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  1. Bleeding brakes, ezibleed replacement

    True, but by then you've disconnected all the kit and put everything back together
  2. Bleeding brakes, ezibleed replacement

    I've only ever used pressure systems, does a vacuum system make it harder to find leaks? A pressure system dribbles out but is a vacuum system more likely to suck air in than allow fluid to leak out?
  3. Air compressor basics

    I use PCL as it's what they use at work so I can pinch tools if I need to. Generally bigger is better for the flow rate. The pressure regulators like you have on there can be quite restrictive so it's sometimes better to have a fitting with no pressure regulator and one with. Your compressor is not oil free so you may get some oil in the air line but I would only put an oil / water trap on if your spray painting. A bit of oil down the line won't hurt your tools. Drain the tank of water. We have auto drains at work and the last time one failed I had 400 litres of water in the receivers so It's amazing how it builds up. For air line I buy 3/8" braided airline and nail it to the wall with clips like you would an electric cable. It's quick and there are no joins to leak. I think the last 30m roll I bought was about £10. I plan to put a retractable airline at the door to the garage sometime for doing the car tyres to save me having to disconnect the compressor and wheel it out. If your tools need lubrication but you don't want to contaminate your airlines either spray a bit of oil down the fitting from time to time or use one of these https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/clarke-cat150-mini-in-line-oiler/?da=1&TC=GS-000210164&gclid=Cj0KCQjwgIPOBRDnARIsAHA1X3RlljBmN1yVjESgHvf0aQNJerPiXHkKlk7BBOapdWSQ8GVSYOkrpsEaAo8WEALw_wcB They are noisy and can get hot so try have it away from you if you can.
  4. D4x4 diff guards and ARB156 lockers

    ESP Laser will do small orders, they take cards and will post out. If your having parts lasered you might as well get a dozen done, if you've had the problem maybe someone else has and if you could sell them you'd get your set for free... Packing it out will mean that you hit rocks etc sooner, would this be a problem or not? What shape is the D44 guard inside, does it closely follow the gear? maybe there is more clearance at a different point?
  5. Off Road Insurance, far away from home

    I've found NFU to be more flexible in the past if you phone a branch. They were the only one that would insure the contents of my workshop after talking to the underwriter. All the mainstream insurers just gave me 'The computer says no' type answer. Some do laid up insurance where its insured against theft but not for driving etc. usually has to be in a garage though.
  6. Tree/Rock Sliders - Welded On?

    Makes them harder to change if you damage them I guess. I welded plates onto the chassis to spread the load then bolted the rock sliders to the plates. If you cut the ends of the plate at an angle you can spread the load a bit when you weld it.
  7. Troubleshooting CB radio

    Are you zeroing your SWR? On mine you have to zero it first then flick a switch to test. My local CB shop (knights cb) will test CBs on an array of equipment and can do some repairs like transistors. When you buy off them they always open them up and twiddle things to optimise it. If that's not local to you and you don't have a local one then maybe you could sent it to them. I had one of those and it worked ok apart from I found I had to have an external speaker to hear it. It wasn't as good as an age old alba I had but I dunked that and killed it
  8. Bollinger Electric 4x4

    Agree compressed air is very inefficient but in a congested city in India there should be enough sun to run the compressors so no emissions from power stations or the vehicles apart from heat and noise and it reduces smog which is their main problem. Also much cheaper and less environmentally damaging per vehicle install than battery and quicker to recharge so the efficiency becomes secondary so long as they can get the range they need without having such big tanks that the vehicle is too big and heavy or so high pressure that they would go into space in an accident. Then again atleast you would keep the road flowing
  9. Bollinger Electric 4x4

    I tried to do something similar for a ride on land rover for my son but the motor and gearbox were just too big to have behind such a small wheel. I did think about running a chain up the "radius arm" and having the motor up in the body but a second hand commercially made one came up locally so I just bought that out of laziness. It would be great if they could get the drive down at the wheel, lose weight and the designers would love the freedom of not being restricted to the conventional layout. It would also be great for modular vehicles, a bit like how the camper companies buy a van cab with engine, drivetrain, seats etc installed and bolt their chassis / coachwork to the back of it. A manufacturer could supply the axles, drive etc and smaller companies could build the body. Utility, camper, multidrop delivery etc. I could cope stopping at a services for 30 minutes or an hour charge if I'd driven 300 or 400 miles, I used to have to do that for driving hours in the lorries anyway, but not every 100 miles which is all a lot of the cars can do at the moment. I'd even be nervous having one as a second car as although my wife only uses her car for commuting and shopping, long trips are always in my car, her commute is 90 miles. It's a bit on the edge. I think taxis are a special case as in cities they do shortish trips then park in a rank for a while so they can keep topping up. They were using compressed air in India at one point for taxis but I don't know how it got on?
  10. Bollinger Electric 4x4

    Motors have moved on leaps and bounds. The manufacturing tolerances have increased which has reduced the air gap which has upped efficiency. The motors driving the hydraulic pumps on the moulding machines at work used to be so big you couldn't get your arms around them, now they're servo motors that you can carry in one arm and use a fraction of the electricity. The motor on an electric vehicle is far more energy efficient than a conventionally fuelled engine and the greater rpm range and power delivery band is more efficient than a conventional gearbox setup. The weak point in the vehicle at the moment is energy storage and the weak point in the UK is energy generation. Petrol stations are planning to put charging points in but from the user point of view what are you meant to do at a petrol station for a few hours whilst you top up and what do you do if you get there and people are using them? From an environmental point of view unless the petrol station are going to put enough renewable on site to power them then where is the electricity coming from? The hybrid is good for moving pollution from congested areas to free flowing areas which helps cities meet their targets but your generating electricity with the engine, doing extra conversions always has a loss of energy so its only going to improve emissions if you can use the electric bit to avoid idling the engine or crawling in cities. Then again I read plans by highways to cover motorways with tunnels to cut down emissions in built up areas. That could be interesting!
  11. Bollinger Electric 4x4

    Reminds me of the electric car the trio made on top gear...
  12. Euro 6 & Towbar electrics

    I guess I'm not their biggest headache
  13. Eurotrial this weekend - anyone going?

    I think people rely on the internet and the established community to advertise things these days. I never read a paper and always skip adverts on radio and tv. I think the problem with spectators is its a big site so how do you get them around to the stages? Letting people free roam is iffy as they can wander the wrong side of a hill as a driver is coming over and the driver wouldn't be able to do anything. On top of that with how things are in this country someone could cause trouble by just falling down and hurting themselves and by its nature its not a flat place to walk. I guess ideally you'd need a shooting bus to take them to viewing areas but that all adds to the cost of the event. The event seems to have gotten positive responses anyway so hopefully the UK and Kirton offroad centre will be looked upon favourably for future events by this and other competitions. There have been several other events held there in the past such as the rampage, KOH qualifiers, comp safari etc and you can visit the site pretty much any day of the week for free roam pay and play.
  14. Slightly OT I Guess

    Yay well done. I would be spat my dummy out and thrown the towel in long ago
  15. Euro 6 & Towbar electrics

    Well I explained my case to both the dealer and VW Commercial UK and asked them to fit the 13 electrical pins as advertised or give me £200 to take it to someone who would. They told me they don't offer a fully functional 13-pin socket and to do one like any self respecting insignificant pleb should do, so I complained to the advertising standards agency who agreed with me and told VW commercial UK marketing department they had to change their advertising to reflect what they were actually selling. They only made the decision a few days ago, once the details have made it to the public part of the ASA website I will bring it to the attention of VW Commercial UK Customer Services and ask them if they would be willing to reconsider helping me get the 13 electrical pins which I paid for. If they are not then I will use the ASA decision as evidence to try the small claims court route. So that's kind of in hand it's just the drawn out process of who's going to pay for it. However that still leaves me with the voltage problem which rtbarton confirms that it looks like I will have to fit a dc-dc charger on the caravan :/