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  1. Front Salisburies come in a few different flavours, some have a 23 spline outer with the AEU2522 CV joints and 24 spline inner which doesn't appear on any Rover axles and is unique to the front Salisbury which is what makes it stronger than standard 32 spline outers or early 10 spline inners. The diff offset is different to a Rover so the shafts are different lengths. Stronger but rarer is a quandary indeed. The Salisbury diff itself is a beast of a thing in comparison to a 2 pin rover diff but the loss in ground clearance as Mike says is a hefty penalty.
  2. As everyone above has said, you cannot use fiddle brakes with any type of LSD, you need an open locker or open diff but definitely not an LSD. Post some pictures too please, we all like pictures.
  3. New TFL video’s out. It’s getting almost 10,000 views per hour just now, that’s still a huge amount of interest in the new defender. has anyone got any sales data yet?
  4. For less than 2% in laboratory generated fuel savings, I'd rather have a lockable centre diff that I can reliably reverse a trailer in low range on high traction surfaces and not rely on wheel slippage to have the slightest chance of having any torque transfer. The spider gears in the front diff are going to be going like the clappers, I wonder if they actually have bearings. Jap stuff with this setup doesn't actually lock it like this system seems to. Anything with a clutch is going to wear out with use too so are we looking at planned obsolescence? I also wonder if the change to Advantek d
  5. You can thank Ross for the thread revival. It’s a bit of a spoiler to see it further on than where we left off but in some ways it’ll probably make it easier to see where I was trying to go with it. It’s been a fairly tortuous and long drawn out journey thus far. My lack of internet bandwidth and general hopelessness is also an inconvenience to thread updates 😂. i wonder if this will be the last biannual update or will the trend continue..?
  6. It’s awesome to see the progress on this, I haven’t been following for a while. It’s good to see other ‘portal projects’ on the go. My own has been abandoned for a few years again until recently so it’s good to see you have the tenacity to keep it going.
  7. Oh, that’s awesome, I was told the HOFS stuff was all finished with now. That’s great you’re keeping it going. It’s a shame Redwinch stopped doing the shafts. I’ve got an abandoned 6x6 project with Volvo axles I need to decide what to do with. Getting decent parts from reputable sources is half the battle sometimes. I’d probably be quite interested in your stefa seal replacements.
  8. Yes,I was really meaning the Mogs but some parts for the Volvo's are hard to get too, the Stefa seals, king pins and CV boots aren't readily available, the wheel pcd doesn't exist elsewhere and whilst the Volvo's are fairly easy to work on, they're not in the same league as the sumb axles which you can strip to component parts with 4 spanners and a punch. You can generally find the bearings, seals and wheels on any street corner too. There's no torque settings over 100 lbft either. Although it's an unfair comparison, try stripping a 416 axle in a bog with a few tools you carried over in your p
  9. Aren't they something like 800kg for the pair of axles? We covered this a few years ago but I think that thread doesn't get looked at by many. I previously said 324kg for a front but didn't discount the weight of the chain so maybe 310Kg. You're looking at £4k a set now for Volvo axles nowadays if you can find them versus a fraction of that for Sumb axles which are much stronger but are adding over 300kg compared to Volvos to your build. I think it depends a lot on what you're building. Vehicles built for the UK competition scene in my humble experience benefit more fro
  10. I'd say there's 5 crossmembers including the rear 'bumper' as they're fully welded and an intrinsic part of the chassis. You're forgetting the rectangular crossmember across the front dumb irons. The front bumper definitely adds some stiffness too. Unimogs have C section chassis rails in common with nearly all trucks which are designed to twist, the Volvos have a box section chassis like a land rover with big flitch plates where the crossmembers are welded on to spread the load and the thick round crossmembers resist twist a lot more than the rectangular land rover ones. There's
  11. I don't understand your comment even slightly. If you have ever read any of my posts you'll see they are all technical in nature, you have misunderstood my post 100%. I was rather hoping for a discussion on what might be the cause of this. Can you put some technical input into the discussion instead of imaginary agendas please. I've hardly contributed to this topic since the launch so I don't get the axe to grind part. A brake failure caught on camera is an interesting event in my boring little world and is hopefully of interest to others even if not to you. I totally agree on your hilux
  12. Fascinating failure of the braking or traction control system caught on camera. Scroll to 50 minutes for the relevant part. Classic failed hillclimb scenario where he hits the brakes to put it into reverse only the brakes don't hold it at all. You can clearly see the brake lights on as it's rolling backwards. Click the subtitles button for a better idea of what's going on.
  13. If it needed a tow from the front, the towing eye in the middle of the front subframe seems covered by the lower portion of the bumper, do you know how to access it? I asked this previously and nobody had any idea. Even small hatchbacks are designed with easily accessible recovery points, it beggars belief that the defender wasn’t.
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