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Snow Chains

Dr Goon

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We are off to the Pyrenees in February 2007 in the 110 and, just in case, I would like to take some snow chains with me.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a supplier in the UK that will sell chains big enough to fit 235/85x16 BFG All Terrains?


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Depends if you are taking them as you WILL need them or in CASE you need them.

These seem way too cheap to stand offroading abuse but are a well known make and will get you up the hill

Sorry they are on ebay :ph34r: #

Now, on a 4x4 if you only have one set you fit them on the back, right? :huh:

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it's the age old question.

all the manufacturers, local governments say you have to put them on the back

i always put them on the front on a 4wd vehicle- so much safer going down hill- only time this doesn't work is if you are going to drive too quickly then you risk losing the back end going down hill which is not much fun.

get 2 sets then you'll be sorted permanantly!

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Thanks for the replies everyone.

I am taking them in case we need them and I am not intending to use them off-road.

I have e-mailed the company advertising them on e-Bay and I think I will probably get 2 sets to be on the safe side.

I have never used them on any vehicle before but I have it in mind that, in winter, it is a legal requirement to carry them in France in mountainous regions.

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