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  1. No idea what that engine is but a cracking project, I will have to go look it up! How did you come about taking a defender from Georgia to Canada? I would be careful using Georgia and Russia in the same sentence, I once said to a Georgian at an exhibition something along the lines of 'oh, the Russian one not the American one'. I got a dressing down and surprisingly didn't sell anything to them . I think the tensions must be ingrained, I certainly didn't say it to any others
  2. Cynic-al

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    That's why, despite being road legal, it went everywhere on a trailer. Then I could roll it on, change clothes and settle into a leather seat with the heater on and a selection of DAB stations and meander home with the cruise control set instead of being sat at the side of the road, wet, in the dark, with a stuck brake and a failed wheel bearing and headlights full of water. I only lived the one life for a few hours at a time. A fair weather one lifer
  3. Cynic-al

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Mine would run in water until the steering column got under water. It then randomly put all the wipers and lights on and engaged the starter whilst the engine was running. The saving grace was it then switched from petrol to LPG but as I had taken the LPG tank out it stalled, flooded the engine with water and engaged the starter against it which blew the cast starter housing apart. The ECU was ok though. Fun day and limits learnt!
  4. Cynic-al

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    They did that with the Mercedes pickup, you could put down £1,000 to pre order a vehicle with no released photos or specifications. People did it hoping that demand would out strip supply and they would make a profit, sadly it didn't live up to the hype and hasn't done as well as they hoped. Although I've noticed a few recently so there must be some people willing to pay an extra £20k for a mercedes badge on their nissan
  5. Cynic-al

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Exactly, and your paying £100ph for a glossy showroom and a video of the underside of your car. My VW has had it's first and last dealer service, 25,000 miles and nearly 2 years old and all they did was an engine oil change. Didn't even take the wheels off to look at anything. That means by their service schedule it'll get to 50,000 miles without having a wheel off unless the computer tells them the pads are worn etc. They do it to make the car cheaper on leases with no concern for its condition after it's sold a 3/4 years old. I use a back street, sorry, independent!, garage who are fantastic, they keep up with the tech and training and will put someone higher level on it if it's not just routine work, if you tell them it's still under warranty they use approved parts and provide the evidence etc but it's hard to know who to trust. I have a friend who apprenticed at another local independent and he was told just to wipe the top of spark plugs to make them look new, drill holes in the under tray to get at the sump plug to save having to take it off etc etc. I wouldn't expect that sort of shiftiness from a dealer so I guess you know your getting a certain level of confidence. Although that's gone off topic a bit from the defender, must be getting bored of waiting
  6. Cynic-al

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    I think the mechanics are only trained to do what the computer says, the dealer doesn't have enough high level mechanics to look at the faults and doesn't want to put them on it as they don't get enough out the warranty company to cover it. So they have this instant reaction of trying to deflect every problem instead of trying to fix it. I couldn't even get vw to oil the sticking central locking on my pickup. The first excuse was it doesn't have remote central locking, the second was I was putting the key in the wrong way around (on remote central locking?!) And the third there was a wiring fault which they've fixed. It wasn't fixed so I had to spend 5 minutes finding a straw for a wd40 can and 2 minutes squirting it in the lock to fix it myself 🙄
  7. Cynic-al

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Sadly all the main dealers do is read the computer and change the parts that it flags up. They can't diagnose any fault that isn't that individual part so an ECU or wiring problem and they have no hope. We've had some absolute nightmares with vehicles at work which dealers couldn't fix and in the end I've had to pay back street garages to do. I think whats lacking today is the manual, when I got my RRC I downloaded the manual explaining how the EFI worked from here. Suddenly I knew what all the parts are for and could diagnose faults very well, mostly with just a multimeter. Now I appreciate the complexity has expanded and there are far more sensors and everything is integrated with everything, however if an aftermarket company could offer that sort of manual with the diagnostic tools to go with it I think it would be the stepping stone home enthusiasts need to get them from hammers to computers. Not everyone want to delve into learning the code it's too involved. With VW you can pay a tenner to access the online dealer workshop manuals for all vehicles for an hour or a couple of grand for a year. In that hour I downloaded the manuals for my Amarok, and 2x golfs and a tiguan for friends. OK you only get the live stuff whilst your logged in but I feel I got good value. A friend bought ta VW diagnostic kit and you can alter a fair amount, like enable the corner lighting that was a £70 optional extra and turn off the annoying double click locking
  8. Cynic-al

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Maybe it's time the owners caught up? Bring back night schools!
  9. Cynic-al

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    All mine have broken within a few inches of the ends. I could believe the Chinese steel theory, getting quality steel is very difficult now. It int like wen I were a lad eee by gum.
  10. Cynic-al

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    I've done 3 springs on my van in the last 2 years. The front one wound down and dug into the top of the tyre whilst my dad was driving. I've got the 4th on the passenger seat for when it's not raining as a precaution.
  11. I had a Garmin truck satnav when I use to drive hgv. You could indeed set height, width, length and weight restrictions. The downside was the mapping wasn't that great. It knew low bridges and weight restrictions and would sometimes warn of a tight bend which I guess was based on the map shape but that doesn't mean the road was in any way suitable. Every time I left our yard instead of trying to get me to go down a double width narrow b road it used to try to take me down a single width b road then do a 90 degree turn over a single width old bridge where I've seen vans have to shunt to get around and down a single width unmade road as on its map they were all b roads. Don't know if they've improved since, it was ok for routing the main road bit in the middle of the journey but if I was going somewhere new I just used to have a look on Google maps satellite view and that gave me a better idea of what I was going into then the satnav did.
  12. Thanks I will have a go at that!
  13. Good to know you can download google maps as not having a connection to stream is one of the things that put me off. Someone told me waze was good too. She seems to prefer to use google maps on her kenwood with the screen sharing thing but I've never tried it. I have the built in VW stuff in mine, if you tether that to your phone you get fairly decent traffic planning. It'll do google maps via the screen mirroring but I've never tried to connect it, I'm starting to feel like a tech dinosaur!
  14. Cynic-al

    Starting turning on an old lathe

    I'm kind of guilty of getting it working but never finished too. I pinched an automatic lubricator from a moulding machine we were scrapping at work but never got around to fitting it and writing a macro to run it on the CNC mill. I also fitted a variable speed inverter to the motor and a motor RPM feedback back into the PC but never got around to connecting the two together so that the G-code can control the spindle. And as for the wiring, best the door is kept closed to the panel Looks like your getting on well with the lather though, getting some nice work done on it.
  15. I looked at these sorts of things when I was putting parking cameras in my wifes S-max, you can buy ones that fit the exact shape of the dash (a funny ovally shape radio as standard) which is a nice touch. What put me off is they were advertised as having satnav etc etc but when I read the small print it said things like can do nav and dab etc etc but you need an appropriate app. I know there's loads of choice on android but I felt like I was going to have to give it a wireless signal all the time and keep trying to find the right app to use. It also said can work with steering wheel controls but no backup saying how you do it. As it's not my car and I rarely drive it it's hard for me to work out which apps work so I chickened out and got a kenwood, fascia adaptor and canbus steering wheel control adaptor. Although this is the first Kenwood I've had and I can't say I'm that impressed with the GUI. The wife can talk to siri on her iphone with it and listen to music and do navigation though so she's happy enough. Look forward to seeing how you get on.

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