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  1. A new defender section, so that they can be treated differently.
  2. 250 hours unpaid work for £660,000 is alright! A lady in our village got 100 hours for £30,000 benefit fraud and I thought that was good at £30 an hour after deductions. My Range Rover went down that way, think it was frome though. Maybe he could max extreeem it like I never could
  3. There are three things the British excel at; queuing, we find the longest line then stand in it for as long as possible complaining, about everything, it's all rubbish drunken brawls over the most insignificant of things - and you sir are two shandys away I agree the new Defender doesn't replicate the old. I have a relation with a farm, he has a beat up L200 double cab, it usually has a diesel tank and all manner of junk in the back, 2 collies living on the back seat, every internal surface is covered in a layer of cack, every external panel has some mark on it, it goes in and out of every field, it does everything he needs, an old 110 double cab pickup could do that although it would cost more than an L200 to buy. His Mrs has a discovery sport, immaculate, lovely thing, tows horses, carries tack and looks good when they go out somewhere fancy. Could I see the new defender replace the discovery sport? Yes. Could I see it replace the L200? Not a chance. However they already have a Land Rover product so I don't see what Land Rover would gain from the extra model. At one part of the video he's making a big fuss about how they've put rubber mats in instead of carpet. He's exactly right rubber mats are essential for a working vehicle. That's why our cheap Citroen vans at work come with rubber flooring and when I ordered my VW pickup I ticked the option for rubber floor instead of carpet floor. Designers from other manufacturers don't need to think about things like this as they just know it. The designers at Land Rover are designers of luxury cars so things like this don't come naturally to them, the fancy touch screens is what they know.
  4. It's only what people have done in the pub for years, until they banned smoking, got to get your moaning fix somewhere, we're British!
  5. ooo capitals on the internet, run away run away! I think the difference between a mini, fiat 500 or beetle is someone bought the originals as they wanted a cheap to run, easy to drive, economical car to get them from a to b. The new mini / fiat 500 / beetle still do that, but safer and more comfortably and with more flair than a Kia or Hyundai. The series / defender was intended for people who needed to take a bail of straw into a field, find a stuck sheep on a hill, tow cattle to market, throw a split hydraulic hose, split tyre and tools in the back, not worry if a cow leans on it, a goat chews the trim or they 'reshape' a corner, they want to kick the mud off their wellies on the sill, use the controls without washing their hands and keep it running with twine. A niche market. The new defender is great for a surveyor, a 200 mile motorway trip and an external locker to put the muddy wellies in when they've finished before a comfortable 200 mile drive home but I think it misses the mark for the above. I think they would've been better importing something else, rebadging it a defender and selling it for £20k through their established dealer network than going to the effort of manufacturing a whole new car which is very similar to their other stuff, selling it for £85k and telling us it's the same as it was before. I like it, it looks like it's going to be a great car, but don't tell us it's the same as it was. If anyone watches the apprentice it's like the wide boy trying to sell Tommy the talking turtle.
  6. My wife told me she wants a discovery sport the other day, my instant reaction was I can't afford to keep repairing that. I feel that i@m somewhat biased against the brand. However the new defender is growing on me, I wouldn't pay the asking price though, I know I'm tight but a car would have to fly for me to pay that, so maybe in a few years. He keeps saying they had to move the radiators for the shorter front, I thought it was all new, move them compared to what?
  7. Maybe they decided he needed a little comfort? Still, if they enjoy building then why not, probably better than what I turn out What was the thread about again
  8. Well everyone likes a bit of cream! It didn't have any orange parts or the word extreem on it, that's why you don't like it.
  9. It's an advertising tool and it gets attention 🤷‍♂️
  10. I wonder how well it steers? Must fight it! Atleast he's not overloading the axles
  11. You see to have put the steering wheel on the wrong side You also seem to have a lot of compressors and air lockers Looks really good work, dashboards are hard to do without looking bodged but thats tidy!
  12. I still wear the same underwear that I had as a teenager, much to my wifes disgust
  13. I think people who believe that this many people can inhabit such a small planet without changing it is at best naive. The problem I have with all these protests is that people are saying we want someone else to solve the problem in a way in which means we dont have to change the way we live whatsoever. The reality is if you want 100% renewable electricity you have to accept that you will have to live for periods without power. If you dont want single use plastic you have to accept that you take your own containers to the shops which means things dont last as long which means you have to go more often which means shopping locally or having a school boy doing a round on a bike. If you want to stop the masses of co2 created by the fashion industry you need to buy based on quality not price, repair clothing and not be constantly be keeping up with fashion. Anyone can do these things, rich or poor, old or young, you dont need the government to force it with taxes and legislation, the population just need to put the effort in. Thst or just cut the population significantly. Which would fix more than just this problem in my opinion. Not an election winning policy though.
  14. I'm not sure why they put they old american pickup in, it's not a car you can buy from a main dealer, I think it was just to show how well even the 2 litre ranger did compared to the V8 engined brute. It's roughly 700kg heavier than the others. Although take them to 10,000 feet with a fully loaded trailer and I think the result might be different. I would expect the less stressed american engine to keep going longer too. It does highlight my annoyance with current legislation. My amarok v6 is restricted to 50mph single carriageway 60mph dual as the unladened weight is over 2040kg. However it can stop in a much shorter distance than a lot of lighter stuff The brakes have to convert the rotation into heat and get it away, the suspension and weight distribution have to keep the wheel on the ground and the tyres have to stay connected to it so there is more to it than just brake disks.
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