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  1. Whatever your opinions of the vehicle, I think we'd all like to be the test drivers! In that case I suggest the moderators do a deal with the web host which allows lr4x4 to leave the host whilst still being hosted by the host. I would suggest the most appropriate deal would be one which neither the lr4x4 moderators or host moderators desire. If both sides object to the deal equally then logic states they will all agree to it as it's fair. If they don't just keep blindly putting the same deal forward for vote in the hope that people get bored of voting and give up whilst being completely oblivious to the fact that their time wasting is more crippling to the community than either being hosted or not hosted by the host.
  2. Only if the moderators are going to abide by the vote and not vote to overrule the vote because they know better than the voters despite not knowing better than the voters before the voters voted else they could've better guided the voters on how best to vote then the voters would've voted the way they were supposed to vote.
  3. I feel it's one of my special skills, however I think this is cause by the vast amount of waiting we are doing in anticipation of the new defender. It's like an automotive brexit
  4. I completely agree that if the government spend £1 supporting an industry they get £1.50 back in taxes and a £2.00 saving on unemployment related spending or whatever. It's the dilemma they're having at the steelworks at S****horpe at the moment. They claim it will put 20,000 people out of work. The steelworks wanted help to pay a £120 million EU fine for pollution as they've been frozen out of the EU carbon trading scheme due to brexit. The government claim they can't directly help due to EU rules. The business has been close to closure for decades, if the price of steel goes up they're ok, if it goes down they're losing money. As a business it is as inefficient as the NHS but it's hard to control something that big. However I think it would be worthwhile for the politicians trying to keeping it going rather than just trying to blame other departments.
  5. I work in manufacturing and am as dismayed by the offshoring that various politicians have enabled and encouraged, and I would agree that the UK MOD should by local rather than cheapest, however my only reservation would be if I'm sending a person to war I would want my priories to be 1) best equipment, 2) locally sourced 3) cheapest.
  6. Most tech colleges still do NVQs etc in welding although finding evening classes is becoming very difficult unless you want "how to use an ipad" or "introduction to English for none English speakers". Most only cater for 16+ full time or part time. I looked at doing a tig welding one but it was in two parts and they were £600 each so decided not to. The other alternative is private training companies aimed at businesses which are a bit more flexible, sometimes it's a guy coming to you, but they can cost more.
  7. I guess the angle of rotation has to be right too?
  8. Can you measure the resistance of the pot and get a 50p stock one off the internet then make a mount for it?
  9. I have senator at work which is from Cromwell, used every day and getting on for 20 years old. At home I have the red halfords ones and there is a noticeable difference in quality. https://www.cromwell.co.uk/shop/storage-and-handling/roller-cabinets-and-tool-chests/7-drawer-roller-cabinet/p/SEN5940580K I did get this offer emailed the other day, no idea what they're like. https://www.tooled-up.com/brand/kincrome/kincrome/roller-cabinets-tool-chests/594/ I bought a hoist from these people and was pleased with the quality for the price https://www.sgs-engineering.com/garage-equipment/tool-chests-cabinets Draws in the senator. Hou can get different shapes obviously.
  10. I put one on a works van, It gets very little use, its a 65 plate and only has 27k on it, mostly short runs to pick up a part etc. It has a tracker and the battery was always going flat. I put a ring panel on (a4 paper size, maybe 10w?) and it's only gone flat twice since, once someone left the lights on in the back and I'm not sure about the other time, probably the same. The panel is on the dash so we always leave it parked the right way, especially in winter when there isn't much light. It was the cheapest way to fix the problem but it's important to remember it's only overcoming the losses from the tracker, it would need to be much bigger to charge the battery. Ideally you could do with monitoring your drain but it's hard to do with such small values. Do you disconnect the battery when not in use? Can you put a trickle charger on from time to time to top it up? On my caravan I just put it on a timer to power the caravan once a week on a Thursday night so that if we went away for a weekend it was fully charged ready to go.
  11. Same as towbars, I had an Isuzu / Witter towbar on my Isuzu, it started going rusty very quickly, I complained on my first two services and the dealer got the bodyshop to paint it, which lasted about 2 weeks each time. When it was about 2 years old I had it shot balsted, hot dipped then powdercoated. From memory the blast and powder coat was about £35+vat and the hot dip was about £6.67+vat. Why witter don't just get them all galvanised I don't know. My only reservations with glav an LPG tank, and I don't know enough to know if they're valid, would be you would have to bung it to stop the galv going inside and flaking off or reacting with the gas which might make them difficult to sink in the galv, I assume the oil in the gas would be enough to stop internal rusting? Any expansion in the tank might make it flake off, don't know if that's a thing? Guess paint survives it. Air receivers only have a visual inspection and a tap with a hammer, x-ray if they're concerned. If I wanted to test one for my own peace of mind I'd fill it with water and take it to 1.5 times working pressure with a hand pump like they do with steam boilers etc.
  12. Pretty dull for me, in no particular order with overlaps we have had; '89 ford escort 1.3 bonus (I think the bonus was the mushrooms that grew in the footwells) '89 range rover classic '90 Suzuki sj410 (I'd got it to a 1.6, coil sprung, rock lobster, samarai axle, vitara diffs, disk brakes all around 31" tyres by the time it was stolen) '92 fiat uno 1.1ies (my first car, happy memories!) '95 Peugeot 105 1.0 (wouldn't warm start so you had to fill with petrol then push off the forecourt until it cooled) '98 fiat bravo 1.6 sx '01 fiat bravo 1.9 jtd '02 ford ranger double cab 2.5 (full high vis markings, looked classy at my wedding reception) '03 Hyundai coupe 2.0 (bought it at a year old from a dealer with 30,000 miles and sold it privately at 2 years old with 80,000 miles and lost an absolute fortune on it) '06 citroen picasso 1.6hdi '07 ford ranger supercab thunder 2.5 '07 ford s-max (still have it and it broke down on the m1 recently in rush hour, quite the tailback, made it to the traffic news!) '10 isuzu rodeo doublecab plus 3.0 '10 mercedes vito dualiner 2.2 (still going strong at 196,000 miles!) '15 isuzu d-max doublecab blade 2.5 '17 vw amarok doublecab 3.0 v6 (current runaround)
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