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  1. Chang of engine on v5

    When I went from a 1000cc to a 1600cc on my SJ they asked for an engineers report. I got a friendly mechanic to do me a letter on letter headed paper stating the reg, chassis number and engine number. I don't remember have problems on my Range Rover so they must have just accepted it?
  2. I've had 3 kias as hire cars, one was a little box with no power and an auto box from the arc. It drove ok and got me around but was definitely a budget car. Didn't even have central locking which took me back One was a small saloon - fortis maybe? It was much nicer than say an astra in every way. The third was a 7 seater - Sedona? It was hideous. Awful engine, dreadful gearbox, awful interior all the plastic was cheap and cracking, wouldn't demist, and I don't just mean it needed a wipe I had to stop constantly for about the first hour of driving, electrics were iffy and the ride was dreadful. Anything over 60 and it got tanker slap. It's one of the few cars where the thought of going out in it actually made me shudder. So although they are very popular and probably make a lot of good cars I'm afraid in summary I still have a bit of a downer on them :/
  3. Tablet Power

    A friend of mine uses one of those battery power banks. That way the phone stays on charge when the engine is off and the power bank charges when the engine is running. Obviously you need 1 high current usb adaptor. You also need a dumb power bank as some won't let you charge and draw at the same time.
  4. Tablet Power

    I used to use my phone as a dashcam and the USB / lighter socket adaptor I had wouldn't keep up so the phone gradually went flat. I got a higher current USB lighter socket adaptor which did the job fine. It's relatively dumb in that it just supplies 5v at the current the device is asking for and has a little display that tells you imput voltage, output voltage and current draw. You supply your own cable which keeps apple stuff happy. For what they cost off ebay have you tried just getting a higher current one?
  5. OT - Ford engine oil pressure way too high

    Why did you automatically put more oil in when the low pressure light was on? It could've been full of oil and still get a low pressure warning light? Over filling it could've caused a second problem? I would try put a pressure gauge on it first and try see what's actually happening... and a handbook so you know what the pressures should be.
  6. Have you tried the ex mod equipment suppliers like Jacksons or Withams? They have a scary amount of brand new ex MOD spare parts stacked up in sheds. http://www.ljacksonandco.co.uk/ http://www.mod-sales.com/direct/
  7. Yeah the little kia engines with the miserable auto boxes don't make for a fun drive. Lots of noise and no progression. They also seem to fit Tigger soft suspension which seems to lead of the tail wagging the dog. Their endless sets of traffic lights and stupidly low speed limits make things frustrating too. But yeah I've done it before where I've pre paid $40 for fuel then had to go back in and ask for a refund
  8. Any fuse has to be high enough not to blow under peak current which is going to be a big fuse. I usually base a fuse on stopping it melting the wiring and starting a fire rather than protecting the device at the end unless there is a specific need too. I think a starter fuse could be big enough to allow that to happen without blowing? Some cars put fusable links in on the higher current sizes. Iv'e had suzuki with this in but not land rover although I'm sure some of them did???
  9. I like looking up my old cars... except there arnt many of them still on the road
  10. Bollinger Electric 4x4

    The big problem people who have bought ev's are having at the moment, once they've found their way around the initial concerns of range and where to charge it, is when you want to change it. If you took your batteries on lease your trying to sell a 4 year old car where the buyer has to take on a £200 a month battery lease. In that situation the buyer might as well go new so effectively your electric car has no value. Batteries are improving but generally Nissan usually change their lease batteries at 7 years which they claim is 80% capacity remaining. I don't know how true that is as I've been in Prius cars that are less than 10 years old where the range in city traffic is less than 2 miles, less than 10% of the claimed range when new. Nissan have a project where used batteries are put on the grid for storage of renewable energy but I don't know how that's going. I think they are ideal in a 2 car house where 1 person uses it to commute and the other uses the regular car which is available for long trips. Not a cheap prospect though as most people in this situation would buy a much cheaper second car. If you can charge them away from your home or you have a renewable source at home then that's better. A guy at work has got a plug in hybrid 3 series which he charges at home and can just make the 15 mile commute without starting the petrol engine. He has no charge facilities at work so has to go home on petrol. He thinks the BIK saving is more than enough to cover this. BMW claim their fastest car 0-30 is the i3! It's something that's coming along but I think the car manufacturers need a bit of support from infrastructure to make it realistic. I don't want to stop for a 30 minute charge every 100 miles, it would take for ever, especially if I have to start worrying about finding an empty, working charge station when the range gets down to 30 miles. The best thing about them though is the pre-heat. Nice toasty defrosted car to get into would sell it to me!
  11. Bollinger Electric 4x4

    Once your over the looks they've actually put some really useful features in it. It can carry and 8x4 sheet, long stock and has a hidden locking compartment which is always a theft problem with estates. Locking diffs. An electric power supply point. It's the sort of real world useful stuff that the big players ignore these days for phone integration and bubble wrap on the doors.
  12. You tend to find that there is such a range of climates and altitudes in the US and with being out of phone signal being common a big, low stressed engine is traditionally preferred. It's just a shame they insist on coupling that to a big old lazy auto box. Efficient smaller cars are very common over there, you see a lot of minis or small toyotas and kias. Although to us the fuel is cheap to them its ever increasing
  13. New gauge or light

    You will be able to buy an electronic pressure gauge for the winch and it would be very useful. Try a hydraulics supplier!
  14. New gauge or light

    I found fuel pressure in the rail useful when I had a problem where the car wouldn't rev once it had been running a few hours. I just used an oil pressure gauge. Not sure how useful it would be the rest of the time apart from something to look at.
  15. I don't like these type of carbs, you can see how much fuel is going in