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  1. Breakdown cover

    I could understand it after the second or third time. Or even say that they wouldn't recover me again until I had submitted evidence that I had made a fix like email them a garage bill or whatever. However this car has broken down 3 times this week with the same fault and has been to a propper garage to be repaired each time, it's just that the first 2 times it broke down at home so I towed it in myself. Interestingly I moaned at the contractor about it and with no prompting she said "your with green flag Then?" So I'm not sure it's standard policy across the board. I'm hoping it won't do it again as the garage owner came to see me, was very apologetic for not fixing it the first 2 times and is on it personally and promises it will be fixed before I see it again. However if it goes again I'm going to call with a flat tyre, or be cheeky and use my works recovery policy ... Or tell the garage owner where it is and to take a recovery truck or matches. Lol A friend is with the aa and as it was late at night they dropped him and the car at his house then came back the next day and collected him and the car and took it to the garage. Mine had to be a single destination there and then.
  2. Breakdown cover

    Well I obviously didn' t touch enough wood as I've just had to use the recovery for the first time in my wife's car. Green flag arranged for a local recovery firm to come, rrj or something. They were absolutely fantastic, took about an hour to get to me with a bloke in a transit, had a snap on code reader and genuinely tried to get it running. Whilst he was trying to get it running a lady in a tilt and slide turned up. When he gave up she took me to my chosen destination, she even had crisps and drink or in the wagon for the customers for when they'e been stood out in the cold. My issue is with green flag, when I called them they told me they wouldn' recover me again for the same fault for 28 days. Now I've had that car dropped at a garage to try get it fixed, I'm going to pay money in good faith for that and if they don't do their job right my rescue service won't come to my rescue? That's not on if you ask me. I'm going to send a moaning email...
  3. Venturing off road again.......

    It sounds like range rover then and a picnic sat on the tailgate. My only experience of a P38 was a 2.5 diesel with the 6cyl bmw engine, I would say it wasn't any slower than my mk3 ford ranger with the 2.5 4cyl mazda engine that I had at the time which was probably a decade newer, it had immobiliser problems where it would lock you out for a certain amount of time, air suspension problems due to leaks and a height sensor and a lead injector problem, but barring the immobiliser all of those I would consider acceptable wear and tear for the age of the vehicle. The air suspension was really nice as it would lower at motorway speed but lift for offroad which made it a great all rounder. You don't see as many bolt on offroad bits as you do for discoveries but if it's just a green laner I doubt there are any your likely to need?
  4. Kahn, who in my opinion ruin many vehicles, are doing a royal wedding special defender at only £1,000,000! Still it'll probably run smoother than the marriage and probably cheaper too!
  5. Venturing off road again.......

    I would go D2 if you can find a good one in budget as the body is very practical in terms of you have the option of 7 seats and if the back seats are folded down it's as big as a transit connect type van with a lot of height. The extra height and side opening door makes getting things in and out with forklifts / engine hoists easier and not having to drag stuff over the drop down tailgate makes it easier to get heavy stuff in and out by hand.
  6. Generators - need some help

    I just scrapped a 3ph 3hp motor that looked just like that off an old machine and replaced it with a modern one. The casing had cracked at some point and someone had gone to the effort putting a formed plate on the inside with countersunk screws before welding it up. I felt quite guilty throwing it away instead of fixing it!
  7. In a weeks time i will be in Cyprus

    Never been to Cyprus but I'm sure you'l love it. Flying is miserable but it' a means to an end
  8. New Template for LR to use Re: Defender

    They are re releasing the commercial land cruiser in the uk, not sure how popular it would be as you don' see many shogun or discovery commercials. Looks a sensible vehicle though. Plastic bumpers isn't a problem as long as it' self coloured so it doesn't really show the scratches and has a bit of spring in it so it can take a few knocks and go back to shape. If they wanted to be really cleaver they could use clip off lower bumpers so that they give good aero dynamics for fuel economy on road but open up the approach / departure angle for offroad. They could have clip on points on the roof or wherever for storage whilst off-road. Would also be handy if replacements were affordable. I wish they'd put an external locker on too for dirty gloves like on a wagon. They could duct it to the heater to dry your gloves
  9. New Template for LR to use Re: Defender

    As an international company I've been impressed with the investment they've put into the UK, the new engine plants and production lines, but you do wonder how much more they will do in the UK. I know China is becoming a more expensive place to make stuff but it's such a huge market and if you want cheap cheap there are other parts of the world to go at still.
  10. New Template for LR to use Re: Defender

    I agree, the 5 door jeep rubicon is on my list of cars to own. From the factory it has off road tyres, front and rear lockers, disconnecting arb, v6 petrol and a low box. Only down side is it only comes in auto but I could live with that. New it's something like £36,000 which I think is reasonable as it's less than an Arctic Trucks pickup (around £45,000) and has better spec. I wanted one for my company car last time I changed but the BIK was horrific so I stuck with a pickup. I doubt Land Rover will do a competitor for that, Jeep have a great home market with lots of enthusiasts who actually use them in the vast terrain they have available and they like the hammer technology rather than the oscilloscope technology. Land Rover already have their own in house made 4 cyl 2.0 turbo diesel so that's bound to feature, they all ready have well developed off road electronics so that's bound to feature. Personally I like full time 4wd with a centre diff locks and axle locks or LSDs but I have to say the Land Rover traction control does perform better than the traction control in the pickups I've had so there must be something in it. Also on both the Top Gear and Grand Tour features the Land Rover Velar was the only one that didn't go into home of have some other problem. I think the bottom line is they have limited production capacity, to sell to a utility company or farmer their competition is pickups which can be had for around £16k +vat. Do they want to use the capacity they have to make cars to sell to fleet buyers at £16k - £26k where someone who doesn't own it is going to hammer it to death meaning it will have to be robust to avoid lots of claims or school gate posers for £40k - £60k who might venture down a muddy lane from time to time then spend 6 hours washing it?
  11. Generators - need some help

    The kW of a power tool might be the motor output or the current draw depending what information they're trying to give you. If it's the motor output then the electrical input will be higher depending on how efficient the motor is and what other electrical control stuff might be running as well. The kVA of say a lamp will be the same as the kW, but for an AC motor it won't as there will be a phase angle difference, you should get given a power factor correction figure so you can convert the two. Don't ask me to explain in any more depth than that as it was a long time ago so if you need any more information ask google or someone who actually knows But basically you'll need bigger than you think. I don't know what you want to run with your compressor but it might be worth considering an engine driven one? Put it on a trolley so you can wheel it outside whilst your using it? I've used the cheap generators that come under a dozen different brands for an angle grinder and arc welder when somethings broken. It did the job. Spluttered and slowed down but didn't stall. Maybe if it's your only source then something a bit better might be nice for a bit more control. I find LED lights are on or off, if your voltage is going to be up and down a bit a filament lamp might be less annoying? Have to try it an see!
  12. The "Pass the Bucket" 4x4 For Sale on Ebay Thread

    I know someone who did exactly the same with the rear engined mk1 fiesta and it was cool. Wheel on each corner and it performed really well
  13. I agree if people can make a business making a product that people are buying then great, they're sustaining themselves, paying a bit of tax, maybe employing a few people so why not! What annoys me is when the parts your paying good money for are shoddy. My amarok came fitted with sill protectors that were bolted to the chassis in 3 places, ok they're not full blown rock sliders but they would protect the sill if you had an accident offroad. I bought some steps instead as the kids couldn't get in and they were fitted with 2 L shaped brackets by putting some t bars made from 6mm rod through the drainage holes in the body. As soon as you stand on them they're obviously going to bend the bodywork and come loose. I ended up cannibalising the VW chassis brackets which is annoying when it's supposed to be a bolt on product.
  14. The "Pass the Bucket" 4x4 For Sale on Ebay Thread

    As it's on the line stating the engine and body type I assume the seller means the V5 has been correctly changed to match and the DVLA inspection was to check engine number and body type rather than road worthiness? I'm not sure what the point of all that work was? What was the end goal? You can buy ugly underpowered 2wd pickups for less with much bigger load bays and built in a factory from standard parts. I think the guy was just trying to clear his shed of all the parts lying around from the last 30 years and this is what happened.
  15. Pickup / 4x4 magazine

    Free little magazine here, some interesting articles, including a company importing, converting to RHD and selling 70 series land cruisers, 4.2 litre none turbo diesel with no ECU! https://issuu.com/thelandy/docs/pick-up___4x4_pro_may-june_18/60