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  1. Here's an 80k car and a field, try break it. What a job
  2. I had a tyre place strip the threads once putting a wheel on. Not our fault mate must have been weak. No we cant say it's safe to drive home on. So I'm paranoid I recently went makita for the twin 18v gardening tools. In terms of diy tools I only have a hammer drill and one of the little impact drivers. I'm impressed though, batteries last well and it put 8mm x 150mm concrete screws into block work easily for a radiator I fitted the other day.
  3. The tyre place I used still has air tools as they also use the air jacks so if your dragging your airline out for one might as well use it for both. They also use torque wrenches tightening up which I like to see.
  4. I have a neilson which is a good few years old, ni-cad batteries no li-on unfortunately. It'll get a wheel nut off so long as it's normal tightness. It wouldn't touch the nut on a bottom pulley so it depends what you want. It is faster but I do find it heavy and bulky to get in places.
  5. The thing that puts me off putting threaded holes in is eventually they wear out, then you've lost it. What about making a more meaty version of this with some bits of rebar spreading out into the slab for strength? you can thread a strop through it to use for winching things in or securing things. Even make a blanking plug for it to leave you with a flat floor. Are you putting any security in the slab whist your casting? Like a really secure way to lock the doors or a post to stop someone getting a vehicle out?
  6. No, I've certainly never been described as elegant I'm suprised the roll cage company only want a plug weld, it's only really the perimeter of the hole that's doing the sticking, the middle is just a lump of weld and the outer is 2 plates with no connection, must know what they're doing though which is more than can be said for me A seatbelt has to hold a 100kg person against a dead stop, your cage might have to hold a 2500kg truck depending on exactly what it is. I guess it depends what you do, is the worst your likely to do be put it on its side at 5mph? In which case that hoop will be trying to slide along the tube and pull up from it rather than down? Are you planning to do any competitions? If you want a ticket on it then I would check the book or ask someone that does scrutineering? Is the body rigidly mounted to the chassis or are there rubber body mounts?
  7. The body mount tube doesn't look that big compared to the thickness of a roll cage, would it be strong enough? Could you make a clamp that goes around the chassis? A 1/2" plate either side with bolts to pinch it to the chassis? It could extend out to touch against the body mount tube at the front and the shock mount or body mount (can't quite make out what's there) behind to ensure it can't slide. I don't think it would crush the chassis but you'd have to keep checking it doesn't come loose with vibration.
  8. Bid online and get them delivered by Shiply... I'm staying well away I have enough work... I could buy a lot of whats there, the little alfa, the the old 6 series, the big old mercs, the lightweight, the list goes on
  9. I have a drives direct digital inverter for my 3hp 3ph mill motor. Gives the advantage of unlimited speed control (although you still have to gear down for the torque required for big cutters) soft start, soft stop, e-stop etc but does have to be wired direct to the motor so you lose the machine controls and have to think about powered feed motors, coolant pumps etc which might be 1ph anyway. I've seen 20kw rotary converters which would be more plug and play and easy to use on more than one machine but the current draw gets a bit much for domestic and they're not cheap. One of the reasons I went for a CNC conversion was to cut down on the amount of tooling required. I'd like to do it to a bigger mill but will probably never get around to it.
  10. Bear in mind it's not just the mill, you need collets, tooling, vice, rotary table, if it's 3ph you have to convert to 1ph etc then there is the huge learning curve to make it do what you want. I can snap a £15 cutter just be blinking, if your unlucky it damages the collet it's in. That said if you have space, you can move it and you can afford it then you won't lose money on it so why not have a go? This is my effort, bought it part built at an auction when I went to look for something for work, left a bid not knowing what it was then got an email saying come get it. It's an effing ugly thing but something to potter with. A 5" Sweet pea, I think once it's running I will sell it, maybe have a go at a steam lorry, can't see me going to a track to use it. Since starting it I've learn't that there are people who make much better stuff than me with much less equipment so the mill isn't the be all and end all.
  11. Not eBay but some good... projects... All been stored at a single site, no paperwork, number plates might not be right, even the parts might not be right, but some good stuff! https://www.i-bidder.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/ncm/catalogue-id-ncm-au10227#lot-c846ec69-dc0e-4ce3-aa4d-aad50101f2b3
  12. eBay are mega expensive but look up the price of an autotrader or pistonheads listing and the classifieds aren't that far off. I find you do better with a low starting price than starting it at what you want for it. Seems to get it rolling better. I once sold a Fiesta and thought the winner was trying to come up with excuses to know me down on price. He was making out that I had advertised it as the wrong location but I put my postcode in so I knew I was right. It turns out that on the iPhone (which I don't have) it converts the postcode into the village name so that your location is more anonymous, then you can click a button to view where it is on a map where it searches by village name not postcode. Turns out there is a village down south somewhere with the same name so the map told him the car was there. Tried to explain to eBay that there was a fault with their app but the help centre couldn't understand and were only interested in refunding me the listing fee. I had to relist it with bold letters saying where it was, got an extra £190 the second time
  13. You can get none chassis based pickups although generally lighter, half tonne ones or whatever. Skoda made the funcy one with the sliding rear window which gave you a 2 or 4 seater and Fiat sill make one. I guess it's like making a convertible, all the strength has to go through the floor. Atleast with the pickup the extra weight is over the back axle and you can have high sides around the bed and the roof over the doors for strength. They put cherry pickers on vans with no chassis, I guess the designer needs to be a bit more switched on than with a chassis where they just bolt it on. I think LR just realised they could make more money per vehicle down the line making posh stuff for China and the middle east than trying to compete with £15k pickups which can have a cherry picker fitted or whatever. I believe there is the prestige thing that if you have a European car rather than a Chinese car your outwardly more successful. I think they've hit harder times due to China slowing down and people getting edgy about diesel engines. If the new platform is going to offer fashionable alternative energy sources and the new defender is going to be more mass market appeal then I think it will sell, just have to see how the PCP deals compare to things like Nissan x-trails I guess.
  14. I avoid cash as there is too much risk of forged notes. If you take a fake you lose out when you get to the bank... if they spot it. I only take bank transfer which they can do on the spot and it usually arrives straight away. The longest I've had to wait was a two hours, which was awkward! They can always friends and family paypal which is fast. Buyers on eBay don't seem to have the ability to read so make everything short and precise. I also avoid writing everything in one sentence in red size 24 bold as I find those ones hard to read. Buyers also seem to expect things to be new and seem to think they are buying from a trader rather than what you see is what you get so I always write a very short introduction which makes it clear you're private and you've had the car a long time. Then bullet points of its features including it's obvious failings. Good photos too. 2 doors seem to fetch good money so I think you will avoid the dross once it gets past the few hundred quid mark and all the "will you take my corsa?" but you'll be bombarded with "what's the buy it now?" which I've learn't the hard way to refuse.
  15. Ah come on, a big part of the internet is pointless arguments and misunderstandings. The battered old L200 was bought new, with the intention of it being used for what it is, which it has done well. For new defender money a farmer can have a decent bit of machinery that will earn money. I like the new defender, I think it is brilliant, I think people will buy it, but I also think it's the same as the other models in the range which people already buy so I just don't get the business model. Maybe they will just sell more as it's the new thing on the street 🤷‍♂️
  16. That video is Doncaster, it's like listening to my grandparents stories.
  17. The L200 is indeed not the nicest vehicle in the world, although I'm not sure that the old defender won many awards for comfort, efficient demisters, heaters and a quiet drive, however both of those vehicles are ideal for the people who use themn the L200 is a 2001 and still doing what it was bought to do so it's hard to say it's a bad product, a lot of manufactures design the car to fall apart in an impact with the aim of protecting the driver. Plus they can be had new from around £18k + vat so they are built to a price. LR say how amazingly robust the new defender is and how it can go anywhere which is great, I would buy it based on those claims as I like robust and reliable, however the farmer wouldn't if the price tag is 3 times that of the pickup yet it's him that needs the robustness more than me. This is the area of the market that I think they have no interest in and so although I feel the defender will sell based on fashion, I think it will sell to people who might already buy Discovery Sports or Range Rover Sports. If LR already have those customers it's a lot of money to spend to not increase your customer base. Obviously if it's going to be the all new platform for future vehicles and it's got them a factory which is cheaper to operate than the existing factory which they can expand production into other models then you can argue value there I guess.
  18. We will have to compromise that anything between the M4 and Doncaster is the Midlands, where they have funny accents, strange pass times and extra toes. I think this will be where your satanic brooding is also based, as the folk north of Doncaster wouldn't entertain such nonsense, we don't have time between the ferreting, pigeon fancying and badger baiting.
  19. No-one should do this, regardless of vehicle, it's just plain odd.
  20. Do you need a tracer tape above the duct?
  21. In the North? Oh no, nothing South of Doncaster is the North, it's all darn sarf to us
  22. A new defender section, so that they can be treated differently.
  23. 250 hours unpaid work for £660,000 is alright! A lady in our village got 100 hours for £30,000 benefit fraud and I thought that was good at £30 an hour after deductions. My Range Rover went down that way, think it was frome though. Maybe he could max extreeem it like I never could
  24. There are three things the British excel at; queuing, we find the longest line then stand in it for as long as possible complaining, about everything, it's all rubbish drunken brawls over the most insignificant of things - and you sir are two shandys away I agree the new Defender doesn't replicate the old. I have a relation with a farm, he has a beat up L200 double cab, it usually has a diesel tank and all manner of junk in the back, 2 collies living on the back seat, every internal surface is covered in a layer of cack, every external panel has some mark on it, it goes in and out of every field, it does everything he needs, an old 110 double cab pickup could do that although it would cost more than an L200 to buy. His Mrs has a discovery sport, immaculate, lovely thing, tows horses, carries tack and looks good when they go out somewhere fancy. Could I see the new defender replace the discovery sport? Yes. Could I see it replace the L200? Not a chance. However they already have a Land Rover product so I don't see what Land Rover would gain from the extra model. At one part of the video he's making a big fuss about how they've put rubber mats in instead of carpet. He's exactly right rubber mats are essential for a working vehicle. That's why our cheap Citroen vans at work come with rubber flooring and when I ordered my VW pickup I ticked the option for rubber floor instead of carpet floor. Designers from other manufacturers don't need to think about things like this as they just know it. The designers at Land Rover are designers of luxury cars so things like this don't come naturally to them, the fancy touch screens is what they know.
  25. It's only what people have done in the pub for years, until they banned smoking, got to get your moaning fix somewhere, we're British!
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