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Hi All, My Defender is stored in a Barn and was accidentally knocked by a Loader on the front Bull Bar last week. I didn't know this but took it out this morning and when I git up to about 40 - 50mph it started shaking really badly - very unnerving. Front wheels wobbled quite a bit. Am I correct in assuming that the blow that it took has dislodged or popped a Bush on the steering or something similar? Any pointers would be appreciated. Cheers

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I thought that wheel wobble at higher speeds was caused by wheel imbalance?

l drove  a Fiesta last week where the steering wheel shook quite violently in your hands at speeds over about 35 mph

As the front tyres were nearly bald l told the owner to get two new tyres, this cured the fault completely 

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Thanks Guys, it wasn't shaking before - did a 100 mile trip in it two weeks ago - was fine. Smack on the Bull bar (side not front and hard enough to bend the bar slightly. I'll jack it up tomorrow and have a look around. It definitely has started since the smack.


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