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  1. Ctek comfort battery charge indicator

    Had one on an old mg my dad had. More because the battery was behind the seat and it made it easier to plug the charger in which he left on most of the time. The lights replicate what on the charger.
  2. Re-flooring my trailer

    Looks worth a try, thanks
  3. Re-flooring my trailer

    Looks good, how did you fasten them down? Drill and screw or...? Mine had no support at the sides of the board which is obviously why the edges had cracked open and let water in so I've welded some bits in to support the sides. I've got some anti rust primer and glass reinforced chassis paint to put on just waiting for a day when I can get down to work in the daylight to tip it on its side with a forklift and wire brush it and paint it. Really should swap it for an ifor but can't bring myself to spend the money on something that will probably get pinched
  4. Re-flooring my trailer

    I use cut edge sealer like you'd use for decking as it soaks in rather than sits on the surface but I guess a bitumen paint / sealer would work too? I'm doing exactly the same job on mine at the moment and have gone for exactly the same stuff. The problem with my trailer is I figured if I was going to put an expensive floor on I might as well have it blasted and galvanised (it's painted at the moment), and if I'm going to that I might as well make some sides for it to make it more useful and drill all holes before it's galvanised, and if I'm going to do that I might as well throw 1800kg axles on it instead of the current 1300kg to make it more useful which means new wheel and tyres too, and if I'm going to do all that I might as well sell it and just buy a ready made one. So I figured just od the cheapest and easiest
  5. New Workshop Planned

    The tyre place I use has a scissor lift recessed in the floor, you wouldn't know it's there until they lift a car with it. They have thick rubber mats over it to protect the cars which hides it well. It seems a bit of a fiddle getting the car in the right place but I guess that's because they're lifting on car sills and don't want to damage any of the underneath. They're also only interested in getting the wheels off not working underneath. For wheel alignment and exhausts they always use a 4-post. The scissor is too restrictive underneath. They also use the air jacks for getting wheels off, they impress me too! A friend has a forklift which he uses for lifting cars (amongst other things). He's made a parking bay between two sheds that it reverses into, drives over the tines then lifts the car. He's made some props which he then lowers under the tines onto for safety before he works on the car. He has wooden blocks he positions under sills to try protect them when lifting. The only downside is the lift capacity of a forklift is usually based on the weight at 0.5m from the heel, car's are more like a meter so you need a fair size forklift to lift a car. The tines also tend to be relatively close together so things can be a bit tippy especially if your removing gearboxes etc, again unless you've got a good sized forklift. The tines can also get in the way of transfer boxes etc whereas a 2 post leaves the under side completely exposed. Converting a mast is a great idea though!
  6. New Workshop Planned

    The only think I have against them is they limit access to the gubbins underneath, they're great for working on brakes etc but they are a bit awkward for exhausts, transfer boxes etc. The ones I've always fancied are the ones which are like an individual lifting post on a pallet truck. You can store them at the side of the garage then when you want them put either one under each wheel or one under each sill, connect them together and lift. It's a 2 post and a 4 post in one with no permanent floor space required. You can get very cheap manual ratchet type ones all the way upto ones for trucks and buses. A bit like these; http://www.maxjaxusa.com/dannmar-maxjax-standard-package.html
  7. Insulating a metal shed

    You can buy damp seal paint to prevent damp on floors and walls but I must confess I don't know much about it. I believe it's bitumen based like the roof sealer. I don't know how abrasion resistant it would be but if your putting another floor on top of it? It claims it is vapour resistant so it should stop the smell coming through although they might still go around? Like this; https://www.permagard.co.uk/damp-proof-paint?gclid=Cj0KCQiArYDQBRDoARIsAMR8s_TaSvgAroL6De5Kfwkf01vq-Au_xomcNfYTTyGZuXOorWeQwdgDZz0aAkP-EALw_wcB
  8. Insulating a metal shed

    I used polystyrene sheet covered with OSB but that's because it's what I could get free. The tin sheds seem to be quite easy to break into. Have you looked at the cost of getting the inside spray polyurethane type foamed like they do with farm buildings, boats etc? It covers everything and might stick the panels together a bit to help with security? Why not paint clean the slab and paint it with a 2 part resin floor paint before you put the shed on. It'll gunge up all the holes and should help keep the smell away. I used firwood with their acid etch and degreaser but it depends what you want to spend and what type of contrete floor it is.
  9. Bulkhead repairer

    Theres someone in Doncaster who makes new bulkheads. I can't remember their name but google brings up this company; http://www.landroverbulkhead.co.uk/ I think LRS Offroad have used some in the past but I can't remember if that's the right company, that said how many can there be in one town? They don't do a full range at the moment so I don't know if they will have the right one for your vehicle.
  10. I don't think they will stop you driving it, it will just get more expensive. Higher road tax, tax for driving in areas with poor air quality etc. My D-max used to do a regen around every 500 miles and you had to do a decent motorway run to allow it to do it. My amarok pickup has already gone into limp home once as the DPF got saturated and I had to make a special motorway trip to clear it and I had come back from Manchester a few days before which was about a 2 hour run. A friend broke down tonight in a 2015 pickup with an EGR stuck open. With congestion as it is and the fact that a lot of businesses tried to reduce the trips their drivers have been making since the recession I'm not surprised people have problems and look for a solution. I've never liked driving diesels so won't be sad if it makes petrol's more available, although I suspect most manufactures will look for hybrid solutions. At the end of they day they've fiddled it as it was broken so in reality they've just delayed needing a replacement so have still saved money.
  11. Enjoyed those videos, thanks! I'd say I've driven all the places you raced... just never that fast! Fair play to the vehicles for holding together!
  12. Simplified 3.9 v8 loom

    Yeah photoboucket has killed all my photos too :/ All sounds sensible, good luck!
  13. Need a Product name for my newest product !

    If you want wot offroaders search for then it has to be extreem diff obviously
  14. Question for any audio experts

    I doubt you'd overload it as it can only give what it can give although depending how it works it might effect the impedance? I have an active sub in my house that can work the same way and it doesn't cause a problem although I run it off a dedicated sub out on the current setup. It will pick out the lower frequencies which only works if the head unit is sending them there in the first place so you need to make sure it sends everything to the back and isn't splitting the sound up. It will also still play the bass to the smaller speakers so if they're distorting it won't cure that unless you filter them too? Stick it in and if it's rubbish get a better head unit?
  15. I won't buy a car without a full sized spare wheel. I've had 3 punctures this year. My parents got stuck in a little town in France for 4 days a couple of years ago waiting for the tyre place to get the odd ball sized tyre delivered that their Nissan had. I've not had great luck with the spray foam, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't and it's a faff to have to put it in, drive for so many miles etc etc. I just want to nut and bolt a wheel on and know that I'm back upto full speed, full load capacity and I can continue without having to worry.