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  1. Cynic-al

    Lead Lamp

    I have what you describe somewhere with a regular 12v bulb, if LED was essential you can change the lamp! Otherwise I have a flat rechargeable LED torch with hooks and magnets and an LED floodlight which do what I need. You just have to have them charged so I guess it depends what your doing.
  2. Cynic-al

    ibex 300 build

    If it was a restrictive port somewhere around the engine wouldn't that cause higher pressure?
  3. Cynic-al

    OT - Car EGR Valves

    If it's sticking at one bit can you smooth it off a bit, see if it will go over? We had a picasso, the first owner did 3 years of pottering around, very low mileage and low speed, then my wife give it another year of the same as she was on maternity leave. The car still ran but with an engine management light on. We cleaned it but couldn't get it to work properly so took it to a garage. They fitted a new one and had to recalibrate it to the car so I can only assume there is more than just 'open' and 'closed', the car must be able to set how open it is, like a pwm valve or whatever. The only one I've had blanked off was on a Fiat Bravo, it would go into limp home on hard acceleration which was great when overtaking. Blanking off was the cheaper fix I was offered, I can't remember if they had to do an ECU fiddle or not? I believe older ones were vacuum operated rather than electronic. They're usually fully closed when cold. They have recently changed the MOT rules on EGR and DPF blanking, I don't know if they will apply to your car as it depends on age but check before you decide to do it.
  4. Cynic-al

    Pillar drill old or new?

    Looks good!
  5. The thread on your 3rd photo down looks like it's on the bit of the table that pivots for drilling angles so I would avoid that bit. I wonder if that hole is supposed to have a spring pin in it to automatically register horizontal? Bargain actuator though!
  6. Mine has a rack and pinion to lift the table. The handle is on the back of the table with the rack through a slot in the table. The rack sits on a collar on the shaft without being fixed to it so that you can still rotate the table. Pretty standard on this sort of thing but I can take a photo if it would help. I've seen them used for lifting TVs out of bed frames or car dash boards, might be worth searching with those criteria. Does seem quite elaborate to me though? Are you going to lock off before you drill? If not make sure it's man enough to take you pulling down with the drill.
  7. Cynic-al


    Went to Bunnings warehouse today and noticed this racking. It's much heavier than the sort of stuff you might get from machine Mart, it's rated at 1 tonne per beam and finished in what looks like the upol raptor type stuff. Uprights are £10 for 1.8m high, £12 for 2.1m high. Beams are £4 for a 1.8m there was a narrower one too but I can't remember what that was. Wire shelves are £5 or wooden £7. Thought some of you might like it, seems good value for what looks like good quality stuff.
  8. Cynic-al

    Just bought a metal detector

    I prefer the photos infront of the Land Rover to the ones in the bedroom. I think you should be spending more time on that than scouring beaches
  9. Cynic-al

    ibex 300 build

    If you order off eBay they make them and send them with no documentation required.
  10. Cynic-al

    Silverstone classic

    That was only about half the story, I skipped why he had the pistol in the first place. This was an old road car rather than a classic race car, he bought it many years ago when they were more affordable and cherished it. It's gone to the insurance company now. I don't know him ,only his brother in law but I get the impression the whole experience knocked him quite hard.
  11. Cynic-al

    New Tata SUV based on Disco Sport

    Meh to the car. What I want to know is that if the UK plant is at capacity where will they be making the discovery platform? I assume one of their Indian plants, so will we then start seeing Indian parts coming this way? In other news Jeep arn't bringing the V6 petrol to the UK anymore in the new Wrangler just a boring 2.0 And HMRC are rumoured to be reviewing BIK tax on pickups
  12. Cynic-al

    Silverstone classic

    One of my dads friends brother in law managed to put his classic Ferrari backwards through a barrier at Silverstone and write it off. He had to give Silverstone £500 to repair the barrier just to rub the insult in! He was ever so slightly upset so had ever such a small drink and shot my dads friend with an air pistol, who had also had a small drink and didn't realise how serious it was until he woke the next morning in a pool of blood. A sign of a good weekend?
  13. Cynic-al

    Dual Sim phones

    I believe you can cut the sim cards down, I've just never been brave enough. Usually the operator will send a replacement free anyway.
  14. Cynic-al

    Build or buy? 30t Press

    I saw a website once where someone had drilled the side of the jack base casting and tapped in a pressure gauge, I decided I was going to do it myself but never got around to it. It would be handy as sometimes your merrily pumping away on the handle and something shoots out to the side at some force, the pressure gauge would give a bit of warning.
  15. Cynic-al

    Build or buy? 30t Press

    I have a very similar one, a pressure gauge would be nice so you know whats happening and the stroke isn't great. It was very short on oil when I got in so I put some in but it would probably take more.

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