says it all to me. Look at the inner tub mudflaps.

    This kind of vehicle is far more appealing to me than the boyracer one above where you can sense the frustration they had with trying to make it something it's not. However, I think this example is where an average condition vehicle is shown a lick of paint and a few (admittedly quite good) upgrades, the sum of which is not worth the asking price.

  6. Just to close this one off, Karen finished my steering wheel and it is now back with me. The quality of what she's done is perfect - in that you can't tell she's done anything. It looks completely unrepaired and as-new.

    I could not be happier with the job she's done and would recommend her to anyone looking for interior work to be done. I could have just eBayed a good condition used wheel for a bit more cost, but that would have been wasteful and this wheel is of known origin/legitimacy and knowing this really is a new wheel is worth it.




    10/10 attention to detail and customer service from Bustle About Ltd.


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  7. Yep I still have the bar one from mine. Doesn't give you quite as much confidence as a solid metal plate.

    These are one of the few end of run Defenders that I think come close to being worth a premium. They capture what the last 60 years was all about very well rather than showing how much like a new Audi you can try to make one.

    £50k wouldn't even be stupidly unrealistic in the current market (unfortunately).

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  8. Reminds me of that 6x4 we had last year with the 'Bulletproof' grille and the advert that essentially said it was a deathtrap waiting to happen. Looks better executed than that, at least.

    I might have missed it, but does it say/show it is actually 6x6?

    Even putting aside the legalities - which are huge - I cannot see how anyone running a business would want to take on a 36 year old vehicle at a price above most entry level pickups of similar capacity, and nor would any 'enthusiast' in their right mind part with £30k for a tipper they don't need and that will have no added off road ability.

    Who is the target audience here?!

  9. Seems weird to spend so much time and effort on a car only to move it on because the result is exactly what it was always going to be. I cannot see how they're not taking a huge hit on the money spent.

    Otherwise looks nicely done, I just wonder if it's a good car to start with when (as Jeremy says) everything will be modified in some way.

  10. What's said above covers it but with regards to modifications, particularly things that make it either a newer-looking car or "extreme off road to the max", try to familiarise yourself with standard before deciding you like it.

    The market is flooded with tarted up cars that have no attention paid to their mechanicals or functionality. Some mods can genuinely enhance the car, such as an expensive set of seats that make it more comfortable on a long drive, but some mods (light bars, bumpers, gear knobs..) are bought off ebay for £15 but somehow used to talk up the price. Same with cosmetics, like a set of chequer plate that's hiding the need for new doors in a year's time.

    'Standard' doesnt give much room to hide things, you can instantly see what is right or wrong with the car and if you're happy to proceed. Modified might mean welding or other work that you have no way to assess the competence of - or why it was done. Personally - and I will be unpopular for this - I would walk away from anything that has or did have a lift kit. There are a number out there and all vary in quality and engineering. These cars are built around a very specific ride height, wheel sizes and UJ angles, changing that puts far more mechnical components under stress than the ones that have been changed and also invites the car to be driven that extra 10% where further damage is likely.

    But more than anything else, just don't let the fact it is modified inflate the price. I'd rather start with something plain and make it my own (saving money where I don't want to modify) than have to pay more and be stuck with someone else's idea of good.


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  11. Just saw this, that's a really nice way to spend a couple of days and it comes through on the photos. I think we could all do with a few days spent to ourselves at the moment, especially in the mountains.  There's something very special about both the Alps and Pyrenees.

    Reminds me of a trip I took with 3 Defenders/6 blokes to the Alps in 2012 (mine was under restoration even back then). I yearn to go back but doubtful I ever will in the 90 thanks to fuel costs and the increasing paperwork of trying to get out and enjoy yourself.

  12. All according to this article.






    Land Rover’s ‘Baby’ Defender Due In 2022 With 1.5-Liter Three-Cylinder And FWD?

    BY Cristian Gnaticov | Posted on November 2, 2020 29
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    Jaguar Land Rover has different new models in the making, and it appears that the ‘baby’ Defender is one of them.


    Mind you, this isn’t the first time we have heard rumors that the British automaker is planning a new SUV that would slot under the Defender. Now, however, WhatCar reports that it is approximately two years away.

    Watch Also: Which Is The Better Off-Roader, The New Land Rover Defender Or The Old One?


    The British website claims that it should launch with front-wheel drive and a small 1.5-liter, three-cylinder petrol engine, with other powertrains, including a plug-in hybrid, joining the lineup later on alongside the four-wheel drive variant(s). Previous reports have claimed that the ‘baby’ Defender will be based on a shorter and more affordable version of the company’s modular aluminum platform.

    While the full-sized off-roader is listed from a little over £40,000 (equal to ~$51,800) in its home market, the smaller SUV is expected to start at around £25,000 (~$32,400). If true, then it would become more affordable than the Discovery Sport too, which is priced from nearly £32,000 (~$41,500) in the United Kingdom.

    The official name of the model is unknown, but it has been reported that it might be dubbed either the Land Rover 80 or the Land Rover Defender 80. WhatCar believes that it’s likely a new moniker will be used and it might even start a sub-brand for more affordable Land Rovers







    Take with a huge pinch of salt, as JLR seems to be in disarray and is chopping models left and right at the moment to try to make sense of a mess everyone saw coming.



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  13. 4 hours ago, landroversforever said:

    I'd love to see what the opinions would be like if youtube wasn't monetised in the same way, fishing for more views etc.

    I'm not even trying to find new Defender videos and yet even I have noticed a trend to highlight issues with the tech or reliability, and then draw out 'the saga' over as many videos as possible. One guy in particular who has a very (unintentionally) ironic YouTube channel name is certainly milking the ever living funk out of some issues with his wade sensors.

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  14. Ralph, thanks, it looks like those are the ones I would need. While it would be useful to have an index of what seatbelt is what type, it's probably not practical.

    For those who didn't already spot the mistake and to close this one off in case anyone else stumbles into this - the front seatbelts dont go up the inside of the trims I showed above, those holes are for the rear passenger ones. Looking now, it seems obvious as they are angled into the load bay, not the front. I'm quite disappointed as it's a more elegant solution for them to be concealed, and now I have two holes I need to invent covers for. You'd think HardTop interior trims would assume no seats fitted in the rear, but apparently not.

    If nothing else, this thread shows that you do need to be mindful with your seatbelt part numbers that there are at least three different types (not including the clips and their anchors), which diagrams do not always show.

  15. On 3/5/2021 at 10:45 AM, elbekko said:

    I recently bought a Gamin Mini dashcam, hoping I could just stick that to the rear window and use the app (as well as use it for general dashcam duties normally). But sadly it's impossible to see the towball through the sloped rear window, and I don't want to have to put it on the outside when it rains...

    I'm just looking at the Garmin camera now, not cheap at £100 but looks to be smaller and higher quality than a lot of offerings. How would you find it using one as a general (non-hitching) reversing camera? I am unsure how geared up for live viewing it is.

    At least with a company like Garmin, the Chinese state doesn't get to watch whatever I do with my vehicle or on my phone by downloading some unknown app for a suspiciously cheap camera off ebay.

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