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  1. Cynic-al

    Adwest steering box

    I've used the leak stop stuff before bought me about 6 months. I I've rebuilt one before, I had to make a couple of tools as I didn't have propper ones. It's fiddly to get the bits in the right place to line them up and takes a fair bit of time but it worked for me. I think it depends how worn the shaft is. I don't know if you can speedy sleeve it or not, or put a thicker seal in, I can't remember what the shaft is like off the top of my head. Either way the parts are cheap enough so you've only your time to lose, it's up to you!
  2. Cynic-al


    Agree with Joe, ebay does side with the buyer. You also can't turn off paypal as an option on a lot of listing types, I've tried putting it in the listing in bold but I'm afraid the average eBay user can't read. It's still the best way I've found to sell a lot of stuff though so I guess whilst they're on top you have to play by their rules.
  3. Cynic-al

    Running an Electric Cool Box in Camp

    The none compressor cool boxes I've had in the past were peltier type (the cheap ones). It's basically an electronic device which uses a current to create a heat difference across it. One side has a heatsink and fan to get the heat away and the other has the fridge. Mine didn't have thermostats they ran all the time and were capable of achieving a certain temperature below ambient. Due to this the current draw was fixed, it doesn't go on and off with demand, so if you measure it you can get an idea of how long it will last. There is another type of none compressor cool box with a gas in it but I don't know much about how they work. As for solar I put a 10w panel on our van as it doesn't get used much and the tracker was flattening the battery. It's enough to keep up with the tracker in the summer but does struggle in the winter. You have to make sure it's parked facing the right way. I went for this as it was the biggest I could find without needing the expense of a charge controller at the time. There are calculations online to help you size your solar panel once you know your demand, if it's just for camping I would assume it's going to be used on long summer days only
  4. Cynic-al

    Halfords Industrial Tool Chests

    You'd only waste too much time polishing it!
  5. Cynic-al

    Halfords Industrial Tool Chests

    I've never bought one but these seem good value. I bought an engine hoist off them which seems good but I assume most things are just bought and sold so it's hard to know. They're in derby, if it's near maybe it's possible to go look? https://www.sgs-engineering.com/garage-equipment/tool-chests-cabinets £100 for a cabinet and top box with roller bearing drawers and draw liners delivered with a 10 year warranty sounds too good to be true! https://www.sgs-engineering.com/garage-equipment/tool-chests-cabinets/chest-cabinet/stc1000-mechanics-8-drawer-tool-box-chest-cabinet
  6. Cynic-al

    ibex 300 build

    The attention to detail and quality of finish on that is fantastic, you haven't just thrown a kit together you've taken the time to finish it properly. I bet you've over the moon, fantastic skills!
  7. Cynic-al

    Dual Sim phones

    I had an otterbox defender on a Samsung which did stop me cracking the screen but it got a lot of grit in it which rubbed between the phone and case which mean't I couldn't sell it for a good price when I got a replacement. The defender has a plastic screen cover (not stuck on) which also got wrecked by the grit. I got an otterbox commuter? for the S5 which didn't have this problem as it was a stick on screen protector and tighter fitting case and was a better choice for me but didn't last the whole time I had the phone. Now I just buy cheap cases and replace them when I break them are the otterbox are a fortune. If you want a screen / dash mount for an otterbox I can recommend a slip grip mount, they properly fit the phone in the case.
  8. Cynic-al

    Dual Sim phones

    I have an S7 edge and it's not a patch on the old S5. I've replaced screens myself and it's not that hard if your patient and have a paint stripper gun. might be worth looking at as a low cost option if the rest of it still functions, I did my wifes ipad a few weeks ago and it was only £20 for the screen kit including tools and glue strips.
  9. Cynic-al

    Rotodama Rediscovery

    I think to modify a D3 as a kit car build the company would have to do a lot of hand holding on the electronics and control side. Can you imagine the average person getting in a mess trying to rewire it and have the kit and knowhow to clear the faults, code bits out etc etc. That means the kit car company need to sell pre made plug in looms and software updates or an ecu modifying service which means the company need to know how to do all this not just weld up frames in tin hut on an abandoned airfield... or out source it which is more complexity and cost. For £24k unless you want to build one and customize it for a particular purpose you'd just go buy the 4x4 van with a heater, a/c and can be fixed by any garage in the country. What they might be better off doing is offering the parts that people can't easily make themselves like the preformed cab cage, special steering links etc and let people do the other bits themselves.
  10. I thought you had to swap polarities when going from gas to gasless on a mig? Not sure how important it is but if it was important you wouldn't just be able to switch the gas off you'd have to modify the machine. I would vote stick personally as that's what you see everyone else do on this sort of thing I'm sure I saw someone up a chimney once who had one hung over his shoulder on a strap, it was hard to tell from the ground but worth a bit of research. I assume you'll also have to carry up grinders, lumps of metal etc? H&S is way OTT in this country, common sense doesn't exist, so even though you say the rope guard isn't structural if it came off and got stuck in the drum or caused a cable to fray it could escalate and it all comes down to proving that the company instructed you to do it and were happy with what you'd done so I would consider having a written works order which gets signed off when they're happy, risk assessment, method statement etc signed off by your superior. If they're not willing to sign it why should you have it on your shoulders? I guess you've just got to stand back and look at each job and decide how critical it is before you take it on.
  11. Cynic-al

    Cleaning solution

    Rockoil soc works well on dirt and grease
  12. Cynic-al


    There are a few standard pallet sizes but usually they're happy if it's no more than 4' square. They'll also want to know weight. Things like engines and gearboxes are odd shapes underneath so I would cut timber into a cradle shape and nail them to the pallet then band or strap over it. You can also staple a plastic sheet to the pallet and wrap it around the gearbox to stop any leaks causing a problem. The downside to pallet services is the drivers don't like hanging around. They want to rock up and get unloaded by a forklift straight away. They get mildly upset if they have to use a pallet truck and their tail lift and wheeling it down a garden path or leaving a calling card and coming back the next day isn't going to happen. That's why I always say the buyer has to organise it.
  13. My Lucas one wasn't exactly waterproof, sometimes you had to pump the throttle a few times to bring it back to normal, generally only if I dunked it though it resisted splashes fine. The wires failed on mine where they came out the housing but I managed to repair it. I did intend to 3D print a housing for a regular POT but sold the range rover before I needed another. If anyone wants to try this I'm happy to 3D print the part for them. I don't have a car to use as a template anymore.
  14. You want to try insurance for domestic, commuting, business and carrying goods. £800 a year on my pickup compared to £230 a year on my van domestic only £150 a year I'd be over the moon! What really annoys me is they will only let you use your no claims on one policy yet if you have an accident and claim on one policy you have to declare it to all policies and they all put their price up
  15. Cynic-al

    Rotodama Rediscovery

    As a kit car maybe, they can't produce it in any volume without doing the safety checks surely? I doubt a company would buy anything like that, you can already get a huge range of off the shelf pickups, 4x4 sprinters, ivecos etc etc. A DIY person might for pottering around their land... like a shooting bus etc, but then again if they can build the kit car they could probably build a box frame and stick some alloy panels on it too? There is a show every year where you can go offroading in vans etc but I can't think what it's called now, never managed to make it down. Something like drive it

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