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anyone breaking a 90/110 in the south east?

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I'm rebuilding my 90


and im in need of some parts to try and get it done before the really cold weather sets in.

i would like to be able to find someone breaking a 90/110 within driving distance (the more parts , the further i will be tempted to go) so i can just come and grab them as postage would be just to expencive.

so , anyone breaking a 90/110 in se london?

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im after a seat box , rad (turbo diesel) with all the pipes , down pipe , air box , could be doing with a pair of decent series doors and a few other bits and bobs,

I think ive got a TD rad, airbox and downpipe in the field somewhere, my location could hardly be called the south-east though :D give me a PM if you want them. Probably got a pair of series doors too


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