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Landreiziger blower motor switch kit

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Finally got around to fitting the new blower control unit , nicely designed bit of kit and an easy fit ...... however I discovered that one of the goons who previously owned my old 90 has had their greasy mits in more of the wiring loom , this time at the heater box end , see attached pic , can’t begin to work out why the merry hell he, she or it cut the multi plug off and tried to splice in extra bits of wire to replace it . I’m after a bit of clarification on the green /white (green/slate) connection to the new controller box , is this the from the motor , any help / info greatly appreciated. Side note to Arjan , English only please 😉



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I'll go & take some photo's & notes from my 110. back soon

On the new control box, with the wire terminals facing you. 

From left to right. 

From heater motor 2 way connector & the purple/green from the 3 way connector to the terminal marked Purple

Create a new earth lead to a easy to access bolt & fit to terminal marked Black

The green/white that comes out of the heater resistor, this is not required so terminate it safety with a  inline crimp or female bullet connector 

The Green/white from the blower motor earth wire to terminal marked Green 

The next 3 wires are from the cab via the new wiring that came with the switch kit. 



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Western if I weren’t for social distancing and the fact Cornwall weren’t so far from Aldershot , I’d give you a kiss . I had kind of sorted it in my head but just needed a bit of clarification on the green/white wire , yes I followed the instructions supplied but it was the rats nest I uncovered ,and still need to sort, that threw me , thank you once again .👍

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