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OT: Sticking lining paper to chipboard


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Okay, this is pretty much totally off topic... The only excuse I can plead is that it's in my workshop.

I've loft boarded the roof trusses and part of the loft will be used for my son's model railway. It'll be laid straight on the floor as it's at the side and there isn't much headroom.

I had the bright (I thought) idea of sticking lining paper on the boards, so that scenery could be glued down without damaging the boards and if the railway was removed they could simply be steamed off.

However...it turns out wallpaper paste doesn't stick to loft boards.

At the moment I'm thinking spray it with PVA solution (which should stick but wouldn't come off). 

Anyone got any better suggestions?



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I may well put something under the track, but this is more just covering the whole area so scenery can be stuck down without wrecking the loft boards. I think I've got some wood flooring underlay which might work well.

The spray adhesive seems to be successful - it's not a strong bond, but I think it's enough and it peels off leaving not too much mess on the boards. Not as well fixed as I'd hoped it would be with wallpaper paste, easier and far less messy to remove. 

I only had the end of a can - enough to try - so I'll pick some more up today.

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