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O/T Vauhall Tigra


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Help needed please:

One of the Mrs's friends has a 1.4ltr 16v Vauxhall Tigra, N plate, about 8 months ago the cambelt snapped, resulting in an engine re-build.

She only got about 1 months normal running when the engine management light came on but with no detriment to its already lack lustre performance, according to her local garage, its nothing to worry about, but would cost about £250 to get it taken off. Ive not seen the car close up, but I never have liked the garage she goes too, and she is a SWF, so perhaps they could be taking the golden fluid.

So my questions are:

1) Do they have a known dodgy sensor or the like to cause this?

2) Can you buy a reset tool (like the bmw ones) to turn this light off?

3) Anybody want to buy a Tigra :ph34r:

Any help you can offer before I attempt and get my grubby fingers into that seemingly miniscule engine bay would be gratefully received.

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Check the manual - some cars (and vans) you can reset the service light by a combination of switching the ignition on & off, pushing pedals, flicking switches and doing voodoo dances. I'm pretty sure that's all the BT garage ever did to my Transit when it went in for a service <_<

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I'm not too familiar with the Tigra engine I'm afraid. Can get you the info in a day or so though if you require it. The vectra has the Ecotech engine in, which has both crank and camshaft sensors - the latter of which is renowned for playing up, but manifests itself in engine cutting out/refusing to start. Vauxhall only charge about £60 I think to connect the car up to their diagnostic machine, or a Krypton tuner might do it and at least give you the fault code for about half that.

My (cough) Mondeo has an orange spanner lit up on the dashboard, which might be percieved as being expensive/urgent, but in fact is the ignition sensor going on the blink

Les. :)

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Most common fault causing warning lamp illumination on a 16v Tigra is the EGR valve sticks.

Unfortunately, as it's down the back of the engine it's a pain to remove.

Sometimes you can clean them out, but as they have a lift sensor they cannot be bypassed. You'll need to remove the battery and coolant expansion tank to get at it!

There could be a fault with the crank sensor, or even the coil pack can begin to fail and the ECU sees a resistance or slight misfire and it will log a fault code.

Cheapest way to get the codes read, is find out if she's a member of a breakdown organisation AA/RAC have on board diagnostic equipment so at least they can tell her why the lights on. :ph34r:

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Thank to all, most helpfull

Les, I might be calling on you in a few days, Ive now become "proud" owner of said Tigra (quick tart up and a session on ebay should see some new LR related stuff purchased!).

DD also mentioned the camshaft sensor as a potential weakspot.

Fridge, I know to program the keys on my navara, you cycle the ignition 15 times within 30 seconds!

(Although Les's bulb removal is looking favourite this weather :ph34r: )

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Don't know about the Tigra but most cars now days put there Air Bag and Engine ECU's under the passengers seat. Then what happens is women push there hand bags or stuff under the passenger seat . Bloke do it as well. This then dislodges a cable and is the most common reason that lights come on the dash

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