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  1. Cynic-al

    Trackers good bad and ugly

    I'm sure an Ibex would be stolen to be stripped for parts or shipped abroad. I have a sim card alarm in my garage with a stock pay and go sim, the biggest problem is if I don't make a call every 6 months they cut off the service so I have to keep remembering to either set the alarm off or call the talking clock. Amazing how quick 6 months can come around too. If you go that way might be worth doing a bit of research into the type of service you take out for it. Mobile signals can be a bit iffy in containers too. Also if you want it to be accepted by your insurance then they might dictate makes and who fits it.
  2. Cynic-al

    Trackers good bad and ugly

    Some offer a life long subscription rather than paying annually. Someone I know has one on a camper and I think it was about £400 for the subscription. With the caravan I was always of the opinion that if certain people have had it I don't want it back but I can imagine with all the work you've put in yours you would!
  3. If the teeth are all good on the cogs the only other thing I can think of without seeing it is is the axle bent? Is there a cover that comes off or is it a full strip down to get it out? If you can get a cover off try operating it and turning by hand to see if you can see whats not working. If it's a full strip down just get it on the bench with the shafts in and turn it by hand. Got to be something simple? Looking at your location you could try Derrick at LRS Offroad, he fits things like this so might be willing to put it on the ramp and take a look?
  4. Have you tried stopping the wheels by hand (be careful, use a piece of wood levered off the floor). It could be its not locking at all and it's just one side is stopping due to resistance in the axle and tricking you? Might be when you try stop a wheel with a stick it turns out its not locking at all? Sorry, re read your post and your only jacking one rear wheel at a time? So left side of car jacked in first it actually moves forwards?
  5. Shaft broken to left or a similar problem - splines slipping, bolts not in the hub? There are different spline counts etc, I'm not sure if you can physically put the wrong components together? Is it all LR or is some aftermarket? I had a similar problem on a locking diff (not an ARB though) and the gears were badly worn and were jumping when under pressure, looked ok until I got another diff and the edges of the teeth were badly rounded, they should've been much more square. Not sure if any of that's relevant to your setup but knowing what diffs, shafts, end caps etc might help someone more experienced.
  6. Cynic-al

    trailer insurance

    When I looked into trailer insurance it wasn't worth it. They devalued the trailer by 10% a year, it was only insured for family to use not friends, and by the time you'd paid the excess and a few years premiums you weren't ahead in the instance of theft. If it is for commercial use can you not get it covered through your businesses insurance?
  7. Cynic-al

    2.8 Tdi Dihatsu conversion power plant

    They have a reputation for being expensive to fix for sure. A lot like the rover v8 except when the v10 engine is running it gives twice the power for half the fuel
  8. Cynic-al

    2.8 Tdi Dihatsu conversion power plant

    Or what about an Isuzu engine? The 3.0 tdi 4cyl in my rodeo was fantastic. Pulled well, reasonably refined common rail, low down torque was excellent, stainless timing chain, oil cooled pistons, ECU was a box on a bracket under the bonnet so might be transplant able and i'm sure you could cobble a gearbox. Thornton breakers specialise in pickups so they would be somewhere to start for parts. Or if you do fancy VW they do a V6, V8, V10 and V12 diesel. I think the MPG of the V10 tourag made them undesirable so a donor might not be too awful?
  9. Cynic-al

    2.8 Tdi Dihatsu conversion power plant

    The 5 cylinder 3.2 ford ranger engine was fitted to transits and obviously ... 4x4 ford rangers. You can buy conversion kits that plug and play on wiring but I'm not sure which defenders they fit or what goes to what. I'm sure someone was doing a conversion for the TDV6 LR engine too. All of these are going to be big money though, the engines alone will cost thousands second hand. The thing that puts me off is my old Isuzu Rodeo 3.0 4cyl tdi did 100,000 miles never having a single part fitted apart from servicing. It pushed out 160bhp ish, 360Nm torque and you could sit with your foot pushed into the carpet with a trailer behind you all day and it would give what it had without complaining or you could potter about at idle all day still without complaining. My Amarok with the 3.0 v6 tdi gives 225bhp, 550Nm torque and out performs the Isuzu all day. However in 25,000 miles it's been into limp home 3 times and had the recovery out once. I've had gearbox over heats if I work it too hard for too long and DPF problems if I don't work it hard enough. It's torque limited in reverse which makes trailer reversing harder than it needs to be. I just want an engine and manual gearbox that works. I want my Rodeo back!
  10. Cynic-al

    Twin Axle vs Tri Axle Trailer ?

    When I looked at swapping my 2 axle for a 3 axle some time ago some things stood out to me so may or may not be relevant to you; Tyre scrubbing is not a problem from the point of view that I have never worn out a trailer or caravan tyre. They always get swapped due to punctures or wall cracking with age. I just don't do the miles. More axles = more servicing but generally for the miles I do it's only greasing bearings etc so not a massive issue most of the time. Although they are only legally limited to 3.5 tonne gross so less available payload, if you look at the axle weights they're rated at something like 4.5 tonne compared to a 2 axle at something like 3.6 tonne so you have more of a safety margin which is handy for a puncture etc. Generally they have smaller wheels so a lower bed which is good for loading and on road stability, not so good if you go offroad. It also means your wheels and bearings are turning faster so everything gets hotter. I've bent the suspension units in the past on both my caravan and trailer. No idea how, the guy that serviced the caravan suggested he saw a lot of it and it was caused by potholes / poor condition roads. I wonder if a 3 axle would ride over potholes better as the weight is more spread out or would it make it worse - do they use axles that are a bit smaller and weaker and there's less rubber in the tyre would they be more susceptible to damage? A 3 axle is more inclined to want to go straight so your tow vehicle has to be meaty enough to not be bullied by it. If I was buying a trailer again I would look to get an old fashioned leaf sprung Ifor because of the problems I've had with the suspension units.
  11. Cynic-al

    Advice on an LR4 requested

    The discovery 4 is one of my favourite modern land rovers. What engine would you have over there, I know diesel isn't that common for passenger cars but we mainly have diesels here. It's very comfortable and can tow and the electronics make it go better than you would expect offroad, especially if you give it suitable tyres. As it's air suspension you can have it lifted for offroad and lower for the interstates. The back is also very practical with a big square opening and the option of 7 seats. The only gripes I've heard of are the fuel belt on the back of the tdv6 engine is a body off job to change although some people seem to do it on and air leaks causing air suspension compressor problems. As with all cars make sure it's been serviced well throughout its life so that the diffs etc have had fresh oil and checks things like suspension bushes, wheel bearings etc etc. I don't know what support is like in Canada, is there a local specialist? I know someone who exports Land Rover parts to the USA by the container so there must be a demand somewhere that side of the water?
  12. Cynic-al

    Range rover brake lines

    I got llama 4x4 to make some for me that were long enough to go all the way down the radius arm and to the chassis. Figured it was better than a long floppy line dangling around the wheel. From memory upto a meter was a fixed price of something like £15.50 Just realised this is a very old thread
  13. Cynic-al

    Breaker bar & impact sockets?

    I wouldn't get a bettery impact gun just for taking the odd wheel off. If your changing your wheels every time you go offroading then ok but if it's just for punctures it's too big, heavy, expensive and will probably let you down. I have neilson which was relatively cheap several years ago, it's ok if the ni-cad batteries are freshly charged but soon loses its ooomph from storage or use. I had an onboard air system on the range rover which was an ac compressor feeding a 24 litre tank and it kept up with air tools with a stick wedged on the throttle. The downside was you had to have the engine running and it took up a fair bit of space. I had one of those extendable bars for the motor movers on my caravan which have fairly strong springs and it lasted fine even when it was left on wet grass for some time. I think for a compact tool to occasionally remove a wheel it would be fine. Otherwise tool makes I like are halfords professional and gedore, I have bought some snap on in the past but to be honest I find it hard to justify the price.
  14. If the oil isn't coming out the ram I wouldn't expect it to be the seal on the piston, more likely the valve you shut off or the pump on the jack. I would take that out first and have a look. Might be an easy to get o-ring or ptfe seat rather than having to buy a full kit?
  15. Cynic-al

    hot pressure washers

    Not when it's going down the back of your neck
  16. Cynic-al

    hot pressure washers

    Well I got it out for the first time this year and me saying that it was at the age that needed 'nursing' is clearly unfounded. The heat and soap worked straight away, even the pressure gauge was showing good pressure...
  17. Cynic-al

    hot pressure washers

    I will have a look, thanks.
  18. Cynic-al

    hot pressure washers

    I've tried a couple of different detergents through it over the years but it was never that good, you always had to brush it to get the film off. Obviously it was good for knocking solid lumps off before you brushed it to save scratches and for doing the chassis etc, we supply concrete factories and the vehicles get covered in cement which hardens and scratches if you just went straight at it with a sponge or brush. In the end I just took the lorries through a truck wash or asked the garage to wash them when they went for their inspection as it was easier, we don't run lorries any more and sub all the work out now so it's only pickups or vans that need cleaning and you can do those anywhere.
  19. Cynic-al

    hot pressure washers

    We have an edge at work. You can do hot or cold water or steam and add water softener and detergent if you like. 240v pump with a diesel burner for heat. It's pretty old now, cold be getting towards 20 years. When we had lorries it was used regularly and worked ok although an annual service was a fortune, as much as a service on a car. Now it never really gets used, just steam bits of machinery or wash the forklifts every few years and we have to nurse it along a bit. Tend to get problems with valves not shutting off or the burner not igniting from time to time. For it's age and lack of use I guess you can't really knock it. For washing vehicles it still leaves that film on that you need to use a brush or sponge for and they're pretty expensive so I'm not sure how much value you'd get over a good quality cold pressure washer? Could you connect a normal pressure washer to the hot tap I have a cold Nilfisk at home which I bought as the Karcher range had gone to wireless controllers which just seemed overkill and like something that would go wrong. I've been happy with it so far, they do hot water washers i believe.
  20. Cynic-al

    Dremel or similar

    I have a dremel from over 20 years ago and its been great, however the modern ones seem to get a bit of a slating and people seem to rate the Proxxon or just the really cheap ones you get from places like lidl. I wouldn't go battery personally as it's not something I use often so whenever I wanted it it'd be flat unless it has common batteries with your drills or something. If its for bigger work like porting have you considered the bigger die grinders that people like bosch make. Might be more up to the job? At work we just have windy grinders but we have plenty of air there, plenty of hot air too
  21. Cynic-al

    The closer you look, the worse it gets

    No but it'll be great when you forget your nail clippers on an expedition. Just file them on the car. One of our storage containers at work has a foot round bit in the side where the metal has gone rotten and completely disappeared but it's still water proof as the paint is unbroken on the outside so with Land Rovers reputation for going rotten it'll probably help with the structural integrity.
  22. Cynic-al

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Land cruiser are doing the commercial again in the uk. I think you can get a commercial Shogun too. Both might be worth looking at.
  23. Cynic-al

    The closer you look, the worse it gets

    I like that, the orange winch and roof marker lights give a nice contrast against the matt finish with anti aircraft convoy lights. They've certainly used the line-x to full extent.
  24. Cynic-al

    Learning CNC milling, first steps

    LOL. My favourite I've seen was at an exhibition where they had one chipping a gold ball into a hole. It did it every time. ABB do a program called robot studio where you can link robots to get them to do that sort of thing more easily but I'm not that into it. I can do a program that moves to a position, picks something up, puts it down elsewhere and that's about it.
  25. Cynic-al

    Free Solidworks licence for 'makers'

    That's handy! Only works for a year though, hopefully they continue it.

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