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  1. Cynic-al

    Interesting industrial drill

    They call it a radial arm drill, a lot of the toolmakers I use still have them for deep cooling channels, lifting holes as the machining centres can't work with such long drills and they're all hugely over engineered so never need replacing. I'm like everyone else those, nowhere to put it
  2. Cynic-al

    Bench top milling machine

    If it is ABB I assume its 3phase to 3phase then? ABB is the make (a well known industrial make), 3hp is the maximum motor rating. 21 amp might be the required supply? If so I would expect a 32amp breaker and atleast 4mm2 cable?
  3. Cynic-al

    Bench top milling machine

    That's a nice size! Assuming your using a 1ph to 3ph inverter; For mine you have to wire the motor in Delta for 220v not Star for 415v, easy on a dual voltage motor but I don't know what your is. Do you have a b type rcd? If so try a C or D they will be 'slower blow'. I would do it as a second circuit though as you might not want the whole ring to be slow blow. Or as said above you can change the ramp up and down, mine faults if i ask it to do things too slowly for some reason?
  4. Cynic-al

    Brake flaring tool

    It's one of those things which is nice to have but you don't use very often, and usually end up lending it to others more than you use it yourself.
  5. Cynic-al

    Brake flaring tool

    I have the handheld version of the sykes pickervant flaremaster 2. I got the kit with the bending, cutting & deburring tool included. You can get different tooling for different pipe sizes and flare shapes.
  6. Cynic-al

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    The angle on the rear suspension looks like it has a reasonable amount of droop available, I wonder if it will have air suspension? That would be a nice feature for a part on road part off road vehicle.
  7. Just shows the ncap people didn't think of that one.
  8. Cynic-al

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Don't forget there will be loads of aftermarket stuff, like the number plate fix for the d5 https://houseofurban.co.uk/shop/discovery5/discovery-5-rear-number-plate-centralisation-kit/
  9. Cynic-al

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    I believe Toyota still make a basic land cruiser for places like Africa. I don't think Land Rover will make a version that can compete with pickups for commercial use, they aren't interested in such low value products. I wouldn't say they are UK centred though, I believe they have their eye on places like China and Dubai etc who have big money for big bling. I think you have to expect the new defender to be an Evoque with a more practical body.
  10. Cynic-al

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    I agree. The TC first response on my D-max was to cut power and you'd loose momentum, usually with the wheel in the bottom of a dip, you'd then have to get the thing going from a stand still. The rodeo I had before had no TC just an LSD in the back and in the same situation it would just roll on. I also find you have to nail TC to get it to cut in whereas with the mechanical systems you can just tickle along so it can get a bit 'exciting' with TC. However well written TC can work on fast roads, wet roads, icy roads, muddy lanes etc with no input from the driver. Mechanical systems you generally have to engage which is fine when your knowingly heading for a challenge but not so clear cut when your driving down the road. TC is generally cheaper so you can get a more capable vehicle for less. It depends what you want it for.
  11. Cynic-al

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    It very much comes down to how much offroad you do vs how much on road you do as to what vehicle you need, how many people buy a new car and do a punch hunt, trial, winch challenge, play day or trek across some wild country? Very few, mostly the 4x4 has to get them across a field or down a farm track. Any 4x4 with a decent set of tyres can do that. When that car gets to 5+ years old it might be used for those things but why would the manufacturer be interested in that? I agree that lifting a wheel can be bad for stability as you have no control over how quickly it comes back down which means you can build a lot of momentum which in the wrong situation might cause you to roll. However, in my opinion dislocating springs are no different to lifting a wheel so unless your going to put springs and shocks that give the articulation then your not much better off, and that usually equates to a much less stable on road vehicle. Manufacturers do like to put lots of plastic on cars which gets in the way offroad, but haven't people been taking that off for years and bolting on lumps of steel as well as lifting independent suspension vehicles. OK not as easy but it's been done. This is a video of a freelander on facebook so you may or may not be able to see it. It was v6 freelander 1 doing the axle twisters at KORC some years ago. Stock 'old fashioned' land rovers couldn't do this as they lifted a wheel and lost traction. They had to zig zag to try keep the wheels down. The technology on these vehicles is not as up to date as the more modern stuff but it shows it does work and so long as the wheels have some traction keeps it rolling. The biggest problem we face is keeping it working, we could do with night classes like you used to be able to do in motor mechanics years ago. The lack of low box did make it hopeless on the bigger climbs though.
  12. Cynic-al

    What axle innards does the 70th Anni Defender use?

    I must admit the range rover auto was brilliant offroad. You could be very gentle by left foot braking no snatching the clutch and brake and you could change speed on hills without loss of power. Don't get me wrong the 8 speed zf is the best auto I've ever driven, it's known for taking huge amounts of power being used in things like Bentleys, but the problem is when I'm driving a manual I react to what im going to do in advance so the car is setup ready and it's done by instinct, I don't think about it I just look at the road ahead. An auto can't do that because it can't react until I start the manoeuvre. To make it react means me taking some sort of advanced action, ie put it in sport, knock it down a few gears etc but all of that takes my mind and attention off the road. Also sometimes it does it sometimes it doesn't so you really struggle to get it right. On a track where your fast driving all the time fine you can leave it in sport but of the road where it's the odd junction followed by a few miles of mundane it's not so clear cut. When you usually have to pay more for the auto and often get worse mpg and emissions and wear brakes quicker I'd just rather not. The other frustration is it's limited to 200nm in reverse. In my old isuzu I could reverse a trailer around the corner and up my drive just riding the clutch on idle. In this you have to rev it's nuts off then once it starts rolling in runs away. Very frustrating. I believe there's a software fix but as it's under warranty I don't like to fiddle too much. Also... another post ruined by me!
  13. Cynic-al

    What axle innards does the 70th Anni Defender use?

    Or maybe I'm just being picky... I think I just prefer driving older simpler cars.
  14. Cynic-al

    What axle innards does the 70th Anni Defender use?

    The 8 speed is very hard to drive in manual as under braking you will click the down button 3 or 4 times but it decides to ignore one of them either as you've pressed the button too quickly or you were going too fast for the gear you've asked for so then you get an awkward moment where it isn't doing what you want and you having to look a the display on the dash to work out how many more times you need to press the button to get what you want. In a manual you just do it without thinking about it. It doesn't help that they're so close together either, it makes it harder to judge the gear you need. In sport and offroad it holds gears longer and shifts down sooner but I rarely use it. The times when it catches me out are when I'm just driving normally not trying to loon about. This one also insists on starting in first and going through every gear, it won't skip gears or start in 2nd or 3rd. It doesn't have a low box and they have gone lower ratio at the bottom of the box to compensate. If your cruising empty on a flat road it'll go into 7th in a 30mph so from pulling out your road end to getting upto 30 it does 6 gear changes. That means you can either pull out very slowly as it needs a lot of time to get through that many gear changes or you push the throttle a little more and it holds onto a lower gear and throws you through the neighbours hedge again. It's hard to get something inbetween the two. What I find helps is rather than brake upto a junction or roundabout, slow down a bit earlier so that you can just lightly press the throttle as your approaching the junction, this makes it pick a gear and then usually it'll stick with it as you pull out unless you try to floor it or have something heavy behind you.
  15. Cynic-al

    What axle innards does the 70th Anni Defender use?

    They are awful, I don't know why people like automatics, I had high hopes for this box as everyone told me how good they were and I couldn't get this vehicle with a manual but I'd like to go back to a manual. I even went for paddle shift as my backup but that's a load of rubbish too. They seem harder and harder to get though, with higher tuned engines they need more gears to keep it in a power / efficiency band and as soon as you add an electric motor your prety much stuck with the auto.

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