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  1. I bought a jet (sold by axminster) and have a clarke at work. They're all much of a muchness unless you want to spend big, I don't consider them a precision tool. Things I would look at are RPM they can do. A lot don't go slow enough for anything over 1/2" holes in steel and you just end up knackering drills. The other thing I think you need is a rigid table. Look for how long the bit is that clamps the support pillar and how easy it is to set level. Depending what accuracy you need a set square against a bit of rod in the chuck is usually good enough but it's frustrating if they twist out of
  2. The problem is everyone wants a solution that works without us changing our lifestyle. That doesn't work with the batteries available now for electric cars for so many reasons. The charging at home has to be linked to a smart network which can change the charge rate of cars based on demand and 'green' supply. Otherwise 5.30 every night everyone gets home, plugs their car in regardless if it needs a 10% charge or a 90% charge as they want it topped up. They then go inside, switch the lights on, kettle on, tv on, electric oven on, electric shower etc. The peak for those few hours would be
  3. I might be a bit late but I have a cheap 30t, it's no precision instrument. I find the key is to remove rust and keep things in line otherwise you can soon run out of oomph. Mine doesn't have a pressure gauge and I keep saying I'm going to add one as otherwise it's hard to know how hard your pushing. You have to get a feel for it as if you keep pushing you get to a point when your making things tighter not pushing out, a pressure gauge would help there.
  4. Ive got 3 kids, 2 are school age and it's taking me 2-3 hours a day per child to do their homework with them. It's been educational for me too, I didn't know what an expanded noun with a prepositional phrase was until yesterday. I feel it will be useful in my future vocation for sure! I'm at work 1 day a week and supposed to be working from home in between (ha!). I've done a bit of DIY - I've kocked down the wall between the kitchen, hall and dining room to make one open plan room. Moved lots of services, burn't my hand with hot water by being too lazy to drain the central heating sy
  5. I think the speed of print is, as you say, how quickly you can get the head to change direction without overshoot, but also how quickly you can feed the material, and that comes down to how quickly you can melt it all the way through. So I guess a thinner rod is better from that respect. Hard to describe without drawings or photos but in will try. If needs be I will do some sketches. There are a few ways of doing it. For one clip you can try put it on the split line so there is no reverse draw. I did this once on a fitting that had the clip broken into 8 expanding segments. The core
  6. If you had a central cord (bungee or welder liner etc) you could have them clip on so you could take the middle one out. The thing you might come across when trying to print fine tolerance clips is the layer thickness. How much it spreads as it comes out the nozzle and the layer thickness giving you a staircase on the taper and lower strength (as your putting hot material onto cold the joint isnt as strong, that's why some people heat the cabinet, that and to control shrinkage as it cools) We injection mould hollow sockets at work with an internal socket range of 5mm yo 320mm and wh
  7. Material wise pick one and stick with it ir your making it hard for yourself. Abs is a proper plastic but not the easiest to work with. I think the printer would have to be well setup for a tight fitting spring clip. A bit of reverse taper on the clip will help pull them together. Tolerance the fit so the plastic isnt fully relaxed so it's still putting a bit of tension on the joint. Or could you make in 2 halves so it doesnt need to spring as much and you can have a bigger overlap? Or a screw down the middle so you can get them in position then clamp them tight together. Or just get a length
  8. I guess it's to give them a fighting chance against the authorities. Your not allowed a concealed weapon so I'm not sure how you would get treated if you were pulled with one hidden down the side of your seat. It's also why I never enter into any sort of road rage when I'm there as you dont know what the crazy fool is packing. Someone cut me up once nearly causing an accident, i had to really react to avoid his accident, he looked like snoop dog so I apologised 🤣
  9. My first one was a reprap. That worked in a fashion but was definitely the project version. I had to heat the bed to get the material to stick and fiddle with every job. There was no support structure so you had to design the part for the limitations of the printer. The software for slicing was really flaky and after a java update on the pc it just died altogether and I lost interest. Based on that bad experience I got an objet 24. It's different in terms of it's a polyjet not an fdm and it prints with heated heads in a heated cabinet. Accuracy is 0.1mm, layer thickness is 28 micron and y
  10. One of the reasons a lot of americans support gun ownership even if they dont have one is the ability to overthrow a government. Goes back to early american history.
  11. I'm going to have a go with one called design spark too. It's free from rs, you can layout a cabinet and create drawings from it. Dont know how biased it will be towards what they sell but could be worth a look.
  12. Just to muscle in on the post... I'm building a machine at work which I'm at the stage of doing a manual for. It needs a wiring diagram in it for CE. Basically it's industrial boards wired to industrial boards. I haven't created any PCBs or anything. So for example there is a robot controller which has safety inputs from a laser scanner, emergency stops, emergency stop outputs to a spindle motor etc. There are IO cards connected to solenoid valves etc etc. So I need something like this; Initially I was going to do an autocad drawing but through it would be a bit tedious moving e
  13. Just shows they should've listened to the americans and not allowed the chinese 5g hardware, it's clearly how they're spreading the virus! I cant go on social media for all the stupid. People posting saying theyve been to the shops for a few bits and cant believe how many people are there why aren't they at home? Why do they see themselves as different? Then there are all the people who are sharing bbc news stories on the local community pages. If I can find this page I'm pretty sure I can find an international media outlet with tv, radio and internet. Grumpy old man for sure!
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