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I'm about to convert my truck cab to a hard-top. The top I get may or may not have windows in it...

I've got a couple of queries...

1. What exactly do I need to fit it other than tools, common sense, and 30 nuts&bolts?

2. If I'm having windows fitted, does anyone know whether it's the glass/seals that's more expensive or the cost of actually having the glass fitted?

3. There's no aerial for my radio. Am I best fitting one in the standard place on the wind next to the bonnet or is it simpler to fit on the roof? I'm only asking because I remember fitting an aerial on a mk2 golf and it took ages to get the wheel off and the wheel arch lining out...is it the same with a defender?

4. If I manage to get a top in the wrong colour, how much is it going to cost me (and where?) to get it sprayed the correct colour?

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1) Nothing, except for a helper to lift it with you and to aid with lining it up correctly

2) Dunno - wait for a proper adult to come along who knows what they are talking about

3) Put it on the wing - you can easily reach through under the wing from the engine bay, you are doing something very wrong if you are taking the wheel off. Also an aeriel in the roof could leak - doesnt matter if it leaks when its in the wing ;)

4) Buy some paint (£25 will do an entire car), buy some foam rollers from wilkos and find yourself a mate with a big shed, or wait for a dry weekend. A bit of practice first and you might even do a good job

Lewis :)

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I can only offer a tiny bit of help with the side glass.

I suffered a side glass breakage recently on my 110. I assume you're talking about having one of the sliding window jobs put in.

Paddocks want ~£85 for a complete assembly plus VAT; glass, seals etc ready to fit. Naturally there'll be rivets to add. Let's say £150 all-in if we don't take the cheapest or most expensive option.

Autoglass charged my insurance company £285 for one side window replacement. I won't repeat that figure. It's correct. They did buy the genuine LR item though and it took them 3 hours to fit. And they'd never done one before. Nor had anyone else I spoke to.

I've now bought myself a rivet gun in case it happens again.

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1. What exactly do I need to fit it other than tools, common sense, and 30 nuts&bolts?

Need to clean front of roof and windscreen and some sealant to re-seal. You'll need a spreader plate for door lock that you'll fit to the tub and finally some dum-dum sealant to re-seal where roof meets side doors and rear tub. You'll need to drill holes in tub for bottom two door hinges too.

That's it, it's a simple job. Took me an afternoon.



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