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  1. Not used MID before. I won’t be able to do it myself due to lack of time, equipment and ability so may well give them a call. Thanks. I need to get it sorted and back on the road sooner rather than later as otherwise it will just sit neglected again and not move for months. Cheers. Gordon
  2. Thanks both. Looks like a new clutch is needed. It’s been a while since I have posted on here. I drop in from time to time without logging in. The old red heap is still going and has been treated to a new battery along with new wheels and tyres this year. It has also been tickled with a welding torch for the first time to get through the MOT in December. The rear crossmember had just too many holes to pass. Not bad for a 24 year old Defender which has never had any sort of chassis protection. I will look at getting it booked in for a replacement clutch to be fitted. Hope you’r
  3. I have a 1996 110 with the R380 box, which is an Ashcroft replacement. It worked well until shortly before Christmas, when it developed a problem. It came on very suddenly one day. It had been fine, we parked up to go shopping, came out and couldn’t select any gears with the engine running. Engine off, clutch down, into gear and start engine again was the only way to get going. On the move, gearchanging is possible with care and a bit of graunching. To select reverse, engine off, select, start and then can move. Clutch biting point seems unchanged, but with the clutch down on the fl
  4. Update nearly 5 years on from the last. Still working reliably. Only recent issue has been the loss - somehow - of the grub screw that holds the cap/switch plate on. Truck doesn’t get much use now though. Took it out last week after collecting it from MOT (which I was amazed that it passed - again) and realised that the last time I had put fuel in it was March 2018! It is soon to joined by a much younger cousin - a Discovery Sport. I very much doubt that I will still own that in 17 years time, or that it will still be soldiering on at 22 years old. GH
  5. I never expected this thread to be revived so long after it was originally posted. A bit of an update... The overdrive was fitted early 2007 and has done many thousands of miles since. It has been (almost) completely reliable, suffering only occasional electrical hiccups, which always seem to sort themselves out again somehow. It must have saved me a fair bit of fuel over the years but probably won't have paid for itself that way. It does made 'high speed' cruising more comfortable though. I did a motorway trip recently without using it for much of the time due to one of the occasional e
  6. The tank on my 1996 300Tdi 110 station wagon has started leaking and will need to be replaced before too long. Any recommendations for suppliers? Any chance of the relevant part number please to assist in ordering the right bit. Many thanks.
  7. These 3 pix show the awning from different angles. The sides and front feed into channels on the awning rails, and zip together at the corners. It does not make for a water or windproof tent but I would imagine if you were camping somewhere dry and warm it would be fine.
  8. Brilliant Nige! I'm glad I put the mug of tea down before I read that. It had me wincing at the thought of some bits of it
  9. A bit late I know but Merry Christmas to all on LR4x4
  10. I have run my 300 Tdi without any fan for years and it has never got too hot, apart from one occasion climbing steep hills in the Pyrenees. No problem at sustained high(ish) speeds 65-70mph for hours on end and no problems at all on Saturday when the thing was running solidly for over 8 hours, either stationary or at fairly low speeds in interesting weather. I am seriously toying with the idea of a heated screen and heated seats however.
  11. I ordered some stuff on the interweb Sunday night and it arrived today. Not bad at all this time of year, so well done Paddocks.
  12. On the M25 Saturday we were stuck in a stationary jam for about an hour just north of the M40 junction and I took this one:
  13. I have not had any fan, electric or otherwise on my 110 for 4 years and apart from getting a bit warm once in the Pyrenees on a long climb, it has never got anywhere near hot under any normal driving conditions, long motorway blasts at about 70mph don't seem to worry it all regardless of the weather. The thing just will not heat up in winter and as far as I can tell, the controls are all working properly, although my heater controls are not the normal ones on the side of the binnacle but the old-style air-con set-up in the middle of the dash. I suspect my heater matrix is clogged up with yea
  14. You could buy your old Discovery for the 3rd time............. (I'll get me coat )
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