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what happend to the electrics?!?!?!?!?


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Just bobtailed my RR classic, everything was good and proper until i went to drive her home, I tried to open the window........... nothing happened! :blink: so i tried the others, again nothing, then i noticed the clock had packed up and the strereo!!!! :huh: , i only touched the loom in the boot to shorten the wires so why has the clock stopped?!?!?!?

checked the fuses, all good, so what to look at next?


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O'k no expert but have just stripped the loom from a 1990 model, so have a good idea of whats there.

I know it may seem patronising but have you actually taken the fuses out and had a good look at them?

I gotta say it sounds like you've hit something else (not at the back) inadvertently.

Are all the things relating to the wires you cut working?

Is the clock on the same fuse as the windows? Are all four windows gone or just the fronts?

The gubbenry for the windows is under the cubby box and runs back along under the console for the gear shifts to the bulkhead - most of it passes either goes to the fuse terminal or through the bulkhead just left and above the clutch or brake pedal. Been in that area for any reason?

Where exactly did you cut wires?

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I think that FridgeFreezer is likely to be right.

Having just built a Hybrid(nearly) from a 1990 RR, we found that the loom is integrated and it all needs to be in place or cuts rejoined. Earlier rangies have the ability to be split into 3 sections, that is what we expected on the 1990, but it appears that due to Land Rover advances in building, they rationalised everything into one huge loom. I assume from your pics in Members Vehicles that you got rid of the loom over the tailgate, which if remember correctly connects both sides of the rear electrics( driver & passenger). There is a chance that there was a common earth for the ancillaries located here, that the rangie wants restored. I know that there are alot of wires in the back that are linked by a few common earths.

I think that stuff like the windows and clock etc are on a plug connection that then feeds the back of the truck.

The guy who helped me complained about the complexity of my truck compared to one that was only a few months older he had stripped previously.

Hopefully you still have the bits you chopped out, also if you have moved the fueltank, the earth for that seemed to be very important on mine as it linked alot of stuff together.

Later Rangies seem to need all their earths connected, as there are not many considering the amount of toys on them.

Hope it helps.

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Thanks for ideas, reckon it could well be the earths giving me probs, all the rear lights work but i put a new earth point in for those and left the earth wires still in the loom within the cab, will post the findings (when i get home in a couple of weeks)


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FIXED IT, HOOORAH!! :i-m_so_happy:

Had to strip the dash out to trace a thousand wires, found that the load relays for the windows, sunroof, and the heater blower along with a power supply to the stereo were not getting ignition "on" juice to activate them, seems strange as most of the other relays relays and wot not also activated from the same white and orange wire from the ignition switch were working fine but not these :blink: , so i ran new wires to each of them and hey presto it all works again.

And the clock had packed up just for the hell of it!!!

maybe a soledered joint playing up or summin?

i even connected a wire to the zuki fuel tank and that works fine aswell :D

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