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  1. I don't understand your comment even slightly. If you have ever read any of my posts you'll see they are all technical in nature, you have misunderstood my post 100%. I was rather hoping for a discussion on what might be the cause of this. Can you put some technical input into the discussion instead of imaginary agendas please. I've hardly contributed to this topic since the launch so I don't get the axe to grind part. A brake failure caught on camera is an interesting event in my boring little world and is hopefully of interest to others even if not to you. I totally agree on your hilux
  2. Fascinating failure of the braking or traction control system caught on camera. Scroll to 50 minutes for the relevant part. Classic failed hillclimb scenario where he hits the brakes to put it into reverse only the brakes don't hold it at all. You can clearly see the brake lights on as it's rolling backwards. Click the subtitles button for a better idea of what's going on.
  3. If it needed a tow from the front, the towing eye in the middle of the front subframe seems covered by the lower portion of the bumper, do you know how to access it? I asked this previously and nobody had any idea. Even small hatchbacks are designed with easily accessible recovery points, it beggars belief that the defender wasn’t.
  4. That’s the best and most comprehensive review I’ve seen anywhere yet. Have you any observations about the speed of the cross linking of the air suspension at all? I’ve noticed that there seems to be more articulation when the vehicle is stationary than when it’s moving. I’ve attributed this to the tiny size of the pipes and valves involved and that the suspension can’t react quickly enough during articulation to reduce the roll stiffness.
  5. This video with the G wagon is an interesting comparison. Note that this is the G wagon with independent suspension on the front, not the G class professional which is cheaper, has more ground clearance and still has a solid axle at the front. The last test with towing up the hill shows perfectly the difference I've been saying all along exists between traction control and diff locks. I know I'll never be able to convince those delusional types who drink the JLR coolade but it's physics, nothing else. there is no substitute for all wheels turning at the same speed finding all available tract
  6. Given the price structure and crossover, what's the general consensus on the pretender resale values and depreciation compared to its older brothers? It does have a certain type of practicality but no more so than anything else in the range by the time they're all second hand but without the 'prestige' or toys/ luxury..There's no longer any arguments about it being any simpler to maintain or being any more reliable given that so many parts are used across the range. Who are the demographic it will appeal to on the second hand market? Do we expect it to be half of list price after three year
  7. I think you're confusing the silencer with the exhaust pipe under the rear subframe that I was referring to.. It hangs lower than any other point on the whole car, it's a part that when you drive in ruts will be the first point of contact, even an unmade road with a high crown and potholes would be enough to cause substantial damage. You're incorrect about the fuel tank on older products being more vulnerable than the exhaust on this. I think you've maybe not yet had the chance to have a good crawl around one, (not under it obviously because there simply isn't room to even squeeze an arm, l
  8. I don't understand you, what cars have the fuel tank underneath the rear subframe 6" off the ground? Crushing the soft and vulnerable low hanging exhaust will not only immobilise the vehicle but also result in regular and expensive repair bills and unnecessary downtime.
  9. Is there a school of thought amongst off road vehicle designers that placing the unprotected exhaust as the lowest point of an already low vehicle will somehow add to the capabilities in extremis? Clearly I'm missing something. Even those brand new tyres look bald, everything about this new car just oozes ostentatiousness. There's very little practical about it. Look at the door shut line at the waist line of the second door, what's going on there? Without any protective cappings, those sharp rear corners will surely be scratched and chipped in no time? One of the few things I do like a
  10. Great screengrab! My thoughts on it: The two piece antiroll bar is interesting, I wonder if there's a disconnect not shown in the view? We'd like that. The placement of the steering damper is awful, hanging well below the axle centreline but interesting geometry how it connects directly from the axle housing to the track rod, presumably to eliminate death wobble? I don't like that we can't see pinch bolts or clamps on the track rod ends so wonder if the track rod ends are replaceable or crimped on as part of the track rod? They're very difficult to adjust when they get a bend in them, in f
  11. I thought it was an international forum. We ought to be embarrassed at the sh!tty welcome the guy got for his first post. Welcome to the forum! Any progress since you posted? I should imagine that the 202 isn't very expensive and for the sake of a few hours putting it in would be the most guaranteed way of knowing it's going to run well and allows you to have a look at the clutch and flywheel and possibly change the oil seal on the input shaft. I ran a 202 in a 109 in New Zealand for a few years and had heard from the garage I worked at that they were prone to throwing
  12. So an R380 would be stronger in this scenario. No, not at all, an R380 wouldn't last at all behind an Isuzu or any large 4 cylinder engine. The torque spikes and torsional vibration would have it destroyed fairly quickly. Many classic Range Rovers were fitted with Chevrolet V8's, Perkins 4 and 6 cylinder engines back in the day with no ill effects to the gearbox. You only have to take them apart to see the huge difference in the size of the components, The R380 is just an updated LT77, the name says it all, 77mm between main shaft and layshaft vs 95mm. Not only are the gears much lar
  13. "Tip a Discovery onto two diametrically opposed wheels in a transition and it'll creak under structural duress" Total garbage, they don't make a sound, don't twist, doors open and close fine, exactly as they do on every car made this millennium in the same situation. Marketing nonsense. "half-a-metre of suspension articulation" That's actually not much and it's lies and marketing anyway pulled from the disco 5 literature. It clearly doesn't display anything like this amount in real life for reasons well discussed in previous pages in this topic. With the exception of the total lack
  14. There's no point at all listening to a review from someone who hasn't driven off road before, let alone hasn't done it every day for a living, nor is a user utility vehicles or is even familiar with the old defender. Every single review so far I've seen is basically part of the JLR Namibia marketing exercise. I want to see an American or Australian review, they don't usually sugar coat things. Is there any new footage from the American trip now been released? Anybody who doesn't mention the savage lurching from wheel to wheel on fairly benign terrain isn't doing a review, they're part of t
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